Hello people and welcome to the month of LOVE. It’s going to be Valentine’s Day soon and for those of us that have a very special someone, I hope you get to spend the day with that someone and those that don’t, DON’T SWEAT IT. The very special someone in your life is YOU; so make sure you spoil yourself and show yourself a lot of LOVE!

Once again, I am going to apologize tremendously for the irregularities of the posts for the month of January. Things have been quite hectic for me between traveling, falling sick and starting a new line of business. Everything has been quite much but I’m handling it and from this new month henceforth, it would all be back to the way it used to be 🙂

Now, as was stated in the blog’s New Year resolution, every first Monday of the month is known as MOTHERING MONDAY where I would be sharing one of my unconventional tips for mothers, expecting mothers and everyone in general.

Without further ado, I gladly welcome you all to the very first MOTHERING MONDAY on And for today, I will be discussing the different types of food that SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The reason I chose to write on this topic is as a result of the whole Davido drama with his baby mama where his daughter had a large amount of cannabis in her bloodstream which according to the doctors was inhaled through second hand smoking and/or through breastfeeding.

As much as I wanted to write a regular post about this topic lashing out at the parties involved, I decided to wait and share something positive out of their bizarre story rather than bask in the filth of their misdemeanor.

Going into the topic proper…

I am pretty sure a lot of us know that the baby in the womb or a breastfeeding infant feeds off the mother; through the umbilical cord and breast milk respectively which means whatever she eats, the baby eats.

This is where you have cases of mother’s eating a particular soup and the feces of the baby being the color of the soup they ate – YES IT HAPPENS! Recently, a friend of mine ate Okro soup and breastfed her baby afterwards and when her baby defecated, his feces was GREEN – the color of Okro. Funny but true!

Since we know this, isn’t it our responsibility to ensure we steer clear of anything or any food that might be of danger to our baby – born and unborn?

For the first part of this post, I am going to start with PREGNANT WOMEN by listing out the type of food that should NOT be consumed because they pose a threat to the fetus in one way or the other.

Firstly, MILO!

I know we all love MILO, me inclusive BUT Milo is about the worst thing you can do to a pregnant woman especially from her second trimester upwards because it has been known to MAKE THE BABY BIG!

Believe me when I tell you this. As a pregnant woman, the minute you enter your second trimester (four months), desist from drinking Milo. Or better still, if you can, stay away from Milo for the entire duration of your pregnancy.

This helps keep the weight of your baby minimal thereby decreasing your chances of having a C-section or an episiotomy as a result of a large baby.


I am sure a lot of doctors preach this to pregnant women but they never listen. Carbonated drinks such as COKE, SPRITE, FANTA, NON-ALCOHOLIC WINE or any drink that bubbles are all dangerous not only to you but to your fetus. Especially Coke because it contains caffeine (which is bad for the baby) and also because of the high level of sugar content which could raise your sugar level and expose you to gestational diabetes.

This in turn would also make your baby big as diabetic patients are medically known to have VERY BIG babies from 4kg and above.

Thirdly, SNAIL!

Personally, I DO NOT like snail so this is a no-brainer for me. But for those that do, please DO NOT eat snail whilst pregnant because it causes your baby after being born to salivate (aka drooling) as an infant which sometimes goes further into their early childhood and adulthood.

Basically, after enjoying your fried, grilled, roasted or whichever way you like your snail, your baby in turn suffers the repercussion by drooling uncontrollably all through infant-hood, childhood and sometimes adulthood.

Fourthly, CARBS!

Please ladies, anyone that ever told you that as a pregnant woman, you need to eat for two, told you wrong! You DO NOT need to eat in massive quantity rather, with regularity. As a matter of fact, stay away from carbohydrate.

Obviously, you cannot avoid it completely but please DO NOT stuff yourself with only carbohydrate in the name of eating for two. If you need lots of energy then drink Lucozade Boost but ensure it is the type that doesn’t contain caffeine as caffeine can be detrimental to the fetus.

Or you could take Oral Re-hydration Salt (ORS). A mixture of that with clean water will keep you hydrated and energized all day.

And most importantly, remember to drink lots and lots of water. Pregnant, breastfeeding or not, we can never have enough water. So drink on and drink more!

That’s it guys! The food DON’TS for pregnant women.

To read about the food DON’TS for breastfeeding women, visit the blog on the next Mothering Monday for a continuation of this post.

Do you know any more type of food that is not advised for pregnant women?

Feel free to share your comments, opinions and suggestions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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  1. I was hoping you’ll mention “no intake of alcoholic drinks” I still do not know if to believe that its dangerous to the fetus as I have seen mothers who take atleast a shot of baileys while pregnant(not consistently tho),I kicked against it based on stories heard but there babies come out well and healthy. Also when I was pregnant,my mum said no snails,no catfish,slimy things makes the baby drool and all. But my health centre said, plenty of snail and catfish,a drooling baby will drooling regardless. So this leaves me confused. However,I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you.


    • Hi Oluchi. Thanks for reading. Yes I didn’t mention alcohol because it’s an obvious one. However, a glass of wine daily doesn’t do any harm.

      But the truth is that the fact that some women drink and smoke while pregnant doesn’t make it right. Alcohol when taken in large quantity can be detrimental to the fetus which is why it’s best to stay away from it as much as you can since you cannot really ascertain the limit for sure.

      And your mum is very right about staying away from slimy stuff. The truth is that the drooling doesn’t biologically hurt them in anyway but it’s simply uncomfortable and unpleasant for the child which is why its advised not to put the child through all of that.


  2. Babes you can’t believe every old wives tale you hear and put it on your blog. I honestly think you should just stick with the conventional ways.


    • Oh Dr Ibiela! It’s one thing to be a doctor and it’s one thing to actually be a mother and have experienced these things first hand.

      Even your OB/GYN would advice you not to exceed 12kg weight gain during pregnancy so as to avoid having a large baby because the more you put on weight, the more your baby grows.

      Everyone knows Carbs are fattening and if you do not believe the Milo part, then that’s up to you. I had to learn the hard way after proving stubborn with a 3.87kg natural childbirth. Now I know better.

      Or do you disagree that diabetic patients do not have bigger babies than usual? Or are carbonated drinks not bad for pregnant women?

      Or maybe it’s the issue of snails and drooling but then again I’ve seen very closeby cases of first pregnancy eating snail = drooling and second preganacy without eating snail = no drooling. So yes I believe it’s not a myth.

      But then again, please correct me if Carbs don’t make you gain weight or diabetic patients don’t have big babies or carbonated drinks aren’t bad for pregnant women. I’d love to hear your professional opinion on all of those.


      • Muyiwa’s right, you really should do your research before posting stuff. The one fact in your article is that diabetes causes macrosomia. However, diabetes is not caused by the consumption of sugary substances, same way pneumonia isn’t caused by cold weather.
        Carbonated drinks and carbs are not good for anybody, period. Like everyone else, they should be consumed in small quantities.
        That snail story is bullocks. If it’ll make babies drool, it should make adults drool. What’s the chemical in the snail causing this excessive salivation in the baby alone.
        Next thing you’ll say that pinning a safety pin inside your t-shirt over your belly would ward off witches and that it’s wrong for people to wanna rub your belly.
        Why the specificity with Milo? What about all the other chocolatey beverages out there?
        Truth is, you really don’t wanna gain too much weight when you’re pregnant and you also don’t wanna gain too little weight. Eating healthy is necessary for everyone and not restricted to the pregnant women.
        You may have had a baby, but I know a whole lot more about pregnancy and delivery than you do.


    • First of all Dr Ibiela, in Nigeria, there’s a generalisation for beverages and it’s called Milo. Just like diapers are generally called Pampers and SUV’s are generally called Jeep. Doesn’t mean there aren’t other brands but that’s just how it is.

      Secondly, it is he who wears the shoe that knows where it pinches so you may be a doctor on paper but you would never know what it truly feels like to carry, deliver and nurse a baby until you experience it for yourself.

      Yes there are books that cover all the theoretical details but first hand experience beats all of that because you would come to realise what the book didn’t cover or dailed to emphasize from you own experience.

      Thirdly, this post is about “pregnant” women. The fact that carbonated drinks and weight gain are bad for everyone doesn’t mean I am wrong for singling it out in pregnant women. Like I said, the post is for pregnant women so I believe I am allowed to be specific on particular types of food even if it is applicable to non-pregnant people.

      Fourthly and for the umpteenth time, the opinion expressed on my blog are that of mine or people close to me and like a few other people have experienced that snail causes the baby to drool. There might not be a biological way to prove this but then again science does not have an answer for every single thing do they?

      It’s up to you to accept or leave it but whatever I share with others via my blog is 100% personal experience and is definitely not made up just for the fun of it. And a much as you disagree, there are a million people that have equally experienced it and also agree.


      • See ehn, I’m too tired for this. I have enough problems with real life.
        Quick question: what colour is your breastmilk, that makes your child stool green, after eating vegetable soup?


    • I agree Dr. We shouldn’t go around in circles but if you have an explanation as to why my daughter had tiny pieces of vegetable in her stool anytime I ate vegetable soup (which means there were none when I didn’t eat vegetable soup) then please share with me.

      That was exactly what I experienced which was why I was quick to believe my friend’s story about her child having okro-like stool after eating okro soup.

      But then again, it was my experience. The fact that you’ve never heard of it or don’t believe it doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m saying or it isn’t possible.


    • Thanks for reading Muyiwa. It might be 2016 but nothing about pregnancy has changed over the centuries. It is and will forever remain the same process that leads to childbirth.

      These opinion I shared are simply my personal experience as a mother and I believe fellow mother’s can equally testify to them like one already did in the comments section.

      So yeah it might sound archaic but I’d rather tradition than oyibo medicine. Pardon me if that doesn’t align with your mindset.


  3. Haaa. Please o, the other people are right. This is not good at all, to repeat old wives’ tales as if they are fact. How can a mother eat snails and the baby will drool?

    What ever the mother eats is broken down in the body, and the nutrients are taken up into the blood, from where they can be transported to the lactiferous ducts (for breast feeding) or the placenta (for the fetus). Even if the woman eats a whole vegetable bush, it will not cause the child’s stool to be green. The green stool was probable bile, which could occur for a variety of reasons.

    Anecdata is not data. That you or others had a drooling child after eating snails does not mean that snails cause babies to drool. Please don’t spread this misinformation.


    • Ok I honestly need to say this loud and clear. Whatever the mother eats, the baby eats.

      I’ve had several cases where I ate vegetable soup and after breastfeeding, my daughter’s stool had tiny leafs in them. This happened several times.

      How can you possibly explain that after all the supposed “breakdown” you spoke of?

      The only reason why doctors don’t endorse the whold snail drama is because it can’t be scientifically proven. But my dear if it walks and barks like a dog then it’s probably a dog.

      To be honest, I never believed the snail thing either but after a close friend of mine ate snails during the first pregnancy and her baby drooled uncontrallably, she ensured not to eat snail during the second pregnancy and there was no drool whatsoever.

      So my dear once again, if it walks and barks like a dog…
      I refuse to prove stubborn and eat snail whilst pregnant then end up being wrong. But then that’s just me!


      • Think through what you’re saying for a minute. So you ate vegetable soup, and the vegetables somehow entered your breast and came out as milk, which your baby took and passed vegetables in stool?


    • Sounds crazy but it happened several times. The first time I freaked out scared but then how else could I have explained that my baby who was fed breast milk exclusively had tiny pieces of vegetable in her stool everytime I ate vegetable soup.

      This is exactly what I meant when i said to Dr Ibiela that experience beats theory.

      When you eventually have a baby, there are so many things you would be able to relate to that you didn’t read in the books or that science didn’t teach you. It’s called reality!


  4. Thank you for this post OUR!

    As much as we have a lot of doctors and well “educated and informed” individuals walking around these days, experience still prevails. I remember when I was pregnant, my mum expressively told me not to eat snail, my reply was “whats the scientific evidence behind it?” and of course she yelled at me.

    By the way, I have a medical background and during the course of my pregnancy, google was my BFF. I read and read and was well informed about every single week of my pregnancy.Even my Gynae asked me to relax on the reading because I was finishing off his sentences and knew every gynecological term he was using. Guess what? My little man is 13 months and he still drools.

    Will I eat snail in my second pregnancy? No I wouldn’t. This, is what experience teaches you. It might not make sense (especially for me who like to know why everything works the way they do).

    With that being said, pregnancy is the time for one to specially take care of her body, consuming what is best for the foetus, in the right proportion.

    My 2Kobo!


    • God bless you Emerdelle for this comment. The “Dr’s” in the house were beginning to make me sound like I was crazy.

      It’s a different thing if they’ve actually eaten snail whilst pregnant and their baby didn’t drool then we would know for sure. But they speak solely from their medical perspective undermining those that have actually lived through it.

      What can I say? Blessed are those who believe without seeing. Too bad you (Emerdelle) had to learn the hard way but at least you know now not to believe everything you read in books or in this case things that can’t be explained in books.


  5. In as much as I don’t believe old wive’s tale.,got a shocker yesterday. Went to visit a friend who was just been delivered of a baby, lo and behold, the baby pooed, the faeces were plain white and watery and she said its because she has been taking lots of palmwine to increase the flow of her breastmilk. However, the baby’s faeces are normal whenever she doesn’t take the palmwine.


    • Preach! This is exactly what I mean when I say they can’t write it all in books. So many things cannot be explained unless you experience it yourself.
      Although I don’t really agree with your friend on taking lots of palm wine which may or may not have adverse effects on the baby. She needs to make sure it doesn’t. Any form of alcohol is bad for babies. She really needs to be sure she’s doing the right thing.


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