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This entire week’s post is based on conversations I had or conversations I heard of and today’s post is courtesy of Cool FM Radio.

On the radio sometime recently, the topic of discussion was “the act of giving” and how people should learn to be more humane and give back to their community. Which I believe is a very touching and interesting topic because I do feel that people do not really give back to the community like they should.

Well it was an interesting topic and shortly became a VERY INTERESTING topic after the presenter uttered what I would refer to as a BOMB. And it is that “bomb” that led to me writing today’s post.

The presenter was of the opinion that when he says “giving”, he does not mean giving money to “beggars” on the street.

He said and I quote “imagine each person that passes gives 100 naira to a beggar, the beggar will end up making my salary in just one day”. He went on to completely discourage people from being generous to beggars but instead urged them to focus on giving to the orphanage in a collective manner.

Basically, he was more for helping a group of people rather than just one person.

Now here’s my opinion:

Firstly, permit me to out rightly SHOOT DOWN that presenter’s statement. I find it to be very myopic and inconsequential.

After I heard that remark, all I could really think about was the blind beggar across my estate gate that stands there EVERYDAY, come rain or shine, seeking for his daily bread.

As terrible as it makes me, in about over a year I have been living in my estate, I have only given him money ONCE and to be honest, it was much less than hundred naira.

This man is blind in both eyes and always has a very young little five year old looking girl by his side as his navigation and she sometimes wanders off to go play with the sand, leaving him standing all alone with his blind sight.

beggarsNow I ask you all, be honest with yourselves. How many of you are like me that sparingly give beggars on the street money? The truth is MAJORITY! Yet that Cool FM presenter attempted to discourage the minute few that actually do give?

Isn’t that a bit callous of him?

Let us even take a look at those that “give” these beggars money. How much exactly do you really think they give out, 20, 50, at most 100 naira and maybe the very generous could give 500 to 1000 naira or more but then those are VERY RARE!

So wouldn’t it be unfair for someone to assume that because the beggar is located at a place where people ply regularly that he is getting a certain amount of money from each of them every day?

I honestly really do doubt that “begging” is that much of a lucrative business.

Most of us walk or drive down the street and do not even notice these people or how hungry they are and still I ask, who are the thousands of people giving 100 naira a day in order for the beggar to be able to make five or six figures on a daily basis?

I don’t know if there is anyone reading this that happened to be listening to Cool FM the same day that this discussion held, I urge you to KINDLY IGNORE WHATEVER THAT PRESENTER WAS SAYING. Some of these beggars are depending on that 20 naira ONE PERSON will give to them.

Most of them DO NOT have multiple donations and even if they did, it certainly DOES NOT run into hundreds of thousands of naira on a daily basis like he was presuming.

Please give and give and keep on giving. Do not be discouraged. Whatever you do for those people goes A LONG WAY towards the well being and catering for them and their family. After all, there is a reason they are beggars. If they were really making that much money, I am pretty sure they would have gotten a better life for themselves other than sitting or standing blindly on the streets.


Do you agree with the Cool FM presenter or not?

Feel free to comment and share your opinion and suggestions.

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  1. Begging is not lucrative and even though some people may be lazy, I seriously doubt if anyone wakes up in life and decides that they would choose a career of begging. Inability to gave is in generosity to a person in need when and if the person is a position to do so is an impoverishment of the soul. That little change will not make a dent in the life of the giver who probably has more, but can make a lot of difference to the receiver with so little – like a little bite of akara to warm his stomach 🙂

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  2. First I do not agree with the presenter but I want to play devil’s advocate for a second so indulge me.

    The beggar across your street may be blind and genuinely need help, but there are a lot of beggars who are scamming you out of your money. The big problem with that is, there is no way to tell who needs help and who is a con. So the presenter is probably thinking he rather not give money to any street beggar so he doesn’t accidentally give to the cons. The problem with his logic is he will end up disenfranchising those that do need help. So he is wrong but I don’t negate his premise.

    That being said like most people I am sympathetic of the plight of the less fortunate but I don’t do enough to show it.


    • You took the words right out of my mouth Lydia. I definitely do not do enough to show it. And I kind of feel guilty especially after writing this post.

      About you being Devil’s advocate, you have a point with people scamming intentionally but just like Jacqueline commented, your little change doesn’t mean anything to you but goes a long way in the lives of these beggars.

      I know no one likes to be scammed but it’s so little a change to really be bothered about so if they’re going to act like beggars and stand on the street all day, then so be it.


  3. Very touching article.
    I think that we should give and leave the other part for God to decide. While I think that there are indeed dubious people who pose as beggars, I also know that there are some out there, In fact, a lot of people who cannot afford the basic things that they should have as humans. There are some of these blind beggars who have got children who cannot work, given their young age . When we choose not to give to such a beggar, the child suffers as a result. It is important to give and render help to people , especially when they really need it. By so doing, we enrich our own lives.


    • Well said mailyvie. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that we should just go ahead and give regardless of if they might be dubious or not and leave it for God to decide. So we don’t end up missing out on the genuine ones that are in dire need of our token. May God bless us all.


  4. In a much as I am an advocate of charity but for obvious reasons would prefer a more organized form.
    This is premised on diabolical manipulations of some persons.


    • Thanks for your comment Vivien. As much as I believe we sometimes do get manipulated by people falsifying to be beggars, I believe whatever it is we’re offering to such beggars (real or fake) is too little to matter.

      Like mailyvie said, let’s leave it to God to judge.

      Let me also say that there is absolutely nothing wrong in helping in a larger scale as the presenter mentioned but he did not have to discourage those that choose to give as little as they can to those on the street.


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