Welcome to the world little sunshine! Now that your baby is here, be prepared to be lectured on what and what not to do to your little one (LO). This post discusses some of those lectures from friends, fellow mothers and even our mothers that should be completely ignored with utmost diplomacy and civility of course.

A recap of the previous parts of this series can be found here and here. Both parts discuss some unconventional ways to get back in shape after having a baby and also the “DON’TS” for new mothers.

Labor pain is one of the most intense pains a woman can ever experience. For first time mothers, it is usually prolonged as the pelvis is yet to expand. As the pregnant woman, midwife, nurse and doctor wait for the expansion of the pelvis aka dilation, so is the baby. And in this case, the baby is waiting with his or her head faced downwards – which usually takes hours sometimes days.

Due to the fact that the baby has been in an inverted position for so long, blood will naturally flow to the head from the body. Then, during the birth process when the baby squeezes through the tight perennial and vagina, your baby will most likely develop a certain shape of head popularly known as “CONE HEAD”.



According to our mothers, such head should be “pressed with hot water”.

Please and please readers, do not let anyone “press” your baby’s head. That is the most dangerous and disturbing thing anyone can ever do to a child. It is very normal for the baby’s head to reshapen during childbirth so as to enable him or her pass through the narrow birth canal. The process is known as “Moulding”.

Moreover, at this tender age, the baby’s brain is still as soft as an overripe avocado pear; hence any minor force or push can penetrate and maybe cause damage to certain brain cells which will end up affecting the brain in the long run.

If you have some patience and let nature take its course, all of that blood that flowed to your baby’s head while he or she was in an inverted position, will eventually flow back to where it is supposed to be.

Granted, it might take a bit of time but would you rather risk damaging your baby’s brain because you want him/her to have a perfect shape of head than wait a few weeks for the head to take its biological shape? Also, most of the heads that get manually shaped are shaped inaccurately which ends up giving the child a funny shape of head as we sometimes see in society today. All thanks to head pressing!

The next DON’T for new parents would be all these foreign baby products. Including popular products like Johnsons, Cussons, Chicco and so on. Surprisingly, all of them are very unfriendly to a newborn’s skin.

Like I said earlier, the baby’s skin is too fragile to withstand all the chemicals contained in such products. All your baby needs at this time is to get moisturized and that moisture should come from a natural source at least until your child’s first birthday then you can finally introduce all of those brands.

For both hair and body, I recommend shear butter mixed with coconut oil. You can mix them into whatever consistency works best for you (runny or thick). I personally prefer runny as it gives the same feel as if I were using lotion. And as we know, lotion is a baby’s best friend.

Finally guys, lose the powder. Powders are very unessential in the grooming of a newborn’s skin. All they do is suck up the moisture and that can cause major dryness and itchy skin for your baby.

So please parents out there. Your newborn is a very fragile new being and should be treated as such. Please desist from unrealistic and archaic practices that that are completely unbeneficial to us today.

Do you agree with me?

Feel free to comment, ask questions, share your opinions and suggestions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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  1. I swear by olive oil. Five weeks after I had my baby, he reacted badly to the baby products I was using which was quite expensive. Afterwards I just decided to go natural and ever since his skin hasn’t broken out.

    Love this post!


    • Thank you Mama Naeto for sharing this insightful comment. I love it when readers real life experience collaborates my opinion.

      There you go guys, natural products is the key. Don’t waste your time buying expensive brands.


    • Thank you so much Cityinsider. I always love a smiling visitor. Glad I could make you smile. And thanks for the encouraging words. Stay tuned for more smiley posts 😀


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