Welcome guys, to the beginning of this week. It is going to be a GREAT week; I can feel it in my bones. The reason I chose to write on this topic today is because I came across what seems to be a rumor about Kate Middleton – the Duchess of Cambridge being pregnant with her third child barely 4 months after Princess Charlotte was born. Read the story here.

I choose to use the words “seems to be a rumor” because I hate to believe that the royal family does not believe in “BIRTH CONTROL”

Anyway, I’m not writing this post to reiterate the importance of birth control bla bla bla. We all know how important it is. Rather, I am going to be sharing with you the OTHER WAY we can “control birth” without swallowing any pill.

Before I go on, let me mention some of the “conventional” birth control methods:

  •  Options Birth Control 2Pills: These are daily birth control pills which you have to take at a specific time EVERY DAY. Unfortunately, this is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers as the pill can be harmful to the baby. Aside from that, its major disadvantage is “Weight gain”. Whether you are a nursing mother or not, birth control pills makes you put on a few extra flesh.
  • Injection: For those that are not able to remember to take a pill at the same time every day, the remedy is probably a monthly injection. Sounds like a life saver since nursing mothers are allowed to use this method but trust me when I say RUN AWAY! It unfortunately has the same disadvantage as the Pill if not worse; WEIGHT GAIN! As a matter of fact, I know someone that put on TWO DRESS SIZES while using the injection. She actually didn’t gain much weight after having her first child but her second child came too soon after the first so she sought for birth control and landed in a heap of cellulite.
  • Patch: Please I urge you to forget this method. It is WAY too complicated even for highly intelligent people. Birth control shouldn’t have to be that hard. I mean all you really want to do is NOT get pregnant even when you indulge in the act of “getting pregnant”. So what is the deal with sticking patches on your arm at a particular time in a particular way to get a particular result? Like I said, TOO COMPLICATED.
  • Implant: This is basically when a small, ‘T-shaped’ device is inserted into your vagina to prevent ovulation thereby stopping pregnancy for up to TEN YEARS. Sounds like the perfect option right? But then of course there are HEAVY disadvantages ranging from vaginal infection, change in bleeding frequency, prolonged heavy/light bleeding etc.


Now, this brings me back to the reason I decided to write this post.

I understand there are lots of women out there who hate medicine and cannot stand the sight of injections or probably don’t need birth control for up to ten years – maybe a few years but definitely not ten.

This method I’m about to disclose is GUARANTEED to have been TESTED AND TRIED. So you can be rest assured it has worked, it is currently working and it will definitely continue to work 🙂

Most of us already know the method but VERY FEW know how to use it or how effective it actually is.

The method is pretty much ‘COUNTING YOUR OVULATION CYCLE’!

Yes I know your first thought is “I have an irregular period cycle so this will not work for me” But trust me when I say it doesn’t matter if you menstruate once in three months. Like I said, this method is tested and tried so BELIEVE ME when I say IT WILL WORK!

Firstly, take note of your period “start date”. That is the day you start menstruating. Some of us have VERY light first days of menstruation. But it counts! Even if you had only one drop of blood for the first two days of your period, YOU ARE ALREADY MENSTRUATING! You must note the date you got the first blood stain i.e. the first day of your period.

Secondly, you must estimate the start date of your “next period” to be the same as the start date of your current period. Meaning that, if you started menstruating on the 1st of September, you must assume that your next period is due on the 1st of October (even if it most likely isn’t). Like I said, ASSUME!

Thirdly, COUNT BACK! You must count back TWO WEEKS from the estimated start date for your next period. So if you estimate your next period is due on the 1st of October (assuming your current period started on the 1st of September), counting back two weeks from the 1st of October brings the date to the “17th of September”.

Now I tell you my dear readers, ANYTIME from the 17th of September until your next period is a RED ZONE aka I WILL GET PREGNANT ZONE! Remember you ovulate before you menstruate.

I must warn you to COMPLETELY AVOID UNPROTECTED SEXUAL INTERCOURSE from that date until AFTER your next period.

On the other hand, any day before the 17th of September is the “SAFE ZONE” including while you are menstruating.

However, some people choose to count forward rather than count backward. Meaning they add two weeks to their period start date which moves their red zone up by two days to the 15th of September. Any of the two ways (counting forward or backward) is acceptable. Whichever works best for you.

Now I must state unequivocally – THE DANGER OF MORNING AFTER PILLS.

Personally, I recommend completely abstaining from sex during your RED ZONE but if you must, PLEASE AND PLEASE wear a condom. DO NOT get into a habit of taking a pill (Postinor 2) after sex to supposedly “flush” out the semen.

Unfortunately, rather than just flushing out the semen, those harsh drugs more or less SCRAPE OFF your uterine wall and continuous usage will cause the womb to tear or peel. And that’s when you start hearing cases of wombs not being able to carry a child due to “wear and tear”.

A side effect of morning after pill is “SPOTTING” – continuous small amount of bleeding (usually in dots) before your period.

As a young lady, if you find yourself “spotting” after taking the likes of “Postinor 2” or any other morning after pill, please visit a gynecologist ASAP as it could signal a health problem!

So there you have it. My unconventional method of birth control! This method was passed onto me by my dear old cousin and now I have successfully passed it on to my lovely readers.

Do you agree with my method of birth control?

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and opinion.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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  1. This is quite an interesting topic, always has being to me. The catholic church doesn’t believe in birth control, it’s supposedly a sin. As you know my family is catholic, but I don’t agree with the church on that aspect. I think it is better to prevent a pregnancy than to bring a child to this world that you cannot love or provide for.

    I wouldn’t say I disagree with you Rani, but I think there is more to the story. The sperm stays alive in the womb for 3 days, plus condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. A 2% chance of getting pregnant is a small odd, but it could happen. People do win the lottery. Also human error should be factored in with regards to calculating the date well.

    According to the CDC, the best way to prevent pregnancy is to use two forms of birth control, i.e using condoms while on the pill.

    To your point, there are several risks associated with using hormonal birth control, but I think weight gain is something one shouldn’t consider. With the right diet and an active lifestyle, you won’t gain that extra weight.

    I also think science has gone far, there are safer birth control methods beyond just using pills and they have additional benefits. There is nuvaring, it’s monthly, you insert it yourself and change it every month. There are different IUD’s besides the 10 year implant. There is 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. The diaphragm is another, it comes as a flexible cup that you put in up 24 hours before sex or right before sex. This is better for people with history of cancer in the family because there are no hormones involved. This is just off the top of my head, a gynecologist will be better equipped to explain what is on the market. Like I said earlier there are more benefits to using birth controls. They reduce and in some case completely erase menstrual pain. They significantly reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial (uterine) cancer. There are other benefits that I have not yet mentioned especially with regards to women’s health. On the negative side some do increase your risk of getting cervical cancer. As you know HPV is a huge factor in getting cervical cancer, so as long as one uses condoms, gets the vaccine for HPV, and makes a point to get a pap smear once or twice a year, cervical cancer will not be a problem.

    I should mention again that I am not saying there is no merit to calculating your ovulation date and doing everything you described on this post, I am just saying that there are more options available today to help women prevent unwanted pregnancy from human error.

    P.S sorry about the novel i just made you read 🙂


    • Wow Lydia! Thank you for this very informative comment! The thing is that when I write a post, I write my opinion from my own perspective with the hope that there are people out there that can relate to me. Personally, I cannot condone the idea of popping pills or getting injected on a regular basis and I believe that the side effects of these other birth control methods are too grave in comparison to supposedly “getting pregnant”.

      Cervical cancer, Liver cancer, Autism, high blood pressure, heart disease, they all sound like you might not even live to bear a child whenever you become ready.

      Yes, birth control is not acceptable in the Catholic Church but the counting method is. Not that I agree with them either but the truth is the counting method is the most natural birth control means and we all know that going natural is always the safest.

      Finally, let me just state that the fact that you count back doesn’t necessarily mean you ovulate the entire two weeks before your period. As a matter of fact, you may ovulate 2 days before your period starts but it’s better to be safe which is why you simply extend it to two weeks. You ovulate before your period and not after so it is almost impossible to get pregnant immediately after your period as your ovary has emptied its eggs and is yet to produce more.

      Anyway, to each his own but as for me, myself & I, it’s Happy Counting!


  2. Brother over here with a pen, calculator and calendar.

    I think that sometimes this advice should be given to the men as well. I mean after all some of us ain’t ready for kids too or only want *input number* kids.

    On a side note, a friend once said that if she wanted another Baby, she would trick the guy *looks to sky* Father Lord, keep such a wife away from my future.

    And hey did you consider that MAYBE Kate don’t want no birth control and just wants to have all kids as soon as possible!?


    • Lol seeking escape @ pen & calculator. I’m actually glad that you realise this topic is also meant for MEN as much women. Cause most guys feel women should handle their business and probably don’t even know when their wife of girlfriend is due for her period. Quite pathetic if you ask me.

      So like I said, I’m really glad you’ve shown interest in this topic. Remember to share the love 🙂

      And about Kate, at 4 months postpartum, even your body isn’t ready to go through the process all over again. You need to give yourself time to heal from having a baby before trying to have another one. Maybe it was intentional but I doubt anyone would inflict themselves with such physical and emotional burden intentionally.

      So she will basically have to deal with crazy morning sickness with a crying, cranky baby that still wakes up 5 times a night. Let’s not also forget her child will have to stop breastfeeding cos as a pregnant woman, you won’t be able to lose lots of fluid because the baby inside you will pretty much be consuming it all.

      Like I said, I doubt anyone would put themselves through all of that intentionally but if she did then I wish her all the best.


  3. Interesting! Let’s not be hasty in casting aspersions at anyone yet for getting pregnant a tad too early if that rumor is true. So many people have been caught in the heat of the moment 😉


  4. My darling girl, though I appreciate your enthusiasm on the topic, it begs the question, did you do any research before writing this article or talk to a doctor perhaps? You’re quite right about a few things, but when you go into detail you got it all wrong. Please speak to a doctor before posting such information online or anywhere even.


  5. My darling girl, though I appreciate your enthusiasm on the subject, I have to ask if you did any research or spoke to a doctor perhaps about it after receiving the knowledge from your cousin. You do have some stuff correct, but when you delve into details you get it all wrong.


    • Thanks for your comment Ibiela. I always appreciate a cautious reader. Given that this particular method has worked for me, my cousin and her friends over the years, what exactly could a doctor tell me about the particular subject that beats real life experience?

      But if it makes you feel any better, I actually do have a medical background from Gulf Medical University in UAE where I studied as a PreMed student.

      Maybe I should have started with that who knows, your thought might have been different.

      All I can say is that nothing can be worse than taking pills that have gravely damaging side effects. But if it suits you better, ask your doctor to teach you how to count your ovulation cycle then kindly return back and let us know the right way to do it.

      Will love to know another method other than what has worked for me all these years. 🙂


      • Okay, where do I start? First, I am a doctor. Not bashing on your counting of cycles, but you’re not counting it right. The average cycle is 28 days and not 31 like you assume. Plus, you only ovulate for about 24hours. So abstaining from unprotected sex for 2 weeks is unnecessary. I must say that you were right about counting 2 weeks back from your next expected date. The sperm can live inside you for about 3 days, so sex 3 days before you ovulate can get you pregnant. And yes the pills have unpleasant side effects, what doesn’t honestly? There are other implants that go in your arm and work for shorter periods of time than the IUCD, like someone earlier stated.
        And that story of morning after pills scraping your uterus is untrue. They are just hormones that make your body mimic pregnancy so the egg has no means of being implanted.
        Then again, what’s so wrong with a condom, if you really don’t want to get pregnant?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh wow Ibiela. I guess YOU should have started with your doctor introduction.

          The thing is that sometimes it is almost impossible to ascertain exactly when you ovulate. Like I said in my response to Lydia’s comment, you do not necessarily ovulate for the entire 2 weeks you are counting back. But I believe it is better to extend it for as long as possible so there’s no room for a slip.

          After all, two weeks of unprotected sex does not mean no sex. Like you said, rather than tying your tubes and getting implants, he might as well just WEAR A CONDOM.

          And about morning after pills like Nigeria’s favourite, Postinor 2, regardless of if they scrape the uterine wall or trick your body into believing that you are already pregnant so that way it doesn’t bother fertilizing an egg, the bottom line is that they are VERY DANGEROUS and you have to agree with me on this.

          However, I would like to specially thank you Dr Ibiela for enlightening us. And I urge you to kindly stick around and keep those informative comments coming 🙂


  6. Hi. Nice post. I’m getting married soon and sincerely the thought of birth control is giving me cause for concern. For how long will I keep on taking all these? My fiancee and I even agreed to tie my tubes after 3 children. Lols. But before then, what happens? I’m the type that doesn’t really pay attention to my period, all I know is that it sha comes. Lols…. now I have to change.

    I read an article somewhere about using UDA water as a contraceptive. Have you heard of such?



    • Thank you Annie for your comment. To be very honest with you in as much as I respect the decision reached by you and your fiancee, why do you have to be the one to take such risky procedure when he can just “wear a condom”.

      I believe it is highly unfair that women are left to deal with the repercussions of birth control while the men go scotfree.

      Before you make such important decision, please I urge you to take a minute or two and read this very important article that relates to your situation and also read the comments as you may find one or two helpful

      About UDA water as a type of contraceptives, I personally only know it to be used by new mothers as opposed to as contraceptives. It works wonders when it comes to helping your womb adjust back after having a baby.


  7. Also, ladies please talk to your doctors about cervical screening and the Cervarix vaccine, which protects you from the strains of the Human Papilloma Virus known to be the cause of cervical cancer.


      • There’s no absolute in medicine. It gives up to 70% protection. So it’s a lot better than doing nothing. And please please please go for the screening. Also the vaccine is best given to girls between 9 and 13, as they have a better immune response.


        • I’m definitely a lot older than 13 but like you said, it is much better than doing nothing. So I will definitely contact a doctor to that regard.

          Thank you again for this information.


  8. And I read your other article about breastfeeding. Again, you should’ve spoken to a doctor before posting that. Though breastfeeding does cause the absence of periods (lactational amenorrheoa), it does not guarantee that you won’t get pregnant. I have seen a lot of women get pregnant while breastfeeding. The absence of periods does not automatically mean you’re not ovulating, as menstruation is just the shedding of the thickened endometrial lining and not the egg as you stated.


    • Like I said in response to Lydia’s comment, I usually write my post based on either personal experience or experience of someone very closeby.

      I happen to know someone who regularly breastfed her baby for TWO YEARS. When I say regularly, I mean 5 to 6 times a day. And for the entire 2 years, she did not see her period.

      It was a cause for worry to her and her husband that they went to see a doctor who asked her if she was still breastfeeding and when she replied with the affirmative, the doctor said that was the reason.

      So Dr Ibiela, I may not be a doctor or get the actual terminologies and definition completely accurate. But I know for sure that I DO NOT make up whatever I post on my blog just for the fun of it.

      Like I always say, they are TESTED AND TRIED and if need be, anyone can always verify from any other source to collaborate my opinion.


      • I understand it may have worked for you, but please we’re all different. So the fact that you or someone else got lucky, doesn’t make it okay to give this advice to another lady and guarantee her results. It’s just not that simple. And yes the pills and others have side effects, they also have good results.


        • Ok Dr Ibiela. Clearly you beg to differ. But like I said, anyone reading this can always verify the information from any other source.

          I simply answered your question about speaking to a doctor and I think it is allowed that I share the information gotten from the doctor with people out there.


  9. l went through all this negative comments and how you patiently dealt with it.All l will say is keep that spirit of patience going.God bless you.


  10. Nice and informative write-up, constructive criticisms although some almost got personal.

    Keep the spirit going@ VIVA VOCE


  11. Nice and informative write, constructive criticisms although some almost got personal.

    Keep the spirit going@ VIVA VOCE


    • Thank you Ochuko for your comments. I agree that some of the comments might have been bothering on personal but that’s all part of the package. It’s comes with the job.

      Thanks for reading!


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