Hello readers! Welcome to the concluding part of A Storybook of Romance by Desi Ivanova. If you missed Part 1, 2 & 3, click herehere and here respectively.

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Read Desi’s poem after the cut and enjoy!


Ah, the sounds, vibrations

Ah, the trepidation

Ah, with burning auras

Ah, it’s all here for us.

Ah, your whistle’s blowing

Ah, my passion’s growing

Ah, this new creation

Will be my devastation

Ah, your love is blurry

Ah, I feel your fury

Ah, my heart’s expanding

But yours is so demanding

Leap off this boat, go hit the road

Run, crawl or jump, whatever.

Collect your thoughts, connect the dots,

And tell me will we ever,

Be finally…at peace?

I blindly follow your circular emotions

I twist and turn your words around.

Or is it you who’s searching for the notion

Of something that’s been already found?

Ah, your bitter howling

Your screams and all this growling.

Ah, your pain’s contagious

Your selfishness is shameless.

Our souls collide. Is this a lie? Am I to run or listen?

I could take flight, I could walk by

But I love how your eyes glisten.

Don’t you think beginnings end so quickly?

And don’t you think that endings start so slow?

Was it your daring mouth that tricked me

Or that secret past-life glow?

You’d think I could have dodged the sorrows

You’d think I could have seized the flow

You’d think it could be grand tomorrow

But I guess e’l never know.

It might have happened all before

But then again, we’ll never know.


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