Dear Dabota,

I hope this letter meets you well and I sure hope being married to a billionaire is treating you well too. It must really be going well indeed because I hear you have recently trademarked the name “Billionaire Wife” and also opened your company under the same name of “Billionaire Wife”.

In all earnest, I am very much happy for you that you are able to make the best of out your marriage by making a name for yourself via your billionaire husband’s wealth channel.

However, the reason I am writing you this letter is to ask you why you feel the entire country especially the female gender is upset with the fact that you married a billionaire. I have always wondered why you feel the constant need to remind us that you and your husband are very much in love and are not at the verge of breaking up.



Is it that you are trying to spite someone by rubbing your marriage in their face? Or is this just your own way of staying relevant in the media?

Whichever the case may be, it is PATHETIC because (sorry to say), your “marriage” hasn’t even passed the ONE, FIVE or TEN year test.

After one year of marriage, you can take a sigh of relief that you made it. After five years, you can brag about being able to make it work and after TEN years, you can beat your chest and sing an anthem to whomever you think might be jealous of you.

Let me also say that if really you are trying to spite someone barely one year after marriage, then WOE BETIDE YOU if your marriage doesn’t make it to the “one year” or the “five year” mark. Remember the saying “he who laughs last, laughs best”.

And if for whatever shallow reason, you are floating in a bubble where you think everyone is upset, jealous and envious of you because you married a billionaire; I urge you to kindly wake up and smell the air, NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES.

Take a look around Dabota. You are not the first, second, third and neither will you be the last woman to marry a billionaire. Remember the name Bianca Ojukwu? Ring a bell?

Or maybe you may argue that Bianca is not from our generation.

What about Mercy Igbokwe?



For those of us who do not know Mercy, she is married to Oscar Igbokwe who is also a “billionaire business tycoon”. Mercy is the MD of Kyrie store in Abuja and is an ebullient lady with a sweet and humble personality.

You do not hear Mercy ringing an alarm because she is married to a billionaire and neither do you have her recording “videos” with her husband where they are telling the whole world not to believe rumors saying that they are breaking up.

Please take a moment and watch the video below which Dabota posted on Instagram of her and her husband responding to the supposed “rumors”.

Clearly Dabota, you are not the only one to marry a billionaire. So I ask you again. Why do you feel the constant need to remind us that you are happily married and making a fortune out of your own billionaire?

Mercy Igbokwe for instance has a multi million naira luxury fashion store in Abuja. Do you see her making noise about it? Bianca inherited billions from Ojukwu. Do you see her making videos where she is swimming in wads of cash?

I take it that this money you have just found yourself in is new money to you because if you were born into money, you would realize that marriage is not about showing off your husband or the amount of money he has but rather it is about putting in effort (jointly) to make your home work.

Lastly Dabota, I believe I speak for the entire nation when I say PLEASE STOP MAKING YOUR HUSBAND RECORD SILLY VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM saying to the world that you both are in love and are not breaking up. Trust me that was the silliest idea yet.

Focus on building your home and forget about the eyes that you think are watching. Those eyes exist only in your head and to be honest, NO ONE REALLY CARES.

Have a blissful marriage!

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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  1. This is the most stupid thing that I have watched in a while 😨 Sometimes, I think the idea of celebrity gets into the wrong part of some people’s brains. I know some stupendously rich people who are quiet about their wealth and living very fabulous lives without all the brouhaha.


  2. Lmaooooo. I literally fell off my chair reading this post. Like you said, this money must be new to her for her to behave this way. The husband clearly has time to entertain her requests to make such a video. All ill say is, if this is what makes you sleep well at night or makes your marriage thrive then carry on.

    Breast Cancer & Pink October

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  3. Lol. She’s actually done worse. I read one time that an Instagram account that was “insulting” her was actually fake and that she created it herself. That’s when I lost hope for her. You’ll have to be in a dark place to create an Instagram account to insult your self and your husband.
    Well congrats to her new money. Make she enjoy am.


    • Make she enjoy am indeed. I heard about the fake Instagram account too. I just gave her the benefit of the doubt that someone really created an account to insult her and not her creating one by herself.

      If the latter is the case then boy do I feel extremely sorry for her.


      • You’re a better woman than me my dear. lol. I totally believed she created the fake account. I mean who trademarks the name billionaire wife? Who ever does that has drank the cool aid. Nothing is off limits for her.


        • Lol @ drank the cool aid. Dabota sure did. She feeds off popularity and controversy. And she has successfully dragged her husband into it all. Poor man is doing it out of love. Smh


  4. I don’t know tho but its not in anyone’s place to judge Dabota, if it pleases her to flaunt her husband’s wealth then by all means let her go ahead, most people insulting her would do the same if they have the chance, just let her be. Its the duty of God to judge her


    • Thanks for your comments Eurella but I’m actually not judging her. We’re just saying it’s becoming quite noisy when that’s all she talks about with regards her marriage.

      You read someone’s comment about her actually creating a fake account insulting herself and the fact that her husband is rich.

      You really think that’s mentally stable behaviour? I believe I’m merely observing “vocally” and not judging! There’s a difference.


  5. POVERTY has made Nigerian very judgemental and profoundly jealous creatures!

    IF YOU DONT LIKE HER WAY OF BEING, THEN LOOK AWAY… and allow her to live HER LIFE HER WAY, while you get on with yours [if you have one]

    Many people don’t know how to consume social media!


    • First of all, “commenters” has two m and is spelt with an “e” not an o. And btw it’s “Nigerians” not Nigerian.

      Secondly, if you’re such an advocate of minding your own business and allowing people live their life, why aren’t you practising what you preach by looking away and getting on with your life?

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you should learn to respect that. Just because someone else’s opinion doesn’t tally with yours doesn’t make them wrong and vice versa.

      Finally, I could definitely say the same about you being one of the “people” who don’t know how to consume social media.



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