Hello readers! It’s still GUEST POST WEEKEND and today’s Guest Post is a flash fiction story titled KOLA’S MOTHERLY TROUBLES also written by Michael Inioluwa Oladele. If you missed Micheal’s previous Guest Post titled MASTERS OF EUPHEMISM, click the link to read it.

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Read Micheal’s story after the cut and enjoy!


Kola and his mother sat in silence for almost thirty minutes, each one avoiding the other’s eye. He knew what his mother had come for and his was not ready for it.

Mama also sat there stubbornly and then concluded that if Kolawole was not going to raise the issue, she would. ‘Kolawole,’ Mama called. ‘Yes…’ He answered still gazing at the white-brown ceiling.

‘I need money.’

‘Mama money again? Just last week I gave you twenty thousand naira and now you are here again, Mama today is sunday ooo’ Kolawole lamented.

‘Can’t I ask my child for money again? The child I carried in my belly for nine months? The one I breastfed for-‘

‘Ok Ok’ Kolawole interrupted impatiently.’What do you need money for? Tell me and I will give you.’

Mama blinked twice, and then stood up nervously and turned her back on Kolawole. She did not want to tell her son that the fetish priest had requested for some other things for the sacrifice, but now she saw that there was no way Kolawole was going to give her the money if she remained secretive. And so she said:


‘Baba? Which Baba?’ Kolawole feigned ignorance.

‘What do you mean which ‘baba’? How many ‘babas do you know?’ Mama asked angrily

‘Look I do not know the ‘baba’ you are talking about. If you can’t explain what you mean, there is no money!’

‘Baba Awoye!’ Mama souted at once, ‘The baba that has been helping us so that your god-forsaken wife-‘

‘-Mama, I don’t-‘

‘-so that your godforsaken wife will use her filthy womb to produce children that-‘

Mama stop! Stop!!’ Kolawole shouted, infuriated. ‘Look if this why you are here I will not sit down and-‘

‘Oh… you want to send me away? Oya send me away! Push your mother out and go and buy another mother with your money!! Send me away…oya’ Then mama started clapping over her son’s head.

Kola shifted back, took his phone from the chair and made towards his room.

‘ that is it abi?’ Mama started,’ I can see you have been bewitched, abajo! How will you have children when-‘ ‘Mama! Mama!!’ Kola was now pointing at his mother, ‘ I will not allow you to shout on me and insult me because I have not given you money to buy four goats and two sheep for a hungry fetish sluggard who wants to make a nice soup for his family! If you can’t pray that God will grant our request, then don’t hinder prayers! The next time you come here and talk about Baba Awoye or what do you call him, I will not sit down and listen. I have spoken.’

-Michael Inioluwa Oladele

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