Screenshot_2015-10-27-14-34-35-1-1Welcome guys to VOX POP on alocovivavoce.com!

Every Thursday, I will be publishing a video via the blog’s YouTube Channel; A Loco Viva Voce of people giving their opinion on a chosen topic that has previously been discussed here on the blog.

So don’t forget to visit the blog’s YouTube Channel; A Loco Viva Voce to SUBSCRIBE and watch more VOX POP videos.

This week’s topic is an exclusive video of a few readers of the blog who have been consistent with their comments over the months. In the video, they will be sharing their overall thoughts on the blog and what exactly kept them coming back all this while as much as their expectations for the blog in the coming year 2016.

This is really exciting for me because I get to hear feedback directly from those that appreciate my effort and I cannot say thank you enough for taking out the time not only to read but to comment. THANK YOU!

Below is a video of their opinion.

Watch, Listen and Discover THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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  1. Lovely 😘👏👌👏so how do we pronounce alocovivavoce and what history on the name😢


    • Thank you Dami. Actually, half of you got the pronunciation right. The first, third and fifth person in the video pronounced it correctly.

      A loco viva voce is a Latin phrase that literally translates to mean “a place with living voice”. So my blog is that place where I share my voice.

      But really, thank you Dami for choosing to participate in today’s vox pop. I highly appreciate your support.


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