Screenshot_2016-03-01-15-24-33-1Hey people, How’s the new month coming along? I pray the month of March be better than other months in 2016.

Quite recently, I came across a little back and forth by someone who claims to be “THE EXPERT” in the fashion industry and the very beautiful Caroline Danjuma over her outfit to a movie premiere.

Below is a snapshot of the “expert’s” comments and Caroline Danjuma’s reply:

Now, let me dissect each point one after the other.

THE DRESS – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CAROLINE’S DRESS. I think it is unique, creative and a lot more conservative than it could have been if some certain other people had worn it. I don’t get how anyone wouldn’t LOVE  it at first sight. I’ve always been a fan of royal blue because it really does make people (especially light skin tone) look like royalty.

THE EARRINGS – I really don’t know what that fashion expert’s problem is but those earrings are GORGEOUS!!!!! and they definitely go with the dress. Not because they are diamonds and sapphire like Caroline revealed but in my opinion, even cheap costume earrings of that same design would have gone perfectly with the outfit.

Also, what’s the deal with the expert saying the earrings were cheap yet after Caroline made it clear that they weren’t, she then advised Caroline to purchase actual “cheap” earrings. Was she just trying to make trouble with Caroline? Seems that way to me.

THE SHOES – I have to agree with the expert on the shoes though. I wouldn’t have worn those and yes the stylist should have known better. I would have worn silver dressy heeled sandals that show off her toes instead. Those would have totally completed the regal look.

THE POSE -I also have to agree that the pose was not appropriate not just for Caroline but for the entire outfit. Given that she was dressed in a regal color, I would have expected a royal-like pose to go along with it. And I am sure we all know that a Princess would NEVER pose that like.

THE STYLIST – Once again, I also agree that Swanky Jerry is kind of overrated as a stylist but what do i know, I’m just a blogger 🙂

Then the “expert” replied Caroline and Caroline replied the expert and the drama ensued. Read the conversation below:



Now this is what I have to say to both parties involved.

Let’s start with CAROLINE DANJUMA – Did you really need to reply whomever that was? You should realize that fashion is objective and never subjective so it can differ from person to person. There is absolutely no right and wrong with fashion so it beats me that you can let someone who calls him or herself an “expert” get to you so much.

Also Caroline, we DO NOT need to know your earrings are diamond, sapphire, ruby or whatever they were or that your shoes are red bottoms. All we care about is that you are on the red carpet and most importantly that you look good on the carpet. So keep doing you so the supposed “experts” can continue to earn Instagram followers by picking on you and whomever they decide to pick on next time.

As for “THE EXPERT”, I have just one question for you, WHO MADE YOU THE EXPERT? Your Instagram bio? First of all, for you to discredit your fellow stylist Swanky Jerry in the manner you did goes to show unprofessional behavior on another level.

You of all people should know that beauty or in this case, fashion is in the eye of the beholder and the fact that you dislike the look doesn’t make it wrong rather that’s YOUR opinion. And if you must express it, DO NOT attempt to discredit the stylist in the process.

And what’s the deal with “As for you being allergic to cheap!!! Hmmm.. I leave that bit for those who know you from way back when”. Since when is it wrong for one the grow out of a certain lifestyle into a better one and have a change in taste in the process? Are you personally saying your taste from “way back when” is the same as now? If not, does that make you wrong for upping your ante?

So why criticize Caroline because she is now able to afford the diamonds and sapphire as against your cheap 2k glass and zinc earrings? It really sounds to me like you have unresolved issues with Caroline and Swanky. If I didn’t know better, I would think you are secretly jealous of Swanky and would love to style Caroline. But then again, what do I know, I’m just a blogger 🙂

What do you think of “the expert” and Caroline’s drama?

Feel free to share your comments, opinion and suggestions.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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  1. It’s so easy to leave a nasty comment or write a scathing critique. Nobody remembers that there’s an actual human being, with feelings that can get hurt, on the other end of the screen. Celebrities have the right to defend themselves too.

    Caroline’s look was beautiful. The only problem is that the shoes were off. As you say, strappy sandals would have been perfect. Even her pose is nice- the regal “perfect” pose is overdone, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun.

    The stylist or whatever was way out of line. Probably one of those people who believes the fastest way to the top is to pull other people down.


    • You know what I don’t really get about people is why they feel the need to attack someone personally whenever they disagree with the person.

      She didn’t need to call the earrings cheap or call out swanky as a stylist. She could have just said she didn’t like the look bla bla.

      A lot of people throw daggers when they disagree with people and that’s the particular reason why social media bugs me so much sometimes. It’s overdone on so many different levels; it’s sickening!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s becoming a real problem, especially on Instagram, people saying all sorts of terrible things about others. We can disagree on an issue without insulting people.


  2. Caroline should not have replied the “expert” at all. All she just did was make him/ her 10 times more popular; all for free!
    i think celebrities should understand that because their lives are in the public, they should learn to grow thick skin and ignore whatever they see on social media.


    • My dear I really don’t know why they let all of these comments get to them. After all, fighting a mad man only makes you a fellow mad man. They really do need to grow a thick skin and ignore all of the rants.


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