Happy New year people, I know we are still on the TOP TEN New Year Re-post Day 4 but I just had to say something about this trending issue in the Nigerian entertainment industry; hence the double post.

Initially when this issue sprang up about Olamide pulling a Kanye West at the Headies last weekend and Don Jazzy retaliating by pulling an even more silly Kanye West with his response, I wanted to write a post blasting both parties involved for acting like teenagers but after their reconciliation, I figured I should just let them be since they took the bold step by choosing to put the entire madness behind them.

As much as they are no longer beefing or cursing themselves out on social media, I cannot help but wonder why there really is so much attachment to this supposed “Next Rated Award”. Is it because of the car the winner receives? Or is the hype because of the plaque? Or is it because you get to stand on stage and give an acceptance speech? What exactly is all the hype about because frankly, I do not understand?

Granted, getting a recognition is a good thing as it goes to show that your efforts are not in vain but I often wonder if these artists are working and performing as artists because they are living their dream and doing what they absolutely love to do or are they artists because they want to be called on stage and given a plaque and the title of “Best Rapper”, “Best RnB artist” or any other “Best” the organizers deem fit?

If indeed it is their passion to be artists then why on Earth should they care about what happens at the Headies Awards? Why should it be of paramount importance who wins and who doesn’t?

From what I gather, the supposed Lil Kesh whom everyone thought should have won the award (me inclusive) already has a Range Rover Sport that was bought for him by the same Olamide who started all the drama while Reekado Banks who is the supposed “Next Rated Artist” still takes cabs across Lagos until last weekend I guess.

So if it is not about the car like Don Jazzy tried to make it seem, what is all the fuss really about?


If I was Lil Kesh or Olamide, rather than give that response on stage, I would intentionally run into Reekado Banks in his Hyundai while driving my Range Rover Sports and indirectly give him a little tease and rundown just to show him that Next Rated or no Next rated, we’re not on the same level.

And speaking in all earnest, Lil Kesh and Reekado Banks are actually NOT on the same level. From their songs to their swagger and popularity, there is absolutely NO COMPARISON. Lil Kesh is by far much more preferable amongst not only the youth but even the older generation.

To be honest with you, I knew there was another new male artist in Mavin aside from Korede Bello but I really didn’t know who he was until the Headies last weekend.

So in my opinion, Reekado Banks needed the publicity attached to the Next Rated Award a lot more than Lil Kesh did and all thanks to Olamide, he has gained even more publicity than he would have if all that drama did not ensue after his win.

At least now I and probably a million other people know that the other guy next to Korede Bello in Looku Looku video is “Reekado Banks”.

I think Nigerian artists need to stop ascribing all the power and reverence to awards especially the “Next Rated Award”. After all, there are lots of popular A List Hollywood actors who have never won the Oscars like Leonardo Dicaprio for example.

We all know how brilliant and fantastic he is as an actor but he has NEVER won an Oscar all these years. He has been nominated several times but has never won. Yet that doesn’t stop him. It doesn’t make him bitter or angry towards his fellow nominees.

Most importantly, it doesn’t define his career. He is still equally as successful if not more successful than those that carry the title “Oscar Winner” and this is because he is an actor as a result of his passion for acting and not because he wants to receive the Oscar recognition.

This should be the mindset of every Nigerian artist out there. Sing, dance, act and do whatever makes you happy. Forget about the recognitions and awards that MIGHT accompany what you do. If they come, let them come but if they don’t, that shouldn’t stop you or slow you down or make you feel any less relevant.

The most important thing should be your “self fulfillment”. If you have that then you do not need anyone other than your fans endorsing your hard work. Not your fellow artists or your competition and certainly not some silly Next Rated Headies Award or any other award for that matter.

Why do you think there is so much hype with the Headies Next Rated Award?

Feel free to share your comment, opinion and suggestion.

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  1. Don Jazzy shouldn’t have said anything; that’s why small boys had the guts to insult him.

    Honestly, the best thing to come out of that whole mess was the hashtag #LeaveTrashForLAWMA. it was so hilarious.


    • I agree with you Toby. Don Jazzy definitely shouldn’t have said anything but it’s all a part of entertainment and showbiz I guess. Hopefully he’s learnt that fighting a mad man only makes you another mad man.


  2. I don’t agree with the school of thought that Don Jazzy shouldn’t have said anything, you don’t have to wait until a child calls you crazy before you know that he has insulted you. Besides, it is still Nigerians who will call him weak for not responding and boy did he hit a nerve! it was fun to watch Olamide rant like a rabid dog just because of one sentence. Olamide has anger issues, he should get his issues under control because this is not the first time he’s vomiting trash upandan. Remember when Linda said his girlfriend had a baby(which was actually true) he launched into another tirade of curses, maybe he was a Babalawo’s apprentice before he went into music

    While I agree that Lil Kesh and Ricardo are not in the same level in terms of widespread popularity, however the next rated award is voted for by the general public, what this means is whoever gets the highest votes will win the award no matter how mediocre he or she is. Don Jazzy and the Mavins employed their massive social media machinery to win the award while Olamide and his crew depended on the streetz to win the award, forgetting that most of his fans will not have the inclination to vote if they are not pushed to.


    • Lol @ babalawo’s apprentice. That’s hilarious. Everyone actually knows Olamide is quite loud and can get out of control so in my opinion, fighting a mad man only makes you a fellow mad man.

      And of course, Olamide made good use of that opportunity to insult the living day out of Don Jazzy. But o well, they’ve apparently “reconciled”. So all is well.

      Looking forward to even more drama this year. Lol

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  3. Kiss daniels deserved the award much more than Reekado banks and likesh.However, the award was by strictly online voting of which the Mavin’s crew created a fan page and theme Reekaddicts and implored on fans to vote. My advice next year nominees is to play by the rules of the game and not depend on public/street opinion’s poll.

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    • Well you have a solid point there Vivien. I agree that Olamide and co depended too much on the streets to win. It’s one thing for lil kesh to deserve the award and it’s another thing for people to actually vote for him.
      Personally, I still think the entire thing is overhyped. The controversy is unnecessary.

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  4. Haha😂😂😂,I loved plasmids but was so surprised and embarrassed at him o..sha lil kesh was the best sha,reekado banks,didn’t even expect it,but all the same they are all winners


    • Hi Dami. I guess Auto correct got you there. I believe by plasmids, you meant “Olamide”. But Olamide has always been known to be a razzite so I’m actually surprised DonJazzy responded. But I’m glad it’s all in the past now. Hopefully!


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