I am sure we have all heard about the amazing philanthropic act TY Bello carried out on a young lady named Olajumoke Orisaguna who hawked bread for a living. For those of us who haven’t, let me give you a recap.

In recent times, TY Bello who is a famous and successful Nigerian photographer was having an outdoor photo shoot on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria with Tinnie Tempah when he was photo bombed by a lady hawking bread.

As much as photo bombs are most times carried out accidentally because the photo bomber is usually not aware a picture is being taken, this photo bombing by the bread seller was almost done so strategically that seeing the picture, one would think she was a model dressed as a bread hawker on set a photo shoot alongside Tinnie Tempah.

From her pose to her facial expression to the way she hawked that bread so majestically, it is a wonder that she is (or was) a mere bread seller and not doing what comes to her so naturally.



After the photo shoot was completed and TY Bello saw the pictures of Olajumoke, she went on a nationwide call to find that bread seller so she could turn her world around by making her into a super model.

She put up messages on Instagram, Facebook and all over social media until finally, she found her. Olajumoke came forward and that was the moment her life indeed turned around.

She had her first photo shoot taken by TY Bello and the pictures were just as magnificent as we had all imagined. Next thing she got signed to a modeling agency, was given a scholarship to a finishing school where she would be groomed on poise and grammar and she was also given an apartment to live in with her family (rent-free). She was also given an opportunity to train as a hair dresser which according to her is what she always wanted to do in her life.

She got featured on ThisDay Style, NTA News Live, CNN, international newspapers and I am pretty sure there are loads to come. Everyone loves Olajumoke and her road to success. All thanks to TY Bello, the life of one young lady has been changed FOREVER! That is philanthropy!


Now, this is where it gets interesting. Can I say the same for Linda Ikeji?

Yes, she is a philanthropist – evidently! Yes, she gives out twenty thousand naira to five people every week in her Monday Giveaway. Yes, she has already given out five million naira to fifteen girls as a grant for her “Self-Made” project last year and is already gearing to give out another five million naira to another fifteen girls or more this year.

But ultimately, NO, she has NOT been able to successfully CHANGE someone’s life forever. This is precisely what I meant when I said in the previous post I wrote about Linda Ikeji’s “I’D RATHER BE SELF-MADE PROJECT“. Click the link to read the post if you haven’t already.

I was of the opinion that Linda should reduce the number of beneficiaries so more substantial amount of money can be given to the chosen ones which in turn would increase their total cash inflow thereby increasing their cash outflow and thus making them “Self-Made”.

Take Olajumoke for example, some people might say it is just ONE bread seller that has gone off the streets BUT with the way her success rate is going, soon she would get endorsements and more modeling opportunities and then the cash would be constantly flowing in.

As a matter of fact, if my prediction is correct, in less than a year, Olajumoke would personally be in the position to help her fellow bread sellers get off the street and start up something of their own choosing. That is how to make someone “Self Made” – by empowering them so they would be in a position to help others and not basically give them enough to barely feed themselves.

Let’s talk about the issue of getting sponsors for each of the projects.

All TY Bello needed to do was to make ONE phone call to the makeup artist and stylist that made up and styled Olajumoke for her first photo shoot and every other sponsor kept pouring in.

According to her, everyone was really excited about the project and wanted to help in one way or the other. Seeing how beautiful the photos turned out, getting the modeling contract was a piece of cake and then the house, finishing school, hair dressing gig and so on and so forth. It all came easy.

Once again, can we say the same of Linda Ikeji?

As we probably know, Linda has been and is still calling on fellow “rich people” (according to her) to come support her project by donating their money as well and for whatever reason, NO ONE is responding positively.

TY Bello was able to get a house for Olajumoke in less than a week but Linda cannot get even as little as ONE MILLION NAIRA off these same “rich people”?

Is there a reason it is happening this way? Are people more interested in TY Bello’s project? Or are they just not interested in Linda’s project?

In my opinion, the reason why people have not really come out to support Linda’s grant despite her numerous pleas is that NO ONE wants give out money without a very high assurance of RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI).

Yes, in this case, the ROI wouldn’t be coming to them directly BUT everyone wants to see that the money they are giving out will be able to achieve something good and change someone’s life and not that it will be wasted and/or squandered.

Let’s use the first girls Linda gave out money to last year for instance. It’s almost been six months since they got their investment capital which is enough time for a business to kick start. How many of them have a high success rate thus far? Can the money given to them be accounted for? Have they invested wisely? Is there is any positive remark about any of the girls?

If there is then Linda NEEDS to communicate that to the public. If possible, she needs to write a follow-up story on each of the girls and let us into the step by step detail of how they are working hard to grow their business from the money that was given to them.

This is how she would get other people involved. Just like the Olajumoke project, everyone wants to be associated with something successful. So if Linda can prove that her “I’D RATHER BE SELF-MADE PROJECT PART 1” has made a successful impact to the girls involved then I am positive people would clamor to be a part of it by donating their money to ensure its continuity.

Why do you think people aren’t coming out to support Linda’s project yet they came out for TY Bello’s?

Feel free to share your comments, opinions and suggestions.

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  1. One of the reasons ppl love Jumoke’s story is cuz it like a fairy tale come thru. It gives ppl hope that our life can be magically and miraculously turned around. The ppl that gave, probly did so they can be associated to such a story. True givers are happy to do so even if they get no credit for it.

    Linda Ikeji’s self made project seems a lil more real to me and reaches more people. We live in the world of reality TV shows and lottery and the winner so it is hard to appreciate long term project like Linda’s. I think the truly sincere hard working people of Lindas project can and will probably make something out of nothing. I would rather 20 people life are changed and move from squatting in Ajegunle to living in a self contained flat in Yaba or something. To go from sleeping on the streets to owning a little spirit. Yes it might take years for them to get to Jumokes level of prminsnce but I promise you, they are likely to stay on top when they do get there. That is what true empowerment/ success is.

    All these endorsements and support for Jumoke will prbly die down before this year runs out. Is it realistic? Even with her modelling job and hairdressing lessons (once she finishes), can she afford to continue to maintain this new lifestyle?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I quite agree with some of your points Laydeelarz especially the part about people merely associating with Olajumoke as a means to probably promote their brand since she’s attracting the high and mighty with her story.

      But as much as Jumoke’s endorsements and supports will most likely die off by the end of the year, the truth is we only get one shot. That’s actually all we need, one shot!

      I don’t know if you read Charles Novia’s article about this Jumoke’s story but he was of the opinion that she needs a management team and fast! I totally agree with him. They are the ones to help her manage her career so it doesn’t die down when all of the fame and attention is gone.

      As for Linda’s project, as much as I love the fact that she’s even choosing to give – lots of celebrities aren’t, my problem is are the girls really making positive use of that money?

      Regardless of how much she gives out, I really think she needs to set up some sort of committee that would be responsible for keeping check of the girls and what exactly they are doing with the money.

      That way, the girls actually realize the money was given for a purpose and not extravagantly buy the latest blackberry out of compulsion.

      If she does that then there’s a guaranteed success rate and that way, everybody wins. Linda would feel more fulfilled and the girls would have finally started their dream business.

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      • I would be surprised if Linda doesnt have something like that in place. Or would be like throwing away her money. She is too smart for that. I think.


  2. While I think Jumoke’s story is wonderful, I’m of the opinion it ‘might’ not last. I do not know so much about Modelling but I know once your face no longer attracts people, you will be used less.
    All these success stories are good. I do not know much about Linda’s stuff but I want to believe she has a follow-up program for her girls. Who will do such a thing and just forget where she has put her money?
    Concerning Olajumoke, I would say she should not rely much on this nationwide sensation. She should invest and make long-term plans. All these banks and orgs are not using her because they like her but because her story is sensational and will help them grow their own popularity and get more customers. TY Bello will not be around forever. She should embrace education and the Hairdressing whatever. That way, if anything happens and her popularity begins to reduce, she’ll still be able to stand and not return to the streets to hawk.
    Whatever one embarks on in life, In-The-Long-Run is what really matters.
    Michael Inioluwa Oladele


    • Spoken like a wise one. I completely and utterly agree with you. Like they say, “whatever goes up must surely come down”. It’s just a matter of time before the entire thing dies down. Let’s just hope she has and is putting everything in place so as not to drop back to the bottom where she started from.


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