Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience. Granted, labor pains are indescribable but after your baby is born, it is ALL OVER!

Actually, that is when the work begins!!!

As a new mother, most women get carried away with their weight but hear me now, after the birth of your baby, you have about TWO or THREE MONTHS tops to burn all of that tummy fat that accumulated during pregnancy. But unfortunately, those first few months are the most exhausting months of motherhood. But if you adhere and persevere, you will see your tummy go back to what it used to be after the first 3 months.

This is a proven fact! And this is how you get rid of the fat…

First things first, every expectant mother MUST have a “Waist Cincher”. Some call it “Waist Trainer” or “Postpartum Girdle” but whatever you might call it, get something that can hold and firmly press your tummy back in shape after you’ve had your baby. Please forget about this “wrapper” tying our mothers used and try to get their daughters to use, IT DOES NOT WORK. Forget about tying a wrapper around your stomach and invest in a Waist Cincher.

Waist Cincher

Waist Cincher

The next step would be to put on your Waist Cincher IMMEDIATELY after having your baby. If it is the Post partum Girdle you wear like panties, wait 24 hours after delivery before putting it on – if you had a normal delivery, and 72 hours after delivery – if you had a Caesarean Section (CS). In the case of an episiotomy, due to the location of the cut, it is advised you wait until your stitches are completely healed (which takes about 2 weeks) before wearing it. For all modes of delivery, start by wearing from a looser grip and work your way to the tighter grip as time goes on.

Postpartum Girdle

Postpartum Girdle

In order to get the best results, you MUST wear your cincher ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for THREE MONTHS. All day meaning to eat, to sleep and during your daily activities – only taking off when you want to take a bath or when it needs to be washed. These are going to be the most uncomfortable 3 months ever! But eventually, you would be pleased with the outcome.

In addition, you can complement the cincher with a little jog here and there. It helps! But I DO NOT recommend jogging whilst wearing the cincher but if you can pull it off then go ahead.

The second trick is to WATCH THE FOOD INTAKE!

Once again, please forget these things our mothers tell us about how Pounded Yam and Milo make breast milk flow or that you need to eat a hundred times a day so you have enough milk to feed your baby. It is all FALSE! These highly fattening foods that you consume go straight to your stomach which is the main reason you end up having a protruding tummy.

Yes, you may eat pounded yam and drink Milo but please not every day. I reckon you take each of them probably once a week. To aid in the flow of breast milk, drink more of liquids especially water (at least 8 cups of water per day) and pap (akamu). These two really help and are relatively carb free.

Also, as long as you eat, it doesn’t matter the quantity you eat, your body first and foremost will replenish the milk suckled by your baby before it distributes whatever is left to the rest of your body in form of nutrients.

So mothers, please do not let yourselves go after childbirth. Tackle that excess tummy fat before it solidifies and becomes a torn in your flesh. After it solidifies, it will take the fitness level of “The Rock” to get rid of it.

Do you have other tested and tried solutions or methods to lose the baby weight? Kindly share with us.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, share your opinions and suggestions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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  1. Ooooooh I like this topic.

    However I personally don’t agree with cinchers! While they may work for some ladies, I believe it promotes an attitude of reaching for the easy and less effective solutions.

    Exercising regularly is the most effective and longer lasting solution because then your body adjusts and shapes itself naturally without any adverse effects – except maybe muscle soreness and being outta breath 😉


  2. Ooooooh I like this topic.

    However I personally don’t agree with cinchers! While they may work for some ladies, I believe it promotes an attitude of reaching for the easy and less effective solutions.

    Exercising regularly is the most effective and longer lasting solution because then your body adjusts and shapes itself naturally without any adverse effects – except maybe muscle soreness and being outta breath 😉

    But hey that’s my opinion.


    • Hello seeking escape,
      Thanks for your comment. But of course this method is for women out there who have never exercised a day in their life. I agree with you, exercising is the ultimate solution but it is also the most demanding and exhausting. Everyone likes the quick way out so why not? Hehe!


  3. Hi OUR,
    very interesting post, some poundo lovers would want to defend their love for the foodLOL.

    the most sure way of retaining your pre-preggo tummy is exercise! investing in a good pair of trainers, a gym membership, personal trainer, workout dvds, skipping rope and most importantly SELF WILL are the main thing.

    Also watch the food intake. losing weight is actually 80% of what we eat and 20% exercise.

    the waist cincher definitely makes sense in my opinion, because as the skin is stretchy, it needs to be physically put back. Now, this would only work effectively if exercise(abs workout) is included.

    whatever is best for you, do. i hate exercising but i love dancing so i enrolled in a zumba class. and the fat is dropping right off. I’m 7 months post partum and i have about 3 kg to go.I guess I’ve not done so bad myself. LOL. we shall get there.

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    • Well done Mama Naeto,
      Actually you have about 9 months after having your baby to lose all the body weight but the tummy needs to be worked on IMMEDIATELY after delivery. Most women don’t realize this, which is why they end up still looking pregnant after delivery. Above all, it’s all about what works for you. Whatever the case may be, remember OVERFEEDING IS THE ENEMY!


  4. i couldnt tie anytime becos i gave birth through cs can i start tieing it after a year or two or do i wait till next child birth to go back to shape


    • Thank you for your comment Patricia. By “tie anything”, if you mean a Waist Cincher, then yes you can still go ahead and use it now. But you don’t have to wear it all day. About 6 – 8 hours daily will suffice for 3 months.

      The reason you are advised to wear it all day after giving birth is because your skin is still very stretchy and can easily shrink back into former size. Now that it is no longer stretchy, wearing it for 6 – 8 hours and wearing it all day will give you the same result so you might as well choose the easier option. It’s up to you.

      But make sure you wear it again after you have another baby. It is a lot more effective immediately after delivery than it would be now.


  5. Spot on OUR! So true.

    I’m 4mths post paturm and I can confidently tell you that I’ve got my flat abs back altho sincerely with only post wrap and waist clincher and reduced food intake. I’m yet to start my skipping(the most effective for me).

    I gained 23kg, have lost 14kg and have 9kg to go, but people say I don’t need to, and yet again that’s the deceptive part, so I’ll urge everyone to work hard and get back to the sexy you.



    • Oh wow! I’m so glad you made this comment Dese. I’m always glad when people collaborate my opinion with their real life experience. Now people can actually see that this method really does work. Well done!


  6. am 3months now but my belly still look big to me I did nt start d tiring tin or girdle on time will my belly go in at all? not hapi wt it at all help.


    • Hello Lily. Even though you didn’t wear the cincher after giving birth, you can still wear it now. But you do not have to wear it all day anymore. Just wear it for 6-8 hours everyday.

      The whole point of wearing it immediately after giving birth is because your skin is still stretchy then. But now that it has solidified, there’s no need to wear it all day.

      So wear it for 6-8 hours everyday for 3 months and you will see results.


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