Ok guys, today’s post is really a topic of concern in our society today. As we know, everyone is on social media and if you are bored and pretty much just want to keep tabs on that ex of yours or the girl next door, all you need do is go to his or her Instagram or Snap Chat page and you can pretty much enter into the world of that person.

You would get to see how the person has lived every single day ever since their account was created. From their outfits and the designer’s name (sometimes price tag), to the places they’ve visited, the food they ate, the car they drive and the whole nine yards. As a matter of fact, you will get an INCLUSIVE insight into that person’s daily routine.


Let me go ahead and say that I absolutely DO NOT have a problem with social media, I actually believe it is a very creative and useful invention. What I have a problem with is the way people are pretty much “abusing” it.

Oh I’m jetting off to Dubai, Instagram. Just bought a new perfume, Twitter. Just made Banga soup, Facebook. Le Boo proposed, Snap Chat. I mean what is the deal?

Whatever happened to PRIVACY?

How exactly does putting up every single picture and video of you add value to your life? Or like some people would say, “Change the price of garri in the market”?

Let’s not forget about the ones that play “love” on social media by posting pictures and videos of their “boyfriends” and “husbands” with ridiculous captions and hashtags. Oh we’re in love! Look at our pictures #boooflife #togetherforever #woulddiewithoutyou. As the saying goes, ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD.

Isn’t there anyone else worried about the evolution of social media? I mean ever since Snap Chat was invented, all I can think of is the day someone would put up videos of their intimate moments whilst indulging in the act (if they haven’t already). At the rate we’re going, that day is not far off.

Let me give you one particular instance that annoyed me to my bones; Tiwa Savage and TeeBilz’s first wedding anniversary.

For those of you that didn’t catch a glimpse of their Instagram post on their first wedding anniversary, feed your eyes with the pictures below.




Tiwa also went ahead to caption one of the images saying “Hey baby, look what daddy did for mummy today. Breakfast in bed, church, romantic dinner, candles and rose petals all over our hotel room, lots and lots of gifts and love. This is how we ended up creating you in the first place oooo lol”

Really? Does anyone agree with me that this is a bit too far? Or am I just backwards and archaic and probably need to get in touch with my tech side a little more?

To be honest, I really don’t care if I am archaic, I don’t think I can ever comprehend the fact that someone willingly put up a picture of the bed she and her husband are going to make love on few hours before the act is committed. Or the fact that someone put up a picture of the romantic dinner that was used to celebrate the anniversary of their union.

These are meant to be private and special moments that are shared between both parties involved but now the entire world gets to partake in their privacy.

I know they are celebrities and celebrities need to connect with their fans but really? Rose petals spelling T&T in a heart with Happy Anniversary written on it? REALLY? Did they have to put that up?

Take a look at Beyonce and Jay Z. Given the exponential fail of celebrity marriages in America, it is a wonder how come they are still going strong. Now I ask you to ponder and try figure out what exactly it is they are doing that most of those other couples probably aren’t; SOCIAL MEDIA.

I am sure most of us know how RARE it is for Beyonce to put pictures of her family especially her daughter on social media. As a matter of fact, I feel she just opened her Instagram page just to fulfill all righteousness.

Even when she posts, she doesn’t post any irrelevant picture that is not of concern to the public. She is so private about her affairs and I absolutely love and commend her for that.

So my dear Tiwa and TeeBillz and all other people who feel the need to put up every single moment of your life on social media, be weary of such acts because to the best of my knowledge, it has caused a lot more harm than good.

I reckon you set a boundary and learn to keep your private life out of the prying eyes of the entire public all in the name of “social media”.

Do you believe in putting your entire life on social media?

Feel free to comment, share your opinion and suggestions.

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  1. Hmm mm…..I use the social media very well. However, I don’t say everything about my life and what’s happening to me presently to the public. This is due to so many reasons one of which is security. Some people find it interesting and take it as fun, it’s their way of life anyway. But I don’t support it.


  2. There are two aspects to this – posting private moments and posting way too frequently.

    Posting frequently – “A new study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found a positive correlation between relationship anxiety and the tendency to fill up everyone’s news feed with #blessed-captioned pictures of their significant other.”
    If you are posting how much you love each other 10 times a day, the study says you might be over-compensating and you need likes and positive comments to boost self-esteem.

    Posting private moments – This to me is a bit subjective as it depends on the couple in question. Some people naturally don’t have a sense of privacy and think they have nothing to hide or be private about. If a couple thinks something is private and posts it anyway, then they do have a problem understanding boundaries. However if another couple post because they didn’t think what they posted was private, then I think they are good.

    I personally have never posted a picture of any guy i’ve dated, mostly because if we break up I kind of have to delete them, and that seems like too much work for me. In fact I don’t even want the guy to post pictures of me and I always make that clear. There is a double standard with regards to the number of partners women have vs men, and I don’t care for some busy body getting the opportunity to count how many boyfriends have tagged me in pictures..
    When I do get married I can’t say I won’t post pictures of my spouse, but I can say for sure I won’t “over post” because I do understand boundaries.


    • Touche Lydia! I totally agree with you that some people actually require comments and likes to boost their confidence and self esteem. And that my dear is a huge problem on its own.

      And about privacy and boundaries, i believe there is an already set line naturally but social media has now come to increase the boundary line. Most people let it, while others are smart enough not to.

      Like you said, after all the “le boo” pictures and comments, you would have to start deleting all the countless pictures. So what’s the point?

      I honestly have never understood the need to post all the time but if that’s how they get by then to each his own.


      • The countless “le boo” (lol) pictures are even okay compared to countless pictures of your kids. I know someone who posts at least 10 pictures DAILY of her little boy. When he wakes up, getting ready for school, when she drops him off at school, when she’s home alone and ‘missing him”, after school, during dinner and at bedtime. I am not exaggerating, that happens daily. First of all, give it a rest, you are not the only mother that loves her kid, and secondly how can it be ok to make your child’s every moment a public affair. I know that little boy’s clothes and can recognize him by his outfit alone. There is so much danger in making your kid’s life that public.

        As you may guess, I have never told her that & I won’t either. Like you said, to each his own…


        • Oh my! I feel bad for the little boy who might even grow up to be an introvert and hate the fact that he literally grew up in the eyes of random people all thanks to his mum.

          Sometimes I really don’t know who to blame; the people that won’t stop posting? Or those that aimlessly and pointlessly “like” every picture they come across.

          So why won’t she keep posting? After all, she gets a bazillion likes shortly after. The thrill I guess pretty much does it for her. What a pity!


    • Lmao Yves! And a host of others I must add. Including our very own Linda Ikeji with a picture of her wearing all the bags and shoes she owns.

      Sometimes i really wonder if she puts them on just to take a picture because for someone that blogs as much as she does, i doubt she goes out that often #justsaying


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  4. LOL! people live for The Gram….. Its ridiculous. People put so much pressure on themselves to live up to the life Social Media has set. People borrow, owe, beg so that their wedding pictures posted on social media can get a lot of likes. My goodness! To be honest, i find it quite entertaining because I can tell you people’s life history, because I follow them on instagram or facebook or twitter, but it is quite sad at the level of exposure and the extent people go to show the social media world that they are “living the life”. But like Lydia said; to each to their own.



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