Kylie Jenner – HOT CAKE or HOT MESS?


Ok so Kylie Jenner is really becoming a hot cake now but let me just put it this way, botox or no botox, lip augmentation or no lip augmentation, you all are literally handing her career to her and you are the reason she’s famous. Let me put it this way, how many of young girls today are famous on Instagram and Twitter with over a million followers? Now how many of those girls are able to harness that fame and transform it to cash in the bank? The answer is a minute few.

I firmly believe that not everyone is born to be a lawyer, doctor or even born to be go to school. Which is why whatever you are doing, do it well. Yes we may not all agree with Kylie’s style of doing things but society today is too quick to judge. How many of young girls today date or dated their age mates as teenagers? Clearly, Kylie is WAY above her peers. She is already a successful business woman at age 17 and is most likely continuously thinking of how to expand her empire. This is something fellow 17 year olds know absolutely nothing about because they are so bothered with becoming a cheerleader or dating the hottest guy in their school. So who do you really expect Kylie to hang out with? Wouldn’t it be like-minded people? People a lot more advanced than her age, basically people a lot older than she is who she can learn from. Or would society prefer if she were hanging out with fellow 17 year olds in which case she most likely wouldn’t even own a 2.7 million dollar mansion in Calabasas by now and would probably be heartbroken that her boyfriend didn’t ask her out to prom.

As far as I am concerned, Kylie Jenner might still be a teenager, but she acts, thinks and has the bank account of most 30 or 40 year olds and this my dear readers is an achievement which should be commended. After all, she is making a legitimate living unlike most teenagers and even adults alike. Some people grow up fast while others dwell in their childhood. For those that are able to wake up and start building an empire at an early age, I say more grease to your elbow and for the others, God speed.

Feel free to comment below and ask questions, share experiences and suggestions.

PS: Words are simply an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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