So it was recently brought to my attention the raving topic about the lady who presented a “Certificate of Purity” to her dad which was signed by her doctor stating that her “hymen” was intact and she indeed was still a virgin.

To be honest, I had previously come across the topic but brushed it aside because I simply thought someone was cracking jokes on the internet as usual. But as it turns out, it is a REAL LIFE story.

As much as I hate to admit this, after I actually read the story, I could not help but completely agree with her.

One of the pictures she posted on Instagram really caught my attention which she captioned “I GOT A RING Without giving up my *ting*!”.

Hers is truly an inspiring story if indeed as an individual she decided to keep herself pure for God until she met her Adam and married him. It sure does go to show that you really DO NOT need to sexually please a man to get into his heart.

Very beautiful story and message she is passing across. But the issue I have is DID SHE REALLY HAVE TO PRESENT THAT CERTIFICATE?

I honestly would have wholeheartedly believed her story if she had just not presented the certificate.

A lot of people marry as virgins because they believe in their heart that waiting to get married before having sex is the right thing to do. You do not see them presenting what is now being called a “falsified document” to their parents all in the name of proving a point about remaining intact.

That alone is what bothers me. It seems more like she remained a virgin not because she was obeying the word of God but rather because she was keeping her “promise” to her father.

Why else would she present him a certificate proving her purity? Clearly God doesn’t need a certificate from us to know that we’re pure. And to be honest, she really didn’t need to be putting her business out there like that.

I could see in the picture of her presenting the certificate to her father that he was smiling from ear to ear. As much as I see pride and overjoy in her dad’s eyes, I can’t help but see the look of a daughter willing to do anything just to make her dad proud in hers.

This goes to say that there is a very huge chance that her so called “certificate” was indeed FALSIFIED.

As we all might know and for the benefit of those who don’t, it is not impossible to break your hymen and still be a virgin. Typically, the hymen is the symbol of virginity but technically, if you haven’t had any penetration whatsoever then you are still a virgin.

As children of our parents, we all know how we sometimes feel the need to go through all ends just to put a smile on the face of those who raised us. Even if it means going through thick and thing with the aim of falsifying a document just to prove a point.

And our poor ol’ parents as excited and proud as they would be will not even harbor the thought that it could all just be a mind game.

Going back to the topic at hand,

Does her father realize that someone that desperate to prove her purity and make her father proud could have easily gotten the doctor in on it with some cash or maybe even some form of kind? 😉

Or maybe her husband was also in on the whole thing as well?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying she couldn’t possibly be a virgin. All I am saying is that why did she really feel the need to “prove” to her father that she is. The only one that should even know that she was still a virgin aside from God is her husband. She absolutely had no business proving a point to her father and the entire world.

Also, let me come back home for a moment here.

Do we all realize that here in Nigeria, we have herbs for virtually everything? And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

So if you are not a virgin, and you are trying to deceive your husband that you are, there are some herbs that you could take which would essentially TIGHTEN you up down there and you would indeed be perceived as a virgin due to the penetration difficulty which as we all know is very common with virgins.

Then maybe all you need do is stage a little blood here and there on the sheets (make sure they are white) to seem like your hymen actually broke and also don’t forget to include to moaning and groaning like you are indeed in pain. lol

This just goes to show that everything is indeed possible when you set out for it. As much as that includes keeping your virginity intact until you get married, falsifying a “certificate of purity” is so much easier.

Like I said earlier, I completely agree with the notion of saving yourself before marriage and that you really do not have to sleep with a man before he puts a ring on it but then even more, you certainly DO NOT need to prove to anyone that you are a virgin. It should be left between you, your husband and God.

That’s my two cents! What’s yours?

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  1. i wonder why she is celebrated. will being a virgin qualify u as a better wife?
    Honestly i dont care if u are a virgin or not. just be a natural sweet girl who is good enough to share my life with me


    • Very nice comments Sabiggy. You are right. Being a virgin doesn’t add or subtract anything from the woman’s personality or the way she runs her home. It is just some form of prestige for her and her parents (especially her parents).

      And to be honest, I would also pick good personality and good wife material over virginity any day anytime.


  2. She puts so much effrt in pleasing daddy. I hope she puts as much effort into pleasing dear hubby.

    If there was a reward on heaven for not fornicating, she wont get it. God said in the Bible, that if you are fasting and draw attention to it so people will praise you then that is all the reward you will get. So dear girl, I hope you enjoy your reward on being a virgin before marriage.

    On a slightly different but related issue. All these people that are in the business of blowing their own trumpet in the guise of motivating others or giving their testimony. God sees everyone’s heart. If your intent is true to him, then good on you, God will reward you. But if you are all about developing your brand as a married virgin, visitors of heaven, Chief Spiricoco of twitter-ville/ Instagram-ville then praises from your readers and followers are all the reward you will get. enjoy it!


    • Very important point you mention there Laydeelarz. Didn’t actually cross my mind until now. As Christians, we are not supposed to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. So she is definitely missing the entire point by doing that.

      And about the trumpet blowers, typically in Nigeria, if you address such people, you would be categorised as a hater. But all I can say is let God really be the judge. He indeed knows our deepest thoughts.

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  3. Certificate of purity??????? LOL
    Who ever invented that??? It definitely needs to be scrutinized. I smell a rat!!!


    • Thank you for your comments Nneka. As absurd as it sounds, it actually does exist. So to all the virgins out there, go get your certificate to authenticate to existence of your hymen lol


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