So we probably have all heard about the Ice Prince drama with his “girlfriend” or as is being insinuated on social media, someone else’s “investment”. Let me break it down for those who are reading about this for the first time.

Maima Nkewa is a young, beautiful part Ghanaian young lady who resides and studies in Ghana. She and Ice Prince Zamani were in a relationship for quite sometime before they made their relationship public.

Still waxing strong in their relationship, Maima decided to pour out her heart to her lover by professing her undying love for Ice Prince on her Instagram page. Little did she know she would be waking up the beast.

Shortly after her “love acclamation”, someone commented on the post saying “Love? But you out there cheating with Akin” (FYI: Akin is a married man)… And the drama unfolded.


Maima’s love acclamation

To corroborate his story, the accuser put up pictures of the Maima girl and the supposed Akin she was seeing. These pictures were of the two of them in the same location, with the same people but photographed separately. And to add the cherry on the cake, the photograph was take six weeks before the drama unfolded when Maima was supposedly on a vacation to Miami with her sister.



Basically, from the pictures, you can tell that Maima and the Akin guy were not only in the same location but were being dodgy about it which was why they both posted their individual pictures on their corresponding Instagram pages but not the pictures of them together.

Following the revelation, Maima’s lover Ice Prince surprisingly took Maima’s side defending her of not cheating but being the victim. And of course the trolls came after him on social media.

Subsequently, the Akin guy started posting more pictures and proof of him and Maima’s “existing” relationship. Even people that knew of the pair started writing in and telling Ice Prince to back off as Maima was Akin’s “investment” because he had spent so much money on her and her family and he wasn’t ready to let go of her yet.

OMG! I honestly cannot believe that in this day and age, people are still referring to another human being as an investment.

During the course of this post, I am going to dish out my opinion to the three parties involved i.e. Ice Prince, Maima and Akin.

Let me start of by saying to Akin. You spent so much money on her and her family, SO WHAT? You bought her the car she’s driving, AND??? You paid for her education so you think you’ve earned the right to refer to her the way you would a commodity?

First of all Akin, you are a married man and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Rather than lavish your money on your wife and kids, you choose to take advantage of a girl and her family because God made you fortunate.

As far as I am concerned, even if you spent a life’s fortune on her, doesn’t give you the right to claim her for whatever reason. It is her life and she is with you because she chooses to be and not because you own her.

Even if you give up a kidney for her, she still reserves the right to deny you access to her life as she well pleases.

It’s so funny when men try to dominate a woman’s life. He is married so he clearly wouldn’t marry her yet he equally wouldn’t let her date someone who would eventually marry her. So typical!

Now for Maima,

Girl wake up and make a choice. You honestly cannot eat your cake and have it. I refuse to judge you for being with a married man. We all sin in different ways so no one is a Saint but I will say this, if you want out with Akin then you need to have that conversation with him.

But you need to be sure you are ready for that because be rest assured that someone that can put his family through so much ridicule on social media just to break up your relationship with Ice Prince would most likely not let you go easily.

However, if you do reach that decision, you MUST stop receiving gifts or favors from him and also stop rendering him favors as well (if you know what I mean). Say no to him and mean it and he will eventually get the message.

But if you still want the favors and gifts to continue then kindly desist from dating not only Ice Prince but any other young, single guy out there who would trust you with their heart.

Finally Maima and for everyone out there who feel the need to profess their love on social media, DO NOT!

Evidently, if Maima hadn’t supposedly “poured out her heart”, all of this drama wouldn’t have unfolded. So please, make use of inbox or text messages or better still face-to-face conversations instead. Social media clearly does more harm than good to relationships. We all must really learn that.

Now to Ice Prince Zamani.

Are you really so naive? Even a blind man would have smelt the odor from a mile away. You have your sight yet you couldn’t see.

You have a gorgeous girlfriend who doesn’t work and is from an average home (if not lower) yet for whatever reason can afford a luxurious lifestyle with designer clothes, handbags and expensive human hair and trips abroad.

Yet you do not deem it fit to question her or do your own investigation as to how all of that is even possible?

Or is it because she’s half cast?

Because I can bet a million dollars that if Maima were a Nigerian girl, Ice Prince wouldn’t even think about it twice, she would automatically be a “runs girl”. Even if she has a thriving business, it would be assumed that she got the capital from a “maga”.

But I guess being half cast, having oyibo skin and talking with an accent gave her the free pass of having a huge trust fund or a philanthropic uncle.

In a very little way, I actually feel bad for Ice Prince especially after his mini rant on Twitter about love, heartbreak and what have you. After which he proceeded to defend her which is exactly what I would have done as well.

Not because I believe she wasn’t cheating but just so I wouldn’t give Akin the satisfaction of succeeding with his ploy to tear my relationship apart. Then much later after everything has died down, we would simply part ways on my own terms and not Akin’s.

But one thing is clear, Ice Prince is hurting and this is simply a lesson to other guys. OPEN YOUR EYES and ask questions. Stop being naive and ignorant. I am pretty sure there were signs all over the place that Maima was double dating but Ice Prince chose to ignore them all.

It’s really sad and I hope he comes out of it stronger than ever and most importantly doesn’t punish his future girlfriends for the sins of Maima.

Just like someone said on Twitter, he needs to write a hit song about this entire saga, cash out and move on from Maima, Akin and any other drama within or around him.

What do you think of the entire Ice Prince/Maima/Akin saga?

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