Hello people, it’s THROWBACK THURSDAY. Every Thursday, I will be reblogging a post from the blog’s archives to give new readers a chance to catch up on posts they missed.

Today’s post was written about the time news broke about Linda Ikeji’s 500 million mansion acquisition. I wrote my opinion on the entire saga.

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A Loco Viva Voce

It is probably no longer news that our very own Linda Ikeji has purchased a six hundred (600) million naira mansion in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. If that is news to you, where have you been?

Ever since she made the announcement, tongues have been wagging, people have been commenting and basically everyone has an opinion about it. And of course, so do I.

Now here’s what I think:

First of all let me commend Linda. This is such a huge milestone and achievement and I am really proud of her. As a woman especially in the kind of society we live in to be successful is a big deal. And knowing her story and where she’s coming from, she definitely has accomplished a lot.

All I have just said above comes from the depth of my heart BUT….

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