Have you ever tried having a conversation with an adolescent or a young adult of this generation concerning what they do for “fun” these days?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the content of that “Sprite” or “Hollandia” bottle they drink is?

Have you ever wondered why they act kind of slow at times and sleep like a log of wood?

Have you ever wondered why their eyes seem so dim and they sometimes get incoherent, drowsy and then excited all of a sudden?

If you have ever really wondered why your teenage brother always drinks “codeine” because of the supposed never ending cough he has then wonder no more.

They are all simply a part of the ongoing issue faced with society today which is THE ABUSE OF DRUGS!

The issue of drug abuse is one that sometimes goes overlooked in our society today. There are so many teenagers, adolescents and even adults who feel the need to conform to societal and peer pressure by abusing some of these suppressants which tweak their Central Nervous System in such a way that it in turn gives them excitement.

There are several cases of students taking cough syrup containing codeine such as Benyllin, Pakalin etc all in the bid to feel “slow”. This slow feeling which arises as a result of the excess codeine in their system causes them to skip (become forgetful) and ultimately drowsy.

Some of them claim it helps them get through the day while others just love the idea of being “slow”.

The mentality honestly beats me how anyone would want to take something that makes them slow.


Another type of drug that has been known to make wave is Tramadol which is a pain killer but an abuse of the drug suppresses the individual’s pain centers so the person basically doesn’t feel pain and feels somewhat numb.

Then there’s Valium 5 – a sedative which when taken in excess and abused makes you excited and according to the abuser, “makes them feel extra good”.

Back in the university, I heard different stories where people go to extreme measures to “get high”. And in the absence of cash to purchase the expensive drugs, they seek the natural way out.

Some of these natural “high” methods include sniffing lizard feces, gasoline and chewing on a particular leaf which according to them gives them a head rush and makes them high.

Oh my! What I would give to anyone who can actually convince me to sniff lizard feces. What a world!

We all know about Marijuana and how it is such a common commodity nowadays that it almost seems like it is legal. Young, old, everyone abuses marijuana these days notwithstanding its legal and health connotation.

There are so many other drugs that these young kids take and as much as they are wrong for taking them, I honestly wonder why they should have easy access to such kind of drugs in the first place.


Sometime ago, there was an incident where the little sister of someone I know had passed out from “Rophenol” overdose and they literally had to flush out her entire system. Upon recovery, she said she had just walked into a pharmacy and purchased the drug.

We must realize that this Rophenol drug is also known as the “date rape” drug. This is the drug that some inhumane and mentally deranged men slip into the drinks of ignorant females to get them to become unconscious and then proceed to do unfathomable things to their body.

So I ask again, how is it possible that a drug which can cause so much havoc is readily available over the counter?

It is no longer a case of parenting where the parents should be asked to teach their children not to abuse drugs but rather, it is a case of the government enforcing rules that prevents the sale of those kinds of drugs over the counter without appropriate prescription especially to an underage child.

familycheckuplgAlso, as parents, we need to do our bid by paying close attention to our children. We must observe the type of company they keep and basically be on the look out for those odd looking Sprite and Hollandia bottles or anything in general that seems odd.

To the young ones out there, kindly desist from these practices. There is absolutely no need to be high, low, slow, excited and all of the things the drugs do to you.

Life is beautiful. So why would you choose to skip through it by taking codeine, Rephenol and the lot?

Do not join the host of others who abuse these drugs to the detriment of their health. Act smart and stay away from anything that affects your system which in the long run can also cause permanent damage.

Abuse of any kind is bad and it is even worse when you are inflicting yourself with the abuse.


What do you think is the reason for the rampant abuse of drugs in our society today?

Feel free to comment, share your opinion and suggestions.

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  1. Wow, lizard feces? Unbelievable.
    I take Tramadol sometimes for chronic pain, and I always dread the days I have to do so, because it makes me dizzy and sometimes even causes hallucinations. I can’t imagine how anyone would seek out those effects I dread so much.
    As for the cause, a large part of it is due to peer pressure and their being influenced by what they see and hear.


    • It honestly beats me. I can’t even try to understand it. I’ve seen first hand how they get slow and practically useless when they take these drugs and yet they take them again as soon as the effect wears off.

      It definitely is caused by peer pressure and that’s where parents need to come in and keep track of their kids as much as they can.

      Very sad that anyone can get pressured into sniffing any type of feces. It really is unbelievable!


  2. That is so true, especially in universities, where some girls wants to be tagged as *baddo*


    • I agree with you Clara. The pressure to be one of the “baddo” click is what drives so many of them into dangerous acts that have negative impacts on their lives.

      Something really needs to be done about it all. It is a very serious issue. I’m hoping the incoming Minister of Health has something planned to this regard.


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