Hello readers! Welcome to another GUEST POST WEEKEND here on A Loco Viva Voce. Today’s Guest Post is a short story written by Mayo Bayo.

Mayo aka usb ( unserious seriois boy) is a Book lover, innately curious who likes to call himself a Write-up comedian. He is willing to trade his birth right for a stick of suya.

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Read Mayo’s short story after the cut and enjoy!


I so much love movies about the Nigerian campus life. I sometimes wonder why? Maybe because it is something I can easily relate with… right? But come to think of it, my love for campus life movies started right back from secondary school, the movies brought to my very own eyes the campus life my uncle usually gist us about.

My Uncle Tunji is such a good story teller, he could describe hell to you and you will feel the heat right before his narration.

He often told me about his life as an undergraduate; he studied sociology at OAU Ife, and was popularly called then – Comrado Tsunami.

“Those days of Aluta were wonderful”, he smiled saying and as we sat together in a local buka eating Amala.

“Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever”, we sang as we marched from Awolowo Hall to the Vice Chancellors office.

On our way to his office, the stupid man had the guts to come out of the office to address us, he said he wanted to keep us calm. Keep Aro boys calm? hahaha

“We ended up keeping his butt calm in one of the Hostel’s toilet. The oniranu couldn’t bear the smell as he begged on his knees”, he laughed heartily as he continued narrating.

Oga o, that was kind of cruel o, I interrupted.

Mayo, 5 months of irregular power supply and they still had the audacity to increase the tuition fee. Awon oloshi jatijati! he cursed out loudly.

I was still in JSS 3 but was already thinking of writing JAMB, I wanted to be a university student as fast as possible.

I imagined my life as a student, living in the school dormitory in a room of six, attending night parties and social events every weekend, going to the school’s theatre to watch live drama, the debates the common room, the arguments in hostels. All these stories Uncle Tunji had told me were all in my imagination.

It’s a night before my graduation. Seven years in this ogba as we fondly called our campus, those seven years gone phew… phew like the wind. Where is the fun?

“Don’t let the university pass through you, you have to pass through the university”, my uncle always said, but obviously the university passed through me and not otherwise… i never had time to socialize, the urge to get good grades made me an introvert.

Did I get the grades? Yes I did … tomorrow I will be graduating, and will be awarded the best graduating student in my Faculty, but still the satisfaction wasn’t there.

You might wonder why is he just knowing this after six years, my circle of friends were just like me; book worms. Our lives roamed around four places: Classes – Library – Clinic – Church (and that’s when exams are around the corner and we need his mercies) then back to Classes again.

Maybe we can’t all live the story we love that’s why some of us are been told the story… right? Well you can now call me Doctor Kunle but I still go green with envy when I see Tokunbo a.k.a Bling-Blings, the guy every campus girl wants to have.

-Mayo Bayo

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Reminded me of my undergrad days and the abysmal state of the hostel facilities. Eww! Nah! I don’t want to recall such nightmares. Good one Mayo 🙂


  2. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by accident (stumbleupon). I have saved as a favorite for later!|


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