indexPreviously in the first part of this series, I discussed some not so apparent reasons why President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) is yet to appoint his cabinet members. Click the link to read the post if you missed it

Now in this second part, I will be addressing the issue of PMB recently appointing a part of his cabinet supposedly from a particular region in Nigeria.

I know it might be a lot easier to say “PMB is marginalizing the South East (Ibos)” but let’s be truthful, is there really anything PMB will do in his present governance that will actually sit well with those from the South East?

As a matter of fact, if he goes ahead and appoints every single member of his cabinet from the South East, do you really think that would be the end of their complaint? Or will we start hearing talks about how appointee A should have been in a higher hierarchy than appointee B?

For instance, look at what happened with the Senatorial election in Anambra state. How can a not so qualified representative be elected to represent the state in the National Assembly over a former efficient governor who was also a former elected member of the Senate all because he did not belong to the “then” ruling party?

If only they had known what the outcome of the Presidential election would be, I am pretty sure they would have acted differently.

It turns out that if Senator Chris Ngige had won the state’s Senate election, he could have easily gotten elected as the “Senate President” of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that would have automatically placed an “Ibo” man in the position of the 3rd citizen of our great nation, Nigeria.

Another example of the disunity within the South East region is the recently appointed GMD of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Emmanuel Kachikwu. One would expect that this appointment will bring forth jubilation and some sense of gratitude and contentment from that region but low and behold it brought contempt.

Our South East brothers and sisters claim that he is not one of them and therefore is not representing them. They claim he is from “Delta State” and should not be categorized as being “Delta Ibo” but simply “Deltan”. I can’t help but chuckle even as I write that ridiculous statement.

This just goes to show that the issue here has absolutely nothing to do with marginalization but rather has a lot to do with insatiability, contempt and innate grudge that exists amongst those from that region for apparent reasons.

Let us all take a deep breath and look at this logically. Every other administration had done things a certain way and evidently there hasn’t been any tangible result. We voted for change and by definition, change means “TO MAKE THE FORM, NATURE, CONTENT OR FUTURE COURSE OF SOMETHING (NIGERIA) DIFFERENT FROM WHAT IT ALREADY IS”.

That is change! And frankly, that is exactly what we’re experiencing, CHANGE!

Not everyone welcomes or embraces change with open arms. Lots of people don’t even like change. They prefer to stick to what they already know or are used to and hate the thought of having to do things differently. So PMB must expect more backlashes from lots of Nigerians. It is all a part of the route to change.

Like Prof. Pat Utomi rightly said “President Buhari can make all his appointments from one village as long as they get the job done”. I fervently agree with him and coherently concur. After all, it is his prerogative.

Let us all withhold our backlash until the so called “appointed” fail to deliver then we can raise our voices in unison at the fact that he lopsided his appointments and still has nothing to show for it. We do hope and pray that would not be the case, for the benefit of every single Nigerian.


What are your thoughts on the recent appointments by PMB?

Feel free to comment, ask questions, share your opinions and suggestions.

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