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This week’s topic is THE UNSPORTING “NIGERIAN” MANNERISM TOWARDS VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCE (The story of Sugabelly) Click the link to read the post if you haven’t already.

I asked a few people of their opinion on the entire Sugabelly rape saga. Below is a video of their opinion.

Watch, Listen and Discover THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!

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  1. I agree with the first girl, how is it possible that sugarbelly didn’t tell anyone? I understand not telling the media or cops because of the guys influence, but no friends or family that can corroborate??? How possible is that? Also like the girl said the timing seems very “revenge porn-ish”

    As for the last girl, I don’t think she knows how statements like hers work. No offense intended. She says she doesn’t like the fact that sugarbelly was attacked because there’s a chance she’s saying the truth. If it’s just a chance then there’s also a chance that she’s blatantly lying. I personally hope and pray never to blame a victim. Unfortunately this whole sugarbelly is a lot of she said with NO he said counter, and worse with no evidence. Everyone that belives she was raped does that solely on her word. That’s the part I don’t understand. If we have to believe her without thinking about the guys point of view, shouldn’t there be evidence? Are we as a society not aware of how justice and facts work? This dude has been condemned in the court of public opinion because he’s a rich kid. Everyone’s assumed he must be guilty for that reason only. If I see one shred of evidence I’d immediately champion the sugarbelly bandwagon but until then fair is fair. Also for those that have been molested it’s horrible and I hope they got justice in some way, however I hope no one buys into his 100% because they are assuming that no one will ever lie about this. That would just be a decision made as a victim not someone who’s logical.


    • I get your point Lee but for an incident that occurred 9 years ago, it’s safe to say all physical evidence must have been destroyed. Judging from all that has been revealed this far about the Sugabelly issue, from the Facebook chat to the text messages, I believe there’s more to it than meets the eye.

      There is a lot of the pieces of the information that’s incomplete and until either of them prove the other party wrong, I’m undecided with the whole thing.


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