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Victor is an eclectic writer that loves to write about everything from the economy to fiction.

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With the conditions of failed education, poor financing, messed up reading attitudes, we have dwindled to be called the THIRD WORLD NATIONS, with subjects like ALGEBRA, HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY out of the schools, how can we know who we truly are?

With countries like Cotonou been pipeline for used cars into our nation, when we have the ore and can manufacture our cars. ASCO was our dream project but then it failed, KIA is the youngest of the steel companies in the world, yet today they have seven brands in our market, brought into this country by one of our own, knowing they would make gains from killing ASCO, our beloved NITEL was raped by all and sundry yet they brought a replacement who yet extort us and we can’t throw away their SIM CARDS because we are hooked! ABU, UNN, FUT’S and the list goes on are plagued with poor internal leadership crippling the very existence of the next generation, where to? A PRIVATE SCHOOL, or better still Europe, Asia, and you know where, so they can brainwash us with ideas we know the system would not allow to thrive.

Today in Africa, research shows that Nigeria has the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYED EDUCATED, in Africa, and stands amongst the top five in the world. Yet according to my dead uncle we are SUFFERING AND SMILING. They take our youths into banks to help them make money then kick them out on the streets; they have seen the money yet can’t touch it, what next for them? Our schools spew out half baked graduates, with only one option THE LABOR MARKET, which is choked with old hags that don’t want leave. How then can we forge ahead, when we wake up each day to “ANTICIPATED UNCERTAINTY?”

Today very few graduates are sure of themselves in the real world, why, because they never learned a trade? Ask any fresh YOUTH CORP MEMBER passing out and they would tell the story of the falsehood of the system designed to siphon money into pockets via a failed system. Everybody is guilty, yes we all are!

Many hide under the umbrella of religion to collect from people; yes religion has it good sides amongst which are: sense of divine purpose and creates norms and values in people. We are who we think we are! The rat race continues, and the same circle of families keep on ruling, there is so much uncertainty as the D- DAY approaches, all around us sister countries are falling apart, you name them is it the IVORY COAST, or LIBYA to TUNISIA, or EGYPT? And yet we close our eyes to the happenings around. Our problems are solvable, No not Problems but CHALLENGES, the world is full of vibrant Nigerians who are at the top of their GAME! Our problem is not DIALOGUE BUT IMPLEMENTATION!

We are who we think we are, the head strong son of drunken father, the “populace” the son, Nigeria the “drunken father”. We can change; it has to begin with you! And the circle would expand. PATRIOTS are not born, it is a mind set, an epitomized mindset that you have to be selfless and think of the goodness of OUR MOTHER LAND.

Our Nigeria of tomorrow looks so bleak that even a strong optimist as me has to carve out a niche for myself doing business, and combining it with writing and speaking.

Wake up o ye Nigerians, Wake up, for WE ARE WHO WE THINK WE ARE!

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