Hello readers! Welcome to GUEST POST WEEKEND and today’s Guest Post is a short story written by IK Chikezie titled Soliloquies.

IK is a graduate of English, University of Port Harcourt. She writes romance, religious and flash fiction. She blogs @ and You can also follow her on twitter @vict3kel and become friends with her on Facebook, Ifechi Kelly Chikezie.

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Read IK’s short story below and enjoy!


I wanted him back. Not in a thousand years would I have thought I
would ever come to this but then again,not in a thousand years would I
be on the throes of such scandal.

I was embittered at him for his deceit and disrespect of me after all
we had been through. But ‘the wife’ was never given a thought when a
pair of long,slender and youthful thighs promised pleasure
unimaginable. So I had never been given a thought,never been asked if
I would mind sharing my husband with a younger and more attractive
lover. If I would mind him spending more nights basking in the fires
of her youthful passion on supposed business trips than on our ashy
marital bed where I lay, lonely and abandoned,night after night. If I
would mind the heavy amounts he withdrew from our joint account to
satisfy her. If I would mind that they had made me an unwilling object
of pity and sympathy of both friends and foes alike. I had not been
asked but I did not care anymore. I wanted him back but it was not for
the reasons everyone else would think.

Forgiveness? Yes,in my grave. Love? The only love left in me for
another was for my dog,Cornelia. Even her proved more trustworthy than
he did. Loyalty to our vows? Bulls*it! Those were mere words uttered
when the flames of desire raved wild in my inexperienced heart.

But pride,ego,revenge? That was more like it. I would never be
satisfied until my bruised ego had been appeased and I’d had my
revenge. I had been betrayed and scorned but I was not going to join
the band of women who licked their wounds and nursed their pain in

I wanted David back but it was for my own reasons.

-IK Chikezie

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