So this week is now officially tagged “Linda Ikeji Week”. On Monday, I wrote a post about LINDA IKEJI & HER REAL/FAKE HERMES BIRKIN BAG. Click on the link to read the post if you haven’t already.

So just like the tag on this week, rumor has it that Linda Ikeji allegedly insists on “tagging” the businesses of the beneficiaries from her Self Made Project. Could this be true?

Let me go into more details as to how I came about this allegation.

A few days ago, I woke up to an email from someone who participated in Linda’s “I’d rather be self made project” (name withheld). This someone also happens to be an acquaintance whom I had an encounter with a few years ago but we stayed in touch over the years via social media.

Unbeknownst to me, she reads my blog and has been following up with my posts which in her own words are really “on point”.

After I read through her email, I had a huge shock. Not that I was surprised because a few people (me inclusive) had reservations about Linda’s PDA (Public Display of Assistance) but we all decided to give her the benefit of doubt.

Below is a print of the email:

Heyy dear! I’ve been reading your posts & I must say they are really on point…you remember I was one of those who sent in proposals & I was selected. Thing is, before the giveaway, she didn’t tell she would lay claim to our businesses. Out of the 1M I put in my proposal, She gave me 300k. The rem 700k was from my family & me. Yet she said she won’t advertise my biz unless she tags it a “Linda Ikeji Self Made Business”. Even after I paid for the advert. Till today, my 50k is with them…She refused to advertise it!I plan to return the remaining 250k to her. In my opinion, if u wan2 help someone…u help them & don’t try to use them for your own publicity – I also do charity work but I don’t tell the kids to use my name/anything. N her sisters make things worse…After I explained that my family is not OK with her wanting to tag my business as hers cos they gave me more than half of d money I needed; her sister sent me a very terrible message, calling me names. I’ve left it all to God anyway…I’m a very peaceful person…if I had known her conditions for doing the project, I would not have entered for it

Are you as shocked as I was?

Imagine waking up at six in the morning to find this email waiting for you in your inbox. You can imagine my initial reaction.

So I further asked her if she wanted to take up the case because if she did, the country would need more prove other than her word against Linda’s in order to believe her story. But she replied me with the negative saying she had left it all to God.

Now, I am not writing this post to create any feud between Linda, her beneficiaries or myself. I am simply writing to remind my fellow Nigerians that ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD.

Like I said earlier, I was not surprised by this information rather, I was shocked that it is actually happening and I and a few people with the same line of thought were not wrong about Linda after all.

If it is indeed true that Linda insists on laying claim to the beneficiaries businesses and also insists that they pay for their adverts after she supposedly announced to the world via her blog that she would be doing it for free then doesn’t that make her callous?

Let us bear in mind that some of the girls were given 150k (one hundred and fifty thousand naira) for their businesses. So if they pay 50k for the advert, that leaves them with only 100k to actually start up the business? Isn’t that ridiculous?

I am not a beneficiary to the project so I would never really know what Linda means when she insists on “tagging” their business “Linda Ikeji’s Self Made Business” but over here from where I am sitting, the name on the forefront is usually that of the owner and whomever that person is can possibly have financial claims to the business if it becomes successful.

Is this really Linda’s game plan all along? Is this how she plans to secure her financial future? Is she supposedly empowering these girls so they would be secretly working for her and enlarging her bank account?

As the saying goes, “a beggar doesn’t have a choice”. So I am pretty sure that if this allegation is true then majority of the girls would go along with it because half bread they say is always better than none.

But just like the young lady said in the email, if you want to help someone, why not just go ahead and do so. Why attach conditions and schemes because you know the beneficiaries are vulnerable and somewhat desperate?

I may not know the full story here but one thing I do know is that if there is any beneficiary from Linda’s Self Made project reading this and you know that all which is written here is completely accurate and you also feel things aren’t right then you need to SPEAK UP.

Don’t be concerned about what people are going to do to you but think about what you are going to do for people. Think about how many people you might be able to help by speaking up. Think about all the innocent people who would enter into the second phase of the project without knowing they are walking into a trap.

Please bear in mind that I am not saying Linda should no longer carry out her project or that people shouldn’t apply for the project. All I am saying is that there should be no hidden conditions attached to whatever is given to you from that project. That is why it is called a “grant” so you do not have to pay back.

If there are any conditions attached then they should be known to applicants BEFORE they turn in their application or sign any agreements.

People of Nigeria, DO NOT BE FOOLED! There is a saying in Nigeria “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop”. Don’t subject yourself to slave for anyone. When God decides to bless, he does not attach any conditions so DO NOT subject yourself to accommodate any.

However, if for any reason anything written in that email was falsified then may Amadioha (God of thunder) strike anyone who conceived such libelous thoughts against their fellow human. ISE!!!!!!!

Do you believe Linda may have hidden intentions with her Self Made project?

Feel free to comment, share your opinion and suggestions.

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