First of all, before I go into the topic at hand, I would like us all to answer the question truthfully. I am pretty sure we have all heard about Charlie Sheen’s HIV status and how he hid it from everyone including his sexual partners for years.

I know it is very easy for us to cast blame on Charlie about how inhumane he is bla bla bla. But like I said earlier, search yourself and answer truthfully. If you were a public figure HIV positive, would you really reveal this information to a potential sexual partner?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in anyway saying Charlie was right in depriving his partners of that information so they could make a decision whether to continue or discontinue their sexual involvement with him.

All I am saying is that it really is a lot easier said than done. Telling is the right thing to do but then again, how many of us “really” do the right thing in our everyday lives?

It is such a shame that Charlie is HIV positive and I am sure a lot of his numerous sexual partners will dash to the lab to get tested immediately.

At least those women are covered all thanks to the effective legal system in America. It turns out that majority of his previous sexual partners including his “one night stands” are threatening to sue Charlie for knowingly putting them at risk.

Be rest assured that the entire America will now claim to have had a one night stand with Charlie so they could all get a settlement.

What can I say? The only thing better than contracting HIV is getting paid for contracting HIV.

Too bad for our Nigerian women who fall under the same category but lack legal protection. Who would fight for them and protect their rights?

As a matter of fact, in this beautiful country of ours, as opposed to reprimanding the man for depriving the woman of the information, the reprimanding would go to the woman for what might be called a “promiscuous behavior”.

This just brings me back to the topic at hand, would you honestly really divulge that information to a potential partner?

Especially if you haven’t had sexual intercourse in a long while and the possibility of getting turned down isn’t even an option for you as your tank is most likely full. Would you still be Mr or Mrs righteous then?

Regardless of what your answer is, all I can say is GET TESTED and USE PROTECTION and please LAY OFF THE ONE NIGHT STANDS!

For those of us in a relationship, I see absolutely nothing wrong with getting tested before you and your partner engage in sexual activities. If he/she refuses, kindly borrow a leg from Ben Johnson and run as fast as you can.


I saw a movie recently of a man that knew he was HIV positive for YEARS but didn’t tell his wife and when his wife eventually discovered her status, his saving grace was that she actually cheated on him once so she automatically assumed she contracted it from that person.

Until she found her husband’s hospital appointment card and his immune boosting drugs dating back almost five years that all hell broke loose.

Now, that behavior is callous on every level and completely inexcusable.

Not only did he knowingly infect his wife, he was also treating himself while he left his wife to die in silence since she wasn’t aware of her HIV status.

So imagine she hadn’t cheated, she probably wouldn’t have gotten tested and most likely would have ended up dying of “unknown causes”.

I am honestly not going to play Mrs righteous and tell you who and who not to tell about your HIV status. That is entirely up to you BUT all I would say is DO NOT engage in UNPROTECTED sexual activities (knowingly or unknowingly) with anyone when you are HIV positive.

That is just plain evil!

However, if you have contracted the virus, not to worry, one is more likely to be hit by a car than you dying of the virus anytime soon.

Go to a hospital if you haven’t already and start your retro-viral drugs IMMEDIATELY. You will be fine!

And if you are still safe, kindly avoid unprotected sex especially with strangers or as it is generally known, ONE NIGHT STAND! Remember, we are not in America and no one can protect you if you fall victim.

So act wisely people!

Would you tell about your HIV status?

Feel free to comment, share your opinion and suggestions.

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  1. I wouldn’t announce my HIV status to the world, or put it on social media- I think that’s unnecessary. Private things are private. I would, however, inform any intimate and/or sexual partners of my status. They deserve to know, and make the choice of whether to continue seeing me or not. Not disclosing a positive HIV status to sexual partners is immoral, and in some places, illegal.


    • Personally, I believe the issue here is the lack of legal enforcement on those that are inhumane enough to indulge in unprotected sex while fully aware of their status.

      Maybe if more people are prosecuted then less people would commit such acts.

      However, don’t bet on it. We owe it to ourselves to find out the status of our partners. Humans are not so humane after all. Get tested! Don’t wait to be told. Take matters into your own hands.


  2. Hmmm, as hard as this decision is, I think it’s better to tell so ones partner knows what he or she is up against. That way they don’t feel betrayed n all what not. But then again, it’s easy for me to say this cos I’m not faced with the decision. Chei


    • Exactly Grace! Just like I keep saying, it’s easier said than done. No matter how much you ginger, the second that moment comes, your tongue would cease.

      It basically takes principle of the individual to actually open up and trust me that takes a different level of strength. I just pray it never gets to that for any of us.

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  3. It’s a life changing decision so, I can’t predict what I’d do.

    Also, knowingly infecting someone with HIV is evil & since I love Charlie I really hope he’s saying the truth and has never put anyone’s health in danger.


    • Well.. I sure do hope so too. But honestly is he really saying people willingly had sex with him knowing he was HIV positive? That must be very courageous on their part to say the least.

      Usain Bolt has got nothing on me if someone reveals such to me right before we commit the act. I’ll break a record with how fast I’d run from that person. But then that’s just me I guess.


      • Lol. I totally feel you but look at it this way. Magic johnsons wife is hiv negative. Once the drugs start working the virus is in remission which doesn’t infect. My deal with Charlie is that I didn’t think he’s well into his treatment that he isn’t infectious. But now that I think about it the drugs work fast.
        There’s progress in hiv treatment. With current we’re closer to finding a cure. I hope.


        • I really sure do hope they find a cure. I know HIV isn’t as serious a disease as say cancer but in this part of the world, it’s usually a write off. So going by that mentality, those women are extremely brave.

          I actually hear that Magic is completely free from the virus. Don’t know how true that is but whichever way, good for him. It just goes to show that HIV really isn’t the end of you. Nigerians ought to learn that.


  4. There are worst sicknesses than HIV if caught early- they can still live a long normal life. People with Cancer, Diabetes etc can sometimes end up becoming disabled and die within decades especially when associated with secondary illnesses or loss of an organ


    • That is really the thing people must learn. That HIV is not a death sentence, AIDS however is. But it takes years for HIV to graduate into AIDS and if you are consistent with your meds, it would go into remission and actually never become AIDS.

      The best part of HIV is that most countries provide retro viral drugs free of charge to people in need. Nigeria inclusive! So that gives everyone with the virus a fighting chance.


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