The terms Androgynous and Effeminate have their literal meaning and their “9ja” meaning. Let me explain both meanings. According to the dictionary, Androgyny is defined as being neither masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance while Effeminacy is defined as having traits, tastes and habits traditionally considered feminine. In lay man terms, Androgynous and Effeminate are the class of men that clap their hands when they talk, sway their hips when they walk, dress as though they borrowed their kid sisters jean and utterly love to gossip.

Here in 9ja, Androgynous and Effeminate are collectively regarded as GAY! Is this a proper generalization? Or is the mind of the populace distorted?



Now here’s my opinion. To be honest and realistic, majority of these people were born this way. I know it may sound ridiculous or untrue but it is. I actually had an effeminate friend and he was really born that way. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the person grew up amidst women, so probably picked up certain traits. Rather, it is more of a biological condition that clearly has no cure. Their feminine genes that ought to be recessive turned out being dominant and since they already have the body of a man, it obviously doesn’t balance out.

With regards to them being referred to as gay, all I ask is does society give them another choice? I remember different encounters growing up with my effeminate friend, whenever we went to public places like Silverbird. I would literally get approached by good-looking, able-bodied men but to my amazement, they weren’t trying to hit on me, they were simply coming up to me to get me to hook them up with my “male” friend. Now be rest assured that my friend wasn’t gay. I knew that for a fact! These men would BEG me to give them his number. Some would even buy me gifts and try to lavish on me just to get me to convince him to come see them in their homes. All were claiming they just wanted to be his “friend”. Of course we all know the kind of friendship they were looking for giving the circumstances.

Although I lost touch with this friend of mine over the years, I have always said that I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear he’s now gay. I mean let’s be realistic, which girl would want to date an effeminate guy. Every woman wants a manly man and not a man who probably looks hotter in her jean than she does.

It is my opinion that society has already condemned them so where else do we expect them to turn to? Since no female would date them and men are chasing them, it is only normal that they end up conforming to what society has laid out for them. Some children are born with Down syndrome while others are born with Effeminacy. All we can do is pray and fast that our offspring don’t come down with anything that flows against the river of life.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, share your opinions and suggestions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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    • Hello Tony, thanks for your comment. Evidently, Denrele is both Androgynous and Effeminate. As for being gay, I guess everyone is innocent until proven guilty. You agree?


    • You think so Angeline? Why would anyone choose to be effeminate? After all, you don’t have to be effeminate to be gay. As a matter of fact, there are lots of gay men that are quite manly as opposed to effeminate.

      Well if anyone chooses to act effeminate intentionally then I guess it’s a free world but I cannot comprehend it.


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