nyscIn recent times, we have learned that President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) will soon take a decision concerning making the currently compulsory NYSC Scheme voluntary. Could this be considered a step in the right direction? Or should PMB pretty much leave things as they have always been.

In my opinion, the decision to make NYSC voluntary is the wrong one as I believe it should be completely SCRAPPED!

I say this because it is unfortunate that the country and the entire scheme are yet to evolve along with the world.

Take a look back at how NYSC used to be during the days of our fathers and grandfathers. Is that still the NYSC we have today?

Anyone who has passed through the service year can definitely testify to how much of a waste of time it is. Having over two thousand people in the same place at the same time with inadequate facilities and security is appalling.

A friend of mine once told me that she held the urge to defecate for the entire 3 weeks of camp as all the toilets were clogged with excretion from the previous batch which was 5 months ago. Is this really the living condition we force on our youths all in the name of “National Youth Service”?



Let’s talk about the Community Development Service (CDS) and how completely irrelevant it is. Yes, the vision behind CDS is quite humanitarian but the execution has fallen way short from the original expectation. All they do is keep Youth Corpers out in the sun for hours waiting for their supervisor and even after the supervisor comes, there isn’t any tangible information or contribution to be made. Yet they have to reconvene the following week to go through it all over again.

What about the allowee? How RIDICULOUS is nineteen thousand five hundred (19,500) naira? How can you force a young man and a young woman to leave their hometown to a foreign land where they know no one and yet you cannot even consider feeding and transporting them adequately?

How are such corpers expected to cope in cities like Abuja and Port Harcourt (just to mention a few) that are so expensive to live in? In addition to of all of this, some of the corpers are owed for MONTHS with no hope of getting paid after writing endless letters requesting for payment.

And then after the service year is completed, there is no guarantee for job placement even in the organization where you carried out your Primary Assignment. Funny enough, how would there be? Usually corpers are only allowed to photocopy papers and run errands due to “inexperience” which obviously doesn’t enable them showcase their skills by adding value to the organization. Isn’t the Primary Assignment supposed to be treated like an internship program? Why segregate the corpers from the staff just because they are inexperienced.

To be honest, if I have a choice, I would rather skip NYSC and make proper use of the one year service year to search for a job instead of wasting and whiling away time in the name of serving a country that isn’t willing to give back to its citizens.

Until the government gets the process right by making adequate provision and making the experience worthwhile, I reckon they put a STOP to the suffering and endangering of the physical, health and livelihood of our dear youth.

Do you agree with me?

Feel free to share your opinion, suggestions and ask questions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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  1. For my own point of view serving our fatherland is good because it allow us to meet with difference ethnicity. But incase of mismanaging it and wasting time of Nigeria youths I think he should scrapped or necessary correction should be made to make it interesting. For example a friend of mine has graduated since last year september an he still at home waiting to go for service due to the Federal government negligence and he could not search for job because anywhere he got to they we asked him to bring nysc certificate.


  2. Thanks for your comment Ilesanmi. These are all part of the reason I reckon it should be scrapped. Serving our fatherland is great but only if we get it right. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.


  3. I believe it should be SCRAPPED. There is nothing good about the scheme anymore, from the horrible prison-like orientation camps, to the meager (or in some cases, complete absence of) remuneration and the sheer suffering the youths go through in the name of service. I’m currently serving, and it has been an extremely horrible experience that I cannot wait to escape.


    • Thank you Tobismomen for your comment. This is the same thought everyone who has gone through this experience has. Unfortunately, our leaders might not understand where we’re coming from. After all, their offsprings mostly go through the process as “Ghost Corpers”

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  4. I’m currently set to serve in about 2 months and heaven help me, I live in dread. It should be scrapped. We have a sickness in this country; of retaining redundant practices/laws/systems. I don’t see how it’s adding value to the youth forced to go through it.
    Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to go through it


    • Thank you for your comment Sandra. If you’re lucky, it will become voluntary before you’re due to begin service. Apparently that is President Buhari’s take on NYSC; it being voluntary. Otherwise, you’ll be fine. Just get your antibiotics ready on the side while you’re in camp. Lol


  5. Up until June this year, I held the opinion that it should be scrapped. I went to camp in Abuja and am currently working in Suleja and I must say it’s been a lovely experience. I even enjoy my CDS meetings, which are well coordinated and fun. We conduct medical outreaches to villages and are trying to make some impact in the communities. I have problems with finance and with NYSC the organization, as some of the staff have very little respect for the corpers, but I definitely have loved more than I’ve hated about this chapter of my life.


  6. Oh wow Dr Ibiela! You are definitely one of the minute few that have this opinion. Most people believe that one year service year is the worst year of their life.

    I’m glad you made the best of NYSC but unfortunately, a lot of others can’t really say the same. However, keep the flag flying!


    • I know o. I’m truly blessed cos I have colleagues who are not having a good time. Plus considering we’re only a few who have this testimony, it probably should be scrapped or restructured.


      • I agree with you. The ratio of those making good use of it to those to whom it’s a total waste of time is a huge difference.

        So if majority wastes one year of their live all in the name of NYSC then it definitely should be scrapped. I doubt Nigeria can manage restructuring of the entire process


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