Whatever happened to #LindaGate #Dasukigate?



About a month ago, a Nigerian journalist, activist and social media personality, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo a.k.a Snitchlady accused the famous blogger Linda Ikeji of receiving N240 million from the embattled former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki from the $2.1 billion arms deal.

Kemi claimed that Linda got her 550M Banana Island mansion as a gift from a politician in exchange for not running a story.

Aside from her accusations and finger pointing, she also claimed to have proof that Linda actually collected money from this so called politician who according to her is male.

She claimed she had audio recordings of everything we need to know about the man who gave orders for Linda to receive money for the house and she also claimed she was going to load the audio and post it on Twitter. Read the story here.

Well, it has been exactly thirty-four (34) days and no one has heard from Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo since then and it just begs me to wonder if she completely fabricated the entire story just to seek popularity or did she get paid to kill the story?

Whichever the case may be should be of grave concern to Nigerians at large because this woman made a lot of accusations on Twitter that caused a lot of mayhem and not to mention jeopardized the reputation of a renown blogger in Nigeria and now she’s just going to act like it never happened?

As you all know, I am pro the social media bill (read the post here) and this is exactly the reason why I support that bill – so people like Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo (if guilty) will pay the price for formulating and spreading lies on social media.

If indeed her story is falsified, doesn’t that make her the most bitter and somewhat evil woman to ever grace the face of the Earth? Don’t we think there should be a law set punish people that act with such cruelty all in the bid to get noticed and become famous?

Don’t we realize that if there were a law regulating the crap put up on social media that people like Kemi would find other means of gaining their popularity which doesn’t involve tarnishing the reputation of innocent, genuine and hardworking women like Linda Ikeji – and yes, Linda according to the law is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY.

As a matter of fact, I DO NOT think we should take this sitting down. I think we need to pester Kemi to release the supposed audio. We need to refuse to kill the story. Let her prove she is not just a lying opportunist who ceased the moment to rise to even more fame.

Let her prove she also hasn’t joined the train and received money to keep quiet. Let her follow up with the story and prove to us that there still is some sanctity and credibility left within journalists and the social media at large.

Let her prove that she is indeed not Jezebel and didn’t fabricate all of this story against Linda Ikeji out of envy to bring down her competition like is being speculated.

We need answers Kemi! Don’t tempt us with a spoonful, feed us the entire plate. As much as Linda’s reputation is on the line here, SO IS YOURS!

Or did you really take a bribe to kill the story? Are you really that gullible? Prove your innocence Kemi. Release the audio! Otherwise, you are simply as fraudulent, corrupt and irredeemable as the politicians you supposedly stand up against.

Do you think Kemi was lying or was she paid to kill the story?

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  1. I now believe she was lying. Later on her accusations became less about the 240M payoff and more about how Linda jumps from one man’s bed to another, how Linda allegedly broke up a marriage, how Linda is jealous of Uche at Bella naija. For every tweet she also links the full story to her “blog”. She’s a jealous and malicious person and I wish Nigeria has laws that can hold her accountable.


    • She was definitely lying because Linda has no reason to be jealous of Uche. It’s actually the other way around because Linda makes 2 times (if not more) than what Uche makes. Plus Linda works alone so she solely enjoys her profits but Uche has a team and lots of staff so she pays salary and what not.

      I totally agree with you that Nigeria needs laws against people like her. I still can’t believe she totally made that up. It’s unbelievable!


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