Screenshot_2015-11-11-10-28-21Hello people,

The reason I decided to write this post today is as a result of the ongoing situation with Khloe Kardashian and her “still” husband Lamar Odom. He is still officially her husband because their divorce isn’t finalized yet and they apparently recently signed a divorce dismissal meaning their divorce is currently on hold.

While I was reading their story, it made me realize that Khloe has actually given up so much in order to see Lamar through his recovery process. She put her relationship with James Harden on hold, she also put her book tour on hold and she is currently at war with her ex step dad Caitlyn Jenner – ALL FOR LAMAR!

This obviously led me to ask the ultimate question. WHY?

Why is she putting herself through all of this? I understand she shared a big part of her life with Lamar but for someone that has been en route to a divorce for a few years now and is currently in a relationship with someone else, WHY is she so involved in the recovery process of her almost ex husband?

Suddenly, the reason became glaring, SHE IS STILL IN LOVE WITH HIM.

khloe-and-lamar_0While processing all of these thoughts in my head, it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, we are entitled to only ONE DOSE of true love in our entire lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean we only love once, NO! I mean we only have one “LOVE OF OUR LIVE”. The rest would just be the regular type of love. Like the type we would have for someone close to us or for our family or kids.

But I strongly believe that HEAD OVER HEELS, ONE OF A KIND, OVER THE MOON, CAN DIE FOR YOU kind of love only happens ONCE in our lifetime.

Some of us are very lucky to find it while others wander the face of the Earth throughout their existence but unfortunately are never opportune to bask in the embrace of this magnificent thing called TRUE LOVE.

Take Khloe for instance, she was madly in love with Lamar when she filed for a divorce. But she still went ahead and filed because it was better to be away from him than to be with him and watch him hurt himself with the drugs he was abusing.

But then because of the amount of love she still has for him in her heart (true love never really goes away), even after three years of the so called “divorce filing” and separation, she CANNOT seem to stay away from him now that he is in a terrible predicament.

She willingly jeopardized her career, relationship, family, amongst other things just for someone that she supposedly didn’t want to be with anymore and now they have dismissed their divorce?


Clearly, Khloe must really love Lamar. And I believe that he is her one true love but then I often wonder if he hadn’t gotten himself intertwined with drugs and their divorce had actually gotten finalized and she basically MOVED ON, I often wonder if she would have EVER loved anyone like she loved him.

This also makes me think about life in general. For those of us that have loved and lost, have we really ever been able to love again? And I mean REALLY LOVE AGAIN?

I do not mean tolerate the person or just be in a convenient relationship. I mean utterly love the person to the point where you no longer remember or reminisce on whatever it is you shared with the other person.

As for me, I really do believe that there is only one person out there for each of us just like there was only one Eve for Adam. And like I said earlier, some of us are lucky enough to find our Eve while the rest make the best out of what we have.

But you can never miss what you never had so for those that probably haven’t encountered their one true love, you have absolutely nothing to worry about but for those that have and lost it, it is a pity that you lost it. And for the lucky bunch still living with it, hold on to it forever. LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Is it really possible to truly love more than one person in a lifetime?

Feel free to share your comments, opinions and suggestions.

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  1. Well, its true you meet that one person who you sincerely love and it feels like no other person can take his place or replace him. I have a friend who had an ex that passed on, and every time she keeps talking of how no one can replace him.
    But we have to know this, holding onto past memories is beautiful. But it doesn’t give whoever comes in the chance to wipe it off cos your mind has been so made up on finding no one to take his place. We have to know this, everyone impacts our life in a diff way
    Though I’ll say there’s the one true love we’ll never forget, but also we have to move on like Khloe is doing and give others the opportunity to leave the mark also and see who leaves the bigger foot print.

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  2. Thanks for your comments wunderkidp. I agree with you that people need to let go of that lost love so as to make room for even better love but then most times, it’s easier said than done and you just can’t help but look back and reminisce.
    Sad but true!


  3. I Really can’t say if there’s just 1 true love for everybody out there, but I know one thing for sure, I have loved to that i can die for you point once before and i don’t think i will love someone that much again because i dont want to go through the trauma i went through the 1st time, so even is there is another love like that out therefor me,i am not willing to find out, the 1st cut is usually the deepest they say


    • I can only imagine how hard it must have been to get over that kind of love. But at least you’ve had a taste of it and to be honest, it’s an incomparable feeling.

      I don’t blame you for choosing to settle for second place. That kind of love can sometimes be overwhelming especially if not reciprocated.

      However, don’t deny yourself of true love. You may choose to not look for it but if it happens, embrace it. Love is always beautiful!


  4. Bellezza I feel for you.
    Actually waht you felt at the first hurdle was the one true love, it comes in diff phases and with diff experience. It’s actually the hurt that makes one move away from that one true love and closes the Heart on feeling such for any other person bcos it hurts a lot wen the person just doesn’t seem to get some things right.

    Ask Khloe, she tell you. If you ever get the chance to meet her though


    • Yes wunderkidp. I agree with you that Belleza has probably encountered her one true love. But we can’t blame anyone here.

      Love is better off when reciprocated otherwise it feels like a burden. Not a very good feeling that is.


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