Have we ever wondered what the deal is with some of our young girls that get pregnant for Nigerian celebrities who half the time probably do not give a hoot about them?

Have we ever stopped to wonder if and how they arrived at being pregnant? Yes I know they indulged in the act but did they deliberately get pregnant? Or did it happen by accident?

To be honest, at the rate at which young girls are getting pregnant for our Nigerian celebrities, I am of the opinion that they are probably even timing their ovulation to ensure they get pregnant when they engage in sexual intercourse with these men because it is so rampant that it just CANNOT be a mistake anymore.

Back in the day, Tuface Idibia was reprimanded for leading young girls astray with his numerous baby mamas but now Tuface even seems more like the normal one since he was finally able to tie the knot with one of his baby mamas at the time.

Now, we have artists like WizKid, Davido, Jesse Jagz, Flavour, Ice Prince, Patoranking, Olamide and so on. Let’s not forget the infamous Maje Ayida who had a baby by his ex-girlfriend Anita while married to his superstar wife Toke Makinwa.

Even our female celebrities have a stake in this as well with the likes of Omawunmi, Waje, Anna Banner and a host of others. But thankfully, Omawunmi married her baby daddy while pregnant with baby number two.

Is this a trend? Or are the women blinded by the fact that the men are celebrities and having a baby by them somewhat translates to “financial security”?

Please permit me to include supposed “wives” who are yet to marry in the sight of God but already have CHILDREN for their supposed “husband”. Like the likes of Psquare and brothers who are very successful but for whatever reasons known to them, have refused to marry their women in the church.

This act is not only wrong in the sight of God but it is just as though you are still living with a concubine. It really baffles me how you can be married before the law and your community but fail to be married before the almighty God.

Yet you live as man and wife and even recreate offspring like man and wife. What a shame!

To be honest, the wives of such people should actually  be glad they even performed the traditional rites because given the rise of baby mamas these days, they could easily have gotten away with having them simply as their baby mamas.

What is our society turning into? What are we teaching our children?


How can we raise our children with the notion that daddy has other children with other women? Doesn’t this already breed enmity and competitiveness?

Call me old fashioned but children are supposed to be raised in a home. As a matter of fact, children ought to be born after the man and woman have TIED THE KNOT!

There used to be a standard procedure back in the day: Meet the girl, date, propose, introduction, traditional, court, church wedding and finally, babies.

Whatever happened to that trend? Now they call it “Civilisation” or better yet, “Westernization”

What a shame indeed!

Sometime ago, on TV, I watched an interview of Jesse Jagz’s baby mama, Ruby who is also an artist signed on the same record label as he is; Chocolate City. She was asked about her future plans with Jesse and to my surprise, she responded saying she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him and that she is happy with where they are at the moment aka she is okay with just being a baby mama.

OMG! That had to be the most unbelievable thing I have ever heard!

What is this society really turning into? Since when did it become okay for a woman to have a baby for man that isn’t her husband and even be ok with it?

My question is if you do not aspire to become his wife and he your husband in the near future, why then do you want to have a baby with him in the first place?

I really do not know the reason why all these women are clamoring to become “baby mamas” but enough is enough ladies!

You are precious and should treat yourself as such. No marriage, no babies! If he really wants a baby, he clearly can afford a wedding after all, he’s a celebrity.

Ladies, you must stop presenting yourself in this manner regardless of if the end result is marriage to a celebrity. It really doesn’t worth the risk of becoming a baby mama.

Maybe we need to return back to the good ol’ days when such behaviour were frowned upon. Enough really is enough!

What do you think is the reason for the up-rise of baby mamas in Nigeria?

Feel free to comment and share your opinion and suggestions.

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  1. This topic begs for a lot of discussion! Why we hasten to embrace unbecoming, unwholesome habits is really disturbing. We leave ethics behind in pursuance of rubbish. Our culture used to be admired in so many ways, alas, thing’s are really falling apart! I feel for the offshoots of such entanglements.


    • Things are falling apart indeed Jacqueline. I find it really disturbing that women use their wombs as bait to get what they want. Our once admired culture is now being subsitituted for Western and ungodly practices.

      They fail to realise that abroad, baby daddies pay for child support. God help them if these celebrities flee from them. Given their dependant nature, they’ll really end up suffering for their foolishness.


    • It’s the way are economic in Nigeria and most African countries. There is less opportunities for the young girl child in our society. Our Government needs to do more, first the women. Our women need empowerment, financial empowerment, motivation and educational opportunity. We are currently in a society who value child marriage, under age girls from 8to 14 years. We our in a men dominating society and women are still treat as our property. African mentality, custom and cultural barriers have been affected women in this part of the world. Compared to America, Europe, and Australia etc.They have strong and power laws to protect women rights. But do we?In countries where people still life in abject poverty-stricken conditions. We need to give women freedom, independent financial help and do more for the young women and no one will be a baby Mama anymore!!


  2. I will share with you a discussion I had with my friends recently.

    My friends and I were talking about a lot of things and Don Jazzy’s name came up. I then made a joke that I wanted to marry Don Jazzy. I told them I was awed by his genius mind and business skills. As expected, my friends laughed and said there’s no chance in hell that’ll happen. Someone else then said I had a better chance of becoming his baby mama than wife so I should shoot for that. I then responded flippantly that there’s no chance in hell that I will be that. Things took a down turn from there and I was quite disappointed by my friends. They all ganged up on me wanting to know what was wrong with being a baby mama. I said nothing if it happens by mistake, but there is something seriously wrong if a girl sets out to be one. I also included that I would rather be married to the father of my kids. A happy home helps kids. These ladies spat on that argument fast. Using Don Jazzy as an example, they tried to explain to me how much money I would be getting if I were his baby mama and how I would never suffer. I of course argued that I have an MBA and a career that I am currently working hard to build, that unless I do something really bad or wrong, I don’t know that I would suffer. This wasn’t a good argument to them. They said if I am baby mama to a rich celebrity, I would be getting way more my than my current annual salary as a monthly allowance. Suffice to say, i didn’t stand a chance against those 3 girls that day and I was massively disappointed but I let it go.

    The reason for the up-rise of baby mama to me is not really about financial security, but about improper upbringing and poverty being the girl’s constant state of mind. To be clear this doesn’t include those that happened to be pregnant by mistake, after all, no one is a saint. This is strictly for those that set out to get pregnant for celebrities or any guy in general.

    I am by no means rich. In fact i can bet Don Jazzy spends my annual salary on a night out of town. Do I want financial security? Hell yes! Would that make me want to be a baby mama? Hell no!
    Some of these baby mama’s may not be physically poor, but I can bet you good money that they are scared of being poor and would do anything to avoid poverty.
    Again it’s about the mix of the state of mind and improper upbringing. I think poverty is horrible. In fact when I was younger and someone dies of a curable illness that money could have prevented, my mum always said something ” if someone stones you with ubiam (poverty) throw it back at the person immediately” So I did grow up knowing that poverty is a thing to be avoided by all means. But I also grew up with parents who instilled in my sibling and I a sense of right and wrong and an idea of responsibility. As a result, I just won’t entertain the thought of trapping some guy with a child as a means to ensure financial security.
    One of your previous posts Rani, we discussed the ‘runs girls’ and how some of them are justified. I want to be clear that this is different. It stops to be justified when one intentionally brings a small baby into the mix.


    • Oh my Lydia! I feel really sad for those friends of yours. How close minded they are!

      It is obvious they think so little of themselves and do not believe they can become successful if they work hard. Or may be they are just too lazy to try?

      Sometimes, its not even about the money you make but the thrill of being contributory and making change and effect in a place and in society. Nothing beats the feeling of having an impact and actually being useful.

      Whatever mindset they have is certainly the same with all these baby mamas of this generation. Clearly, they can get pregnant this second for the slightest of celebrity that comes their way.

      It is such a shame! Because as far as I am concerned, women with such mindset are not even worthy of becoming mothers.

      What knowledge and morals will they imbibe into their offspring? What a shame! Very shallow mentality. smh


    • Thank you for your comment Misan. So civilization is causing us to forego our religious and cultural believes and lean towards immoral and ungodly practices?

      If that is civilization then put me on a one way ticket back to the 19th century.

      And by Westernization, i mean the notion of copying almost everything from the Western world. We all know baby mams are very regular abroad with their baby daddies being responsible for their child(ren). So where else could baby mamas in 9ja have gotten the idea if not from “Westernization”? Quite pathetic I must say.


  3. I have a problem with the young girls trying so hard to be linked to a celebrity as a baby mama, however, there are exceptional cases of matured adult having a child out of wedlock.
    This could be justified Rani, if they are so unfortunate with Men, Rather than been single, Babies could serve as as great Company.


    • Hmmm.. your comments Vivien leave me double minded. On a Christian note, it is wrong but then no one is a Saint.

      Abroad, there are sperm banks where people get artificial insemination with the selected sperm so yes it is quite a normal and adult decision sometimes. However, the notion of using the baby as company in place of a man is somewhat selfish.

      Because you are not only denying that child of the benefit of growing up in a home, you must realize that children who grow up with a single parent end up going astray 90% of the time.

      So remember the consequences of being a baby mama comes much later in the near future. So I sure hope they can handle the reality when it eventually hits them.


  4. I love your right up, I really do but sometimes, I believe you you have a strong opinion about things, you should provide a balanced view.

    1) PSquare and family have never publicly declared that they are bonafide Bible-believing, church going Christians. So why do they have to act hypocritical and pretend to be when they are about to get married. Why start their marriage with a lie. Also, even if they were, it doesn’t state anywhere in the Bible that people should get married in a church. They just need to be blessed. I am a Christian and I CHOSE a small registry event to celebrate my wedding and had people over for a lovely reception in my house. It doubled up as a housewarming do. A pastor invited and he led the reception event in prayer. Let us not mix tradition with Christianity. The only stipulation on Bible is that you must be married to have sex with witnesses and a man must seek permission from his bride’s father and pay dowry.

    2) Baby mamas- I never aspired to become a baby mama and I am not one. However, some people do for the reason’s stated above and many more. Any choice you make have repercussions. Happy for ppl to go into it with their eyes opened and accept any downside to it. Some women claim they prefer not to be tied to a man. To each their own. I dont believe in it personally but I wont condemn them either.


    • First of all Laydeelarz, P square were raised at Catholics and whatsoever they are doing now are solely their decision as adults.

      Peter chose to have a child with Lola before even paying her dowry and so did Paul and Jude with their respective partners.

      In as much as you didn’t have a proper church wedding, you had a man of God present and that’s more than enough.

      There doesn’t necessarily even have to be a grand reception ceremony. As long as you have been wedded in the presence of a man of God and some witnesses, you’re good to go. They have done neither but are simply comfortable with just trad and court.

      As a Catholic which they also are, it is absolutely frowned upon which is why the Catholic Church sometimes carry out “Mass weddings” and also organize a non compulsory reception so as to enable people get married in the church.

      To each his own but I believe people should practice their religious beliefs which they’ve been taught.


      • You said it. They were raised Catholics, doesn’t mean they are practising Catholics. By their actions, they clearly arent so you shouldnt hold them to standards they do not uphold.


      • I understand where you’re coming from but I honestly cannot understand why anyone would want to practice paganism. Clearly if they don’t see the need to have a man of God say a blessing in marriage for them (catholic or non catholic) then they must not be Christians at all.

        The weird thing is that it’s not like they don’t believe in God. Clearly they do judging from the lyrics in most of their songs where they believe the hand of God is very instrumental in their success.

        To each his own anyway. I rest my case!


  5. Church… Is what the westerners brought to cage us all its like a two edged sword. It caged and it liberated. So even if u no marry for church it’s nothing. Everyone ain’t Christian, but let the law recognise ur union. Whether in the court or in ur villa.
    For baby mamas… Lol… I think it’s just for the fame… Westerners thought us, and we are learning quite well.
    Nice post blogger


    • Lol @ We are learning quite well. Isn’t it funny how we copy the bad things so well? And as for getting married in church, I guess that’s a subjective opinion because I was taught that it is a big sin not to be married in be presence of God and yet be living as man and wife but everyone is entitled to their own belief so whatever works for them would do. Thanks for reading Viv


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