It’s a brand new day, a brand new week and a brand new drama on social media as always. Today’s drama stars our dear Linda Ikeji and her real/fake Hermes Birkin Bag. Let me bring oblivious readers up to speed.

Linda recently purchased a Hermes Birkin bag worth $14k (N4.8M) and then she announced it to the world on Instagram with the impression that she has supposedly “accomplished” something so worthwhile after what she said was a “TWO YEAR” wait period.

After her announcement and picture upload of the bag, some group of people now being described as “SOCIAL MEDIA TROLLS” sent the picture of Linda’s bag to Hermes’ official Instagram account so they could verify the authenticity of the bag and low and behold to the surprise of everyone, this so called two year wait original Hermes bag was described by the designer Hermes as a COUNTERFEIT.


This threw Linda off balance. She immediately went into a mini rant just to prove to the world that the bag was actually original. She took more than twenty pictures of all the “expensive bags” she has bought and went ahead to rub it in our faces that if she can purchase a five hundred (500) million naira mansion, what is a mere $14k?

Hmmm.. I weep!

Here are some of Linda’s remarks to those whose fault it isn’t that hat we thought was Hermes called her bag a counterfeit

– “I can afford to buy a N500million house but can’t afford a $14k bag? B**ch pls!”

– “This lovely bag cost me more than these haters cars cost and they want to come and disgrace me online? Lol. Lailai”

– “The side of the bag. Oh and I’m snapping from my banana island mansion(insert LMAO emoji) love this life

– “….can someone cc Hermes with the new images? These people can’t come and disgrace me here. Lol”

– “Too rich to buy fake…”


Linda took pictures of the bag from all angles just to prove they were authentic

I read a very interesting article yesterday by a Lagos Lawyer who is of the opinion that Linda Ikeji is suffering from “poverty mentality” and I could not agree more. Ever heard the saying “wash a pig, comb a pig, a pig would still be a pig”? Or “you can force a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink water”

In this case the Horse and Pig would be Linda because despite her rise to stardom and riches, it is evident that you cannot buy class no matter how much money you have. After I read the story, I could just imagine Paris Hilton who was born with a Silver spoon; replying and reiterating the fact that she has a house of 500 million naira so she can afford a $14k Birkin bag.

As a matter of fact, Paris probably has 10 of them but to her it is NOT an accomplishment. Starting a perfume line, THAT’S AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. Building an empire, THAT’S AN ACCOMPLISHMENT.

But for our dear Linda, after this entire bag saga, it is evident that the only true accomplishment she has ever had aside from her blog is her shoes, bags and clothes. This is the exact reason why she has the innate need to prove to the world that she has arrived.

Let us even dissect this entire real/fake bag saga.


As we can see from the picture above, it is a Grey bag which is the same one the trolls sent to Hermes but according to Linda, the picture was taken in her closet so the “lighting” made the bag look grey. Then she went ahead to take another picture of the bag on her bed and all of a sudden, the bag is black?


In my opinion, those are two very different bags and I will tell you why.

First of all, when Linda took a picture in her closet, there was another BLACK Versace messenger bag beneath the Birkin bag. If really the lighting in her closet turns black bags to grey, how come the black Versace bag or the black shoulder bad right beside the Hermes is still black? Or is the lighting color change restricted to Birkin bags only?

Secondly, there was a KEY hanging on the front of the Grey Birkin bag but when Linda supposedly took another picture of the “grey” bag after it became black; the key had mysteriously become a padlock. So is Linda really trying to say that amidst the entire social media drama, she had the time to fix the padlock on a bag just so she could show the world in her words “too rich to buy fake”?

I don’t mean to hate or anything but in my opinion, Linda displayed the word “SHALLOW” on an entirely different level that has never been seen before. Did she even need to reply those trolls? If I were her and I’m sure the bag is an original, rather than give them the satisfaction of my reply, I would simply take pictures with my REAL Birkin bag and ask the haters to take a hike. We all know it’s a matter of days before everything dies down and they find the next person to troll on.

Let’s not even forget that it’s not impossible that Linda bought a fake but what is possible is that she bought a fake without knowing it was a fake. There are some REAL FAKE designer bags that ONLY the designer himself can verify its authenticity.

So regardless of how many times you’ve seen an original, you can never still tell the difference from these REAL FAKE bags. And oh yes Linda, there are some fakes with numbers on their flaps. Those “fakes” don’t come cheap either. They are a very expensive counterfeit of the original design.

Another important point I need raise is the fact that Linda is spending extravagantly. Yes, she probably earns six figures daily BUT I ask again, what happens when this river runs dry? Is she making sure that she never goes broke EVER again? Is she thinking about expanding her empire or is she simply lavishing with the hope of making more money the next day?

Need I remind her that these same people she is quick to inform of her most recent extravagant purchase would be the same people to laugh and mock her if she ever becomes the Dele Momodu of today who now covers weddings for a mere stipend or sometimes without charge in comparison to what he used to charge back in the day when Ovation was the in-thing.

Please Linda, I will say this once again. Take advantage of your popularity and start a thriving business. This is precisely what makes the Kardashians business moguls. They are leveraging on their fame to build an empire.

Kylie started a lipstick line, Kim started Kimoji, Khloe started a perfume line and a list of other businesses which they all started simply because they are leveraging on their popularity to get their fans to purchase the goods.

Yes, you have arrived, you can’t say it any other way but rather than lavish your hard earned money by purchasing extravagant items, focus on multiplying your empire so that Hermes himself would make you two CUSTOM BIRKIN BAGS worth $50k each.

Do you agree that Linda is suffering from poverty mentality?

Feel free to comment, share your opinion and suggestions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


NB: Linda has long apologized for the real/fake bag saga.


8 replies »

  1. Your article has reinforced a lesson learnt.
    “Make thy gold multiply”
    “Insure a future income”
    “Increase thy ability to earn”
    – from The Richest Man in Babylon


  2. I honesty didn’t like Linda’s attitude,to me I felt it was childish reminds me of when I was a teenager and all what was on my mind was to show up,we sure grow above many things,putting up the picture at first wasn’t really necessary,she would have carried the bag and posted it and people will still notice it,thank God she came back to her senses,meanwhile from my own observations I think Linda displayed two different bags,they sure look different..meanwhile Aunty linda please think of tomorrow and be wise..


  3. When Linda Ikeji poted about her banana Island home to inspire girls, I couldnt help but wonder if she was trying to inspire or show off. But then I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. Na wa oh. Big girl by force, show off / poverty mentality. This is the lowest form of tacky. I dont care if she has money but that woman has no class. Rubbish!


    • This is really poverty mentality on another level. Tacky can’t even begin to cut it. Which is precisely why she would probably never join the elite A-List crowd in Lagos or 9ja at large. Imagine her being friends with the Indimni’s and co then now disgracing them on social media lol. They know better that class is not about the tags on your back. Smh


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