Screenshot_2015-10-15-16-59-02Hi guys! It is with deep pleasure and immense gratitude that I inform you of the first award nomination has received which is the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD.

Firstly, I would like to thank my loyal readers for your support and encouragement thus far. I wouldn’t have achieved this without you all. I would also like to thank Jacqueline Oby Ikocha ( for this surprising nomination. I definitely didn’t expect to be nominated for an award barely 3 months after starting my blog. It is such an honour and I am truly grateful.

All my life, I have always been told how I have an opinion about ANYTHING and seem to know a bit about EVERYTHING. It wasn’t really like I was ITK (I too know) but rather I was just very curious and inquisitive about everything happening around me and the worst thing that could happen to me is being completely ignorant or oblivious of any given topic. I might not have the full details but I sure love to be informed – no matter how little.

This is probably the reason why I have always surrounded myself with older people and people a lot more mature than I am. So I get to tap and share in their “grown up” world.

This curiosity and inquisitiveness of mine is what led me to having a vast knowledge and opinion about various topics which I of course share with my family and friends.

So I thought to myself one faithful day in July 2015, after having a session of my non-conforming opinion with my dear husband. I decided that rather than share my opinion only with people close by, why don’t I include those far and wide through the medium of blogging.

Few days later, was born!

My piece of advice to new bloggers is DO NOT be scared of writing. The internet is full of raw, unprocessed and mostly irrelevant information. So be rest assured that whatever you write CANNOT and WILL NOT be the worst thing anyone has ever read.

Go ahead and give it a try and you would be shocked at the response and support you would get even from random people who clearly would not just be supporting out of obligation.

Now Jacqueline Oby Ikocha (who nominated my blog for this award) wrote a set of questions that I am supposed to answer. So I would respond to them one after the other.

Question 1: What makes you happy?

I actually have two answers to that question. Initially it used to be money. Yes I know that sounds shallow but I am being nothing but honest. I can be the most miserable person on Earth when I am low on my finances. Probably shallow but true.

But after I had a baby, my daughter certainly makes me the happiest person in the world. I feel so guilty leaving her to go to work every morning that I sometimes feel like I should quit my job but then my love for money won’t let me. Lol

Question 2: If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play you?

Hmmm… first name that came to mind upon reading that question was no other than the gorgeous Blake Lively that played the character of Serena VanDer Woodsen in the series Gossip Girl. I really loved her character in the movie because it somewhat depicted me growing up. At such a young age, I had to fend for myself just like she was and she had to make it work one way or the other.

She dropped out of college at a point and was working internships just like I did. Although I didn’t drop out of college per se but I’ve been working to earn a living since I was 15 years old. Regardless of all of these trials, she still managed to stay and remain put together (even though sometimes she lost it) but then again who doesn’t? I most certainly did.

Above all, I’m here today and I sure believe Blake Lively would give a really good rendition of my life.

Question 3: What’s your favorite memory?

My favorite memory has to be my 21st birthday party. It happened years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I had an amazing time with my friends and it was quite a memorable and fun-filled day for me.

Question 4: What is your greatest strength or weakness?

I will respond with my greatest strength which in all earnest is my husband. That man is my rock! I literally am a better person because of him. He is my father, brother, husband and best friend. He holds me when I fall and gives me the strength to keep moving ahead. I love him dearly.

Question 5: What do you feel most proud of?

Call me vain but I have successfully returned to my post pregnancy size 6 (UK6, US2) even after having a baby. Isn’t that really something to be proud of? 😉

Question 6: What is your favorite music?

It varies and changes with the mood but my favorite singer is BEYONCE. Although I have never met her, I look forward to that faithful day.

Question 7: If you could keep only 5 possessions, what would they be?

Firstly, my eyebrow pencil. I have no hair on my eyebrow so I literally have to draw them on everyday. Everyone around me knows this. And I draw them so well that if you don’t know they were drawn on, you never will.

Secondly, my tab. I do not have a laptop at the moment. So I operate my blog solely from my Galaxy Tab. So I have to take it with me to be able to keep doing that.

Thirdly and fourthly, my engagement and wedding rings. Those rings mean so much to me that I just have to keep them with me. My husband actually thinks I would fall sick if I lose them lol

Finally, My ATM card. We all need money right? I most certainly do!

Question 8: If you win a lottery what would you do?

This is a great question. Firstly, I would split it half way. One of the halves will be split in three ways. One-third would go to my mum. I love her so much and want her to share in my winnings. Then another one-third would go to my daughter’s trust fund. She sure needs financial security to an extent. The last one-third will go to my personal savings.

Then the other half to be honest is there to be lavished and enjoyed by moi and la famille. Of course my friends would join in the merriment. Will most likely buy myself a house(s), car(s), open a thriving business, travel around the world with my family and lastly, I would give a huge sum of money to my daughter’s nanny.

She is the most dedicated and loyal staff I have ever come across and she is absolutely GREAT with my daughter. She is singlehandedly responsible for her six children and husband so I would definitely assist her with her financial difficulty.

Question 9: What are you most afraid of?

I am most afraid of being broke and poor. In my life, I have had a taste of both worlds so I understand the pain and hardship poverty breeds. Every day, I am grateful to God for the life he has given to me and I work hard to ensure I never have to experience the downside of life ever again. Especially because of my daughter; she is my biggest motivation as I would never want her to go through what I had to endure growing up.

Question 10: How would your friends describe you?

Oh wow! Maybe I should let my friends answer this question. The words that I am most certain any of my friends would use is Talkative, Ginger and maybe the Ibo ones would say “Ayara” lol. I am the talker of the group so I accept it in good faith.

There you go Jacqueline, the answer to your questions! I thank you once again for nominating my blog for this award and I look forward to writing more and subsequently receiving more recognitions and awards in the near future.

PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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  1. Congratz my very own!!! The sky is your springboard, aim for the stars!!!
    And you forgot to mention “Agaracha” Okachamara” in your descriptions#lol#


  2. Woooowww congrats my personal person. This is just the beginning of more blessings in every ramification of your life.


  3. Congratulations Mama E.

    2016’s gonna be a hit with a truly motivated “blogger”

    Quite the lil exposé in those answers *teasing smile*


    • Thank you muchos seeking escape. And I agree that Jacqueline’s questions were quite the revealer. But I guess my readers need some sort of insight into my personal life so I was happy to do it 😀

      Thanks for reading!


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