Options Birth Control 2Hello my lovely readers. I told you it was going to be a wonderful week. Well, so far so good for me :D. I sure hope your week is going as good as mine.

In the first part of this series, I wrote about an unconventional way of ensuring you DO NOT get pregnant even if you have unprotected sex. If you missed that, I urge you to take a moment and read it before continuing on. Click the link to read the post

For those who have read part I, you would notice that the method probably does not apply to women who have just had a baby and as a result are unable to predict the exact date their period would return.

So in essence, today’s post gives such women hope as I will be letting you in on ANOTHER UNCONVENTIONAL METHOD OF BIRTH CONTROL whereby new mothers can EXTEND their “no period” zone for up to TWO YEARS!

Sounds magnificent right? Well keep reading!

Usually, as soon as your baby is born, the next thing is to give the baby a chance to suckle your breasts so the baby can get to master the act of breastfeeding and at the same time, the constant suckling triggers the flow of breast milk.

So basically, the more the baby suckles, the more the milk flows.

Now, just like the method in Part I, A LOT of you already know this second method but only VERY FEW actually know how effective it really is. And be sure that this method has also been TESTED AND TRIED so kindly believe all that I tell you.

The method is basically BREASTFEEDING!


As we all know, or mothers know, babies need to feed on ONLY breast milk for at least the first SIX MONTHS of life. The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) recommends breastfeeding for ONE YEAR while the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding for up to TWO YEARS or beyond.

Now here’s the bottle opener..

Did you know that as long as you actually breastfeed, you will in no way see your period or get the hint of it?

When I say breastfeed, I do not mean “give the baby your breast to suckle once or twice a day while he or she eats cerelac or drinks formula for the rest of the day”. I mean “religious breastfeeding” of substantial amount all day, every day. Well not “all day” per say but you get the drill.

Do we not wonder why new mothers (who breastfeed exclusively for the first six months), DO NOT see their period until after “six” months? Or why mothers who do not breastfeed exclusively start seeing their period after four months of having their baby or less? Just like in the case of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The reason is because when you breastfeed, your body secrets hormones that prevent ovulation and pretty much tell your body “I’m not ready to have another baby yet. I’m still breastfeeding one”. And since ovulation occurs before menstruation (as menstruation is the body’s way of disposing all those unfertilized eggs produced during ovulation), your body will not have any “egg” to dispose and therefore you will NOT see your period.



So, imagine you continue breastfeeding regularly for the next one, two maybe three years? Don’t you realize your body will keep secreting those hormones that prevent ovulation? And this would obviously mean you WILL NOT get pregnant.

Amazing right?

Unfortunately, I have to state that this method DOES NOT work with BREAST PUMPS!

I understand that some mothers work and cannot afford to be around all day to breastfeed their child so they express their breast milk and store it in the fridge for up to 8 days and sometimes in the freezer for up to 6 months.

The reason this method cannot work for such working class mothers is because expressing more or less defeats the purpose. In the sense that, after you express, your body assumes that your baby has suckled your breasts and therefore REFILLS the breast milk almost immediately to prepare more food for your baby.

Now, because you have already expressed the milk your baby needs for that day or days, your baby will not get to suckle the already accumulated milk in your breasts and after a while, your body starts to assume that your baby no longer feeds on breast milk and will therefore reduce the rate and quantity of milk it supplies to your breasts.

This unfortunately will also mean that your body will STOP secreting those “very important” hormones and what happens next? YOUR PERIOD!

Excitingly, there is a remedy to this slight issue which is EXPRESSING REGULARLY!

Basically, your breast pump becomes your baby and whenever your body refills the breast milk you previously expressed, you must treat it as if your baby is hungry and needs to feed. That means you have to “express” the milk refilled every time it is refilled and of course you can always store it in the fridge or freezer for further use.

This way, your body believes your baby is constantly making use of the milk and as a result, will keep refilling and you can be rest assured that as long as it keeps refilling, it will definitely keep secreting those hormones we love so much 🙂

Finally, let me mention that a major advantage of this method is quite the opposite of conventional birth control measures; WEIGHT LOSS!

Regular breastfeeding is and will always remain the best way to loss all the baby weight accumulated during pregnancy. Like I said earlier, if you result to expressing due to work or other engagements, be sure to CONTINUE expressing whenever your milk refills or preferably as often as you would if you were feeding your baby directly from the source.

That’s it guys! Another unconventional method of mine! Hope you enjoyed the post and as always, I really appreciate you all. Thanks for reading.

Do you know any other unconventional method(s) of controlling birth? Kindly share with us!

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and opinion.

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