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Read the situation and my opinion below. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the person being featured. Enjoy!

Hello OUR,

Have you ever heard of a twenty-two (22) day cycle? I saw my period as at the 19th of November 2015 and it came again on the 10th of December 2015. This really makes me very scared because it has never happened to me before and I do not know what would cause it.

I spoke to a friend of mine about it and she asked me if I was taking any pills of which I actually am. Due to allergic reactions I sometimes encounter and also stress from work and my daily life, I have been taking Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Multivitamins for some time now. My job is very stressful and the drugs are known to boost immunity which is another reason why I take them.

Another friend of mine said that this happens when you have unprotected sex as the sperm might destabilize the system and sometimes change the menstrual cycle. She also said it had happened to her before and after she saw her period twice in the same month, it skipped the next month and apparently she wasn’t even pregnant.

I know stress is a critical factor to the regularity of our menstrual cycle but could there be any other underlying reason to which I saw my period twice in the same month with only 22days apart? Should I be worried?

Please let me know if you have seen such cases before. I am really trying to find out all I can about this.


Hello reader,

First of all, CALM DOWN and DO NOT BE SCARED. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all.

Yes your second friend is right when she said the menstrual cycle sometimes changes and there are so many factors that can induce that change which as you rightly stated, STRESS is one of them. It is indeed a critical factor.

I am not a medical doctor so I cannot give you a professional response. However, what I will give you is a response based on my personal experience and I can tell you that I have also seen my period twice in the same month at two different times.

The first time, it came three times in six weeks but the second time, it skipped the second month just like it happened to your friend.

As much as I wasn’t taking Folic Acid and the likes of those pills you are taking, I had recently gotten married at that time and I’m guessing my body was introduced to constant spermatozoa than it was used to so it didn’t come as a surprise that there was probably some kind of hormonal imbalance, hence the change in my menstrual cycle.

Like I said, I really do not think you have anything to worry about especially since you’ve been taking those same drugs long before this happened. But if you are still Vfeeling unsure, make out time and visit your gynecologist. I’m sure he or she would have a much more professional answer to all of your questions.

I hope I have been of help. Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Hey dearie,it normal to some people,just relax if it persist then see a doctor for a medical check up..


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