Hello readers, welcome to another Poll Tuesday on A Loco Viva Voce.

Last week, I asked you guys what you would do if you catch your partner cheating and surprisingly, I happen to be one of the few that would throw a fit and raise the roof. Lol. I guess the lot of you guys (80%) are better persons than I for choosing to walk away from the scene and from his/her life.

Today’s poll is about our dear Sugabelly who recently accused the children of the rich and famous for gang raping her on several occasions. If you haven’t read her story, click HERE!!

So the question is, having read her story, do you believe it? Or do you think she’s just a heartbroken girl paying her ex back for leaving her? Or could it be a political strategy sponsored by her ex’s fathers political opponents? Or maybe she was actually raped like she claimed. What’s your take?

Happy voting!

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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  1. Honestly I find it hard to believe or disbelieve most stories taht comes out on social media. There’s alot going on beyond Waht is written in social media this days


    • I agree with you. There are lots of raw, un processed information spreading across social media that we don’t even know which is true and false.

      I guess this is the reason for the social media bill the Senate is currently passing and for this same reason, I wholeheartedly support that bill! 🙂


      • No. You can’t be serious about supporting taht bill. “There is freedom of speech but freedom after speech isn’t guaranteed” is taht Waht you wanna support?!


        • I actually am. No one is cutting off your freedom of speech. They’re just trying to ensure false information isn’t spread.

          Recently, a fake video was created and spread of Boko Haram killing women, children and Nigerian soldiers. This type of video obviously was intended to bring panic and reduce the trust of Nigerians in the army and government.

          Now, the point of the bill would be to bring to justice whomever posted that video knowing fully well it was fake. No one would arrest the people that supported or oppsed the video. It’s the person that uploaded the fake video that will go down.

          So there is freedom of speech just as long as you are not falsifying any information.


  2. Tahts one side of it and waht they actually want the public to see.
    Social media has been the masses weapon and approving the bill means shutting them up which gives politicians liberty to do Waht they want and be confident the media wouldn’t speak about it for fear of prosecution.

    Every story carried by the media of politicians leads to investigation and prosecution if found true.


    • Well possibly true but personally, I’m tired of reading falsified stories so as long as that doesn’t happen any longer (even if the bill isn’t made into law), I’ll be fine.


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