Hello readers! Welcome to another GUEST POST WEEKEND here on A Loco Viva Voce. Today’s Guest Post is a poem written by Habib Akewusola titled FREE DUMB.

Habib is a published Poet, 400l Religions, University of Ilorin. Twitter: @akewusolahabib, Instagram: Habib_Akewusola, facebook: Akewusola Habib

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Read Habib’s poem after the cut and enjoy!


Saint of perfumed change
Antibiotic tablet,
Two capsules for a brave.

Who’s the man without
A people?

Internally displaced
Becoming slaves,

Who’s the people without
A man?

Help scream “Mayday”,
Associated spiritualist advertise
“I haven’t been paid”.

Your honesty surprises me,
Confidential skin
Thick saliva baptize thieves.

Wake me at the tail of
My dream
After changes has changed
This regime

Prosperity in advance,
Democratic shepherd please
Don’t copy from France.

Operate my coma economy,
Surgeon I will crown you glory.

Black can do what
White handle,

Waxing tenure’s candle,
Mentality might not spark

Cola nut’s crunching native bond,
Munch burger king obesity prince.

The world isn’t ours
Thou become a visitor in hours.

My father’s fading love
Talent eventually woke me up.

Precious time with my Kids
Isn’t mixing ice cream with
Her milk teeth.

Free Africa,

A single broom, only one bunch.


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