Hello readers, welcome to the very first GUEST POST here on A Loco Viva Voce. Today’s Guest Post is a poem written by DESI IVANOVA. Desi is an actress and writer who mainly writes plays, screenplays and occasionally poetry.

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Read Desi’s poem after the cut and enjoy!


You rapture and you capture

You entice with all your cries

You beguile me, you exile me

Into a wonderland of sapid vice.

You bestow me with your magic

You direct my vibe and flow

You absolve my mind of logic

Make me fall with just one blow.

You jolt me and you bolt me

Got a hold of all my might

You traced me and you graced me

With the warmth of your bright light.

You tease me and you please me

Like gentle whistles of a fife

You howl and you growl

And you’ve sung my soul to life.


Visit the blog tomorrow for PART TWO of “A Story Book of Romance” by Desi Ivanova.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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  1. Look, see, look
    The tunes were blaring
    The birds then sang
    On the top of drummers-bench

    Look, see, look
    The solace were deep
    The thing is simple
    That we seem to be we

    Look, see, look
    Me, you, we
    They, them, then
    Now, we, we, we….

    Adamu Idris Manarakis



      In a few months, I will jump to catch balloons in the air with your Ummi in excessive excitement. I’m writing this letter at mid night of August 16th, 2015 to welcome you to the ‘world of surprises’ in advance. I and your Ummi have never met you before, except in our dreams, but hope to see you in a special dress personifying dignity in our society.
      There are words under these trees, and sun, so when you drop, I pray you go for the righteous wings that will give you a fruitful flight in life.
      Adamu Idris is the name, along the way ‘Manarakis’ sat on every one’s tongue as ‘pen name’, as I am an afternoon pen pusher, inspired by Dr. Zakir and my late mentor Yekondunu.
      At this point in time, i have books from different authors for you in my mini library. I also have a blue print designed with pages of life for you to disseminate to all irrespective of their positions/destinations after use.
      Don’t pave way for friends who will accompany you to darkness without returning in the same train. Be stronger than ever when tortured. Always laugh last, watch your movements, make your go go and come come and never look back. Abstain from kangaroo-sects and give honour, and respect to whom due, by His Grace, you shall never lack.
      If all my views are materials or properties to your steps, you shall stand tall with people who registered their pleas to see you.
      We have Buhari in our time, and many of his caliber; Abu-Giro, Dzukogi, Hassan Katsina and Of course Sachi your Uncle who make this note a reality. I pray you will be the one of these people of your time, ameen.
      I and your mother, have no money to keep for you but good words, as our hands are always in the air calling God for good for best in your sake, inshaAllahu


      Today’s song is one of its kind, very melodious as I unveil this gratitude and spare nothing enough. I will tear this by myself, and circulate it myself.
      Yes, you came on Saturday 12th September, 2015 at about 10:00 am. Then, I was beside a restaurant when a call hit my phone. The caller was actually familiar but I pretended I had no knowledge of him.
      Your arrival, made my heart to be filled with freshness. A type of joy I had never observed before came. I then exclaimed to God who chose me as your father. I was watching out for those unspoken conversations we had in my dreams.
      At this juncture, I have no lengthy words, than to say Allahamdulillah to the Lord of Mankind, for HE has accepted my request. Therefore, I am indebted to Him ever so.
      I will as a matter of urgency, call you with an Islamically accepted name and people will adhere to calling you MANARAKIS Jnr.
      May Allah who brought you to this family you started as 001, and powerless, fulfill HIS promises on you. May He send more Salaats to our noble prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, Ameen.


      She gave birth on Saturday 12th 09, 2015 and by Allah’s grace we are eight today.
      In Islam, the baby is named on the seventh day by the mother and father who make a decision together on what the child should be called. They choose an appropriate name, usually Islamic, and with a positive meaning. Suna takes place on the seventh day also, this is a celebration which involves the slaughtering of ram. Sheep are sacrificed and the meat is distributed to relatives and neighbours and the poor. If the father does not have enough funds, he may do it anytime in future as long as there is sincerity.
      Yes! Our auspicious religion didn’t impose on any being what s/he can’t bear, except who chooses to delve himself into difficulty. So long as his ears were said Adhan upon, at most three days after his birth, then, any other subordinate shall come later.
      By Allah’s grace, we wish those who wish us best wishes all the bests too. Not those whose comments to congratulate us is a waste of time.
      May Allah spare our lives to witness the naming ceremony of our son; Manarakis Jnr, Ameen


      Allah gave me a bouncing baby boy not because I am brilliant, wise, and strong enough to take decisions for myself but just by his grace He provided my family with a suitable gender. I am very grateful for that and strongly believe more supernatural aids are on the way, Inshaallah.
      It doesn’t matter what the gender is, what I see here is that how well have you prepared for Allah’s “Test, measurement and evaluation”. This means of analysis is a quest to those of sane minds who think their eagerness will prevail them. There’s no reason fighting your wife because she gave birth to the biological deposits you made. Why don’t you commit suicide if you can’t handle it? The scanning showed Baby boy, and you ended up seeing the opposite to your expected, why don’t you take heart for what you are powerless over. Enough of all this.
      Look, we’ve heard, and witnessed many surprises in life. We only take them as a school of learning. A scenario where a man requested for a male child and the wife bore a female child. Instead of him to be grateful to his Lord, he went about ranting, even had the guts to question her on an issue she had no knowledge or power about. How can an ignorant claim to be literate when the fact is not genuinely placed to the right context of his life which basically leads to Allah’s irritation? How?
      We must be more of appreciative and never ingrates over any child giving to us by Allah. Or don’t you know that HE doesn’t count your doings (good or bad) before his final verdict? Had it been HE wants to judge your behaviours, even the divine baby girl (that you detest) wont come to your family.
      See, have you forgotten that there are so many pious and saints out there, who are dedicated to Allah’s service but have no child? They spent almost all their lives seeking just an issue but to Almighty Allah’s glory they are not attributed to any and none of these glorious personal ties with positive qualities confront Allah’s judgment even for a day.
      Mr. man, learn to be grateful for every colour of the cloth you wear and Allah will see you with the best of all joys.
      May we be part of those who earn your protection, guidance, do simplify our acts of perseverance and shower us with divine wisdom, Ameen.


      If you are seeing difficulties in life, glean for solutions to it and don’t complain, because an unreasonable complainer divulges his/her secrets to the world. Although it is said that a problem shared is half solved but I advice you to give a direction to yourself before crying out. Just marry, simple.
      Marriage is a half cooked religious acts. Its advantages are more than the disadvantages. Early marriage gives early sense of belonging. Marriage isn’t when its blessed with issues but the endurance and perseverance that keep the legacy.
      When we talk about issues, how many forgone prophets who did not bear a child and spent thousands of years in the world? Did they offend God? No! For, Zakariya received a lot of challenges from his people and it didn’t bother him. He believed in the formula of ‘once you are a leader, everything is bound to happen to you’. It is not your power that made you an emir, ruling numbers of people, but by God’s grace.
      At first, he was not blessed with an issue and by Allah it wasn’t his problem. Out of the millions of what were bothering him, child birth wasn’t among. It didn’t take any thing away from his faith, let alone to be envious of his companion’s children. He loved all and became beloved to the few who followed him, and agreed with his words as a messenger of Allah.
      Though, we cant do away from the fact that if you have an elbow, no one will point finger at you. An Issue is an element in which every soul shall be proud of. But when a fish will not just run out of water because it is afraid of net, please what will it achieve?
      After donkey years, Zakariyahus family became an object of ridicule. The wife became so bothered. She looked around herself if she had offended God. She encourage her husband to seek for Gods forgiveness. They both prayed fervently for an issue.
      To cut the long story short at last, Zakariyahu was blessed with Yahaya due to the faith/believe they had in Allah.
      Look, fellow brothers and sisters, if you dont have faith before, quickly invite one to your heart now, because at any point in need, He shall be an intermediary between you and your problems. I want to use this privilege to tell the whole world that; Its only the most Beneficent and the most Merciful that says Be and it is. He gives and collects at His will and no one questions Him.
      My dear friends, please note:
      Don’t be scared that any body can harm you
      No body knows how you were created and none can take your soul.
      The worst humans can do is to envy you. Just have it in you that they can’t delay your success let alone deny it.
      Always divide your nights into parts, glorify your Lord with prayers and surely, His blessings and mercy shall be a guide to your steps.
      Don’t take from dreams because 99.9% of your dreams are craft works of the devil.
      Don’t be a victim to what isn’t obtainable.
      Don’t get close to cheats; soothsayers and fortune tellers, they will enshrub your heart and make you take your beloved mother who suffered all through; carried your 9 month pregnancy, breastfed you and took care of you till your adulthood as your enemy. That, the ghastly accident you involved in, was your mother. See, if you get yourself in what shall avail you not, Wallahi so you will continue wandering. Frankly, just wave yourself good bye as its only death that stops you from being in hell in severe anger of Allah.
      Always see your affliction and problems are mere tests from God.


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