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This week’s topic is THE SUDDEN UPRISE OF BABY MAMAS IN NIGERIA Click the link to read the post if you haven’t already.

I asked a few people what they think about the rise of baby mamas in Nigeria and below is a video of their opinion.

Watch, Listen and Discover THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!

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  1. O girl doesn’t know what she’s talking about. First she didn’t impress me when she concluded her friend was pregnant because she had a bump and wore a sweater. It’s almost like she was hoping she’s pregnant so she’ll mock her. Also who told her baby mamas are ashamed? Go check Anna Banner or any other girl that has a baby for a celebrity. Plus isn’t the point of this topic more around the fact that there’s a rise of baby mamas and being a baby mama has become the norm?…

    Also, I liked the fact you gave us opposing views, but for this topic I would have liked to see more women. This topic intrigues me & since I’d never intentionally be a baby mama, I’d like to hear the rationale for women that think it’s not a big deal.


    • I see where you’re coming from Lee. I would also honestly love to hear from an actual baby mama to see if maybe I might just reason with her.

      And as for the lady, her friend clearly said she didn’t mind being a baby mama so why would she really be hiding the bump is that’s what she wanted after all. There are so many single mother’s by choice so it really is becoming a norm.

      But I really agree with you on actually hearing from a baby mama and seeing her view. I’ll definitely keep that open.


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