It is probably no longer news that the days of prostitution being illegal are numbered. This change is going to be brought about if there is a majority of votes cast for the cause by 500 Amnesty delegates convening from around the world this week.

For those that do not know of Amnesty International, it is a non-governmental organization focused on protecting human rights with over 7 million members and supporters around the world. They have previously and successfully focused on other advocates such as the release of prisoners of conscience, the abolishing of the death penalty and now they are evolving to the “global decriminalization of sex trafficking” under the claim of it being a “matter of privacy between consenting adults”.


We humans subconsciously have a rebellious nature. You tell us what not to do, we refuse to comply and do exactly what we were told not to do. It would be clearly expected and somewhat predictable that when you tell us to go ahead and DO something, we in our “rebellious nature” would end up NOT doing whatever it is.

Let’s talk scenarios: The rate of Marijuana use in Amsterdam especially by teenagers was exponentially high UNTIL Marijuana was legalized. Why do we think that was so? Of course the critics of the idea most likely would have said its legalization was only going to make things worse but to their surprise, it did the exact opposite. This is probably why Hilary Clinton was also for the legalization of Marijuana across America.

Let’s talk in terms of price, demand and supply. If my rationalization is correct, then subsequently, the price to hire a sex worker would drastically reduce as there would no longer be any risk involved with the law. It would become as easy as buying pepper in the market and therefore the business would become “unprofitable”. Realistically, what happens when a business is no longer profitable? It folds! And in this case, folding would be a reduction in sex workers.

Of course there is a downside to this analysis which is that initially the rise of sex trafficking will most likely spiral out of control but considering the law of gravity, it will eventually come down. Or maybe not, like in the case of Gun Control; people might leverage on the legalization and end up abusing it entirely.

Whatever the case may be, clearly the ball is not in our court but if it were or if I happened to be one of those delegates, there is no guessing what side I would be voting on.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, share your opinions and suggestions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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  1. It’s a common thing conflate sexual slavery and the consensual exchange of sexual services for money. I think it adds a layer of confusion to an already controversial issue.

    Amnesty did not call for a decriminalization of sex trafficking, which is very illegal and should remain so. Rather, they called for a decriminalization of consensual sex work. The very nature of sex trafficking is that it is coercive and oppressive and therefore consent doesn’t really take place.

    If sex work were legal and consensual, it would take away a lot of the power that many of these trafficking rings hold….or at least, that’s the theory.


    • Thank you for your comment Tola. I agree with you that it would take away a lot of power from a lot of people and places.

      Let’s see how decriminalising goes then maybe we can talk about legalizing after all.


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