Yes! You read my title right. I know it is supposed to be Mr & Mrs Prince Sunny Aku but as far as I am concerned, Dabota has plotted and executed one of the biggest and most successful fraudulent deals of all time so I chose to give her the head title.

For some reason, all but her dear husband saw this coming. As we all know, rather than focus on her marriage, Dabota was all about showing off her billionaire husband’s wealth across social media and clapping back at anyone who made a comment that didn’t sit well with her.

I remember writing A LETTER TO DABOTA LAWSON-AKU where I asked Dabota why she thought the whole world was upset because she married a billionaire. Click on the link to read the letter.

Now, back to Dabota’s marriage crises.

It all started in December 2014 when Prince Sunny Aku married the former Beauty Queen, Dabota Lawson after only dating for six months and after that there have been several rumors about the couple having issues in their marriage but Dabota always dismissed them as mere rumors. I guess it is now safe to think those rumors were actually factual after all.

Yesterday when the news of their divorce broke, it turns out Dabota is the one who filed for a divorce to the court citing “irreconcilable differences” and the fact that she didn’t know he was still legally married to his fourth wife, Mrs Chioma Aku as at December 2014 when they got married.


Yes, I know your first thought is Prince Aku is guilty for Bigamy right? Well those were my first thoughts as well but some say it is only Bigamy when you marry two people in court while others say it is Bigamy regardless. Maybe the lawyers in the house should enlighten us on this matter as Prince Sunny supposedly only had a traditional wedding with his fourth wife.

That being said, if I were Prince Sunny Aku, I would get myself the best of the best lawyers in town. Because according to the court of law, whoever serves the divorce papers first becomes the plaintiff/petitioner and would obviously get the first say in court which means Dabota has the upper hand.

And from the look of things, after she moved out of her husband’s house four months ago, she has been planning this whole thing for quite some time now.

It is no rocket science that she waited a year before filing for a divorce because as a supposed “married” couple, you need to have been married for a certain period of time before you can demand a right to his property and judging by how oblivious Prince Sunny is, I doubt he had a prenuptial agreement.

So if he undermines Dabota for any reason, she is going to tear him apart during this divorce and strip him of half of his worth.

However, if he gets a good lawyer, he can proffer arbitration and insist that the cosmetic business, car and house he got for her are all a part of her settlement and therefore she would not get an extra dime from him. But if he lets this divorce play out in court then if I were Dabota, I would watch my back when I sleep because you can’t take that much money from a man (after just one year of marriage) and expect to live a free life.

As much as Dabota is the evil genius in all of this mess, I must hand it to her for actually pulling this entire thing off. From the onset, we all knew the marriage was a sham but the things she was able to get out of her billionaire husband in less than a year (without any commitment whatsoever – a child), some women have not gotten out of theirs in ten years after four children.

As much as her orchestration is evil and should not be commended, I just have to take my hat off for her.

Regardless of what happens, she still leaves with her DABOTA cosmetics line but then God bless her if the business crumbles and fails and for someone that is already used to the private jets and luxurious lifestyle, it is only a matter of time before she starts fishing for her next “billionaire” victim.

What do you think of Dabota’s marriage? Sham or not?

Feel free to share your comments, opinions and suggestions.

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  1. Now now now, calm down viva voce. Many of your assertions are wholly inaccurate. Firstly its bigamy if a married man marries another whether in a law court, registry or church. Only Islam permits multiple wives. It may well be that Dabota had her motives but cut the girl some slack please. She is the only one who lived in the marriage and knows what transpired. Quite frankly i am personally averse to women marrying for money but to each her own!


    • Oh!! I officially stand corrected. I must have gotten misinformed when I sought for information about that. Will effect the change immediately. Thanks btw

      And about cutting Dabota some slack, yes we would never know for sure what transpired but from eye witness gist, he simply wanted her to give up her “social life” for the life of of more conservative married woman. Like it usually is to be honest.

      When you get married, you are both expected to compromise your personal life except of course that is how you make a living so that’s different.

      But apparently Dabota wanted to keep living like a single girl and that according to her was the supposed “restriction”

      Things are actually about to get more interesting I’m sure. So we await more gist!


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