Hello guys, it’s Feature Friday! Every Friday I would be sharing a real life experience and situation of a reader who needs my opinion. If you have a situation that you need my opinion on, email me on featurefriday@alocovivavoce.com.

Read the situation and my opinion after the cut. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the person being featured. Enjoy!

Hello OUR,

My name is Abike and I recently started talking to a guy who lives in a different state from me. We’ve been talking for a month and a half during which he has asked me to be his girlfriend but I declined with the notion that we should meet in person before deciding on anything.

Just to make it clear, I like this guy and from the look of things, he likes me too. He even called me “the one” :-D. What I need to know is if I should go pick him from the airport when he comes to visit me?

The thing is that my mum is celebrating her birthday on the same day he is coming and as the only child to my single mother, I am responsible for setting up and entertaining her guests as well as mine who will be present at the occasion.

He asked me if I could come pick him up from the airport since he is new to my town and doesn’t know his way around. Bear in mind that the airport is about an hour from the city center so it would take me over two hours (if not three) to successfully pick him up from the airport and take him to the hotel he is staying in which would obviously mean my absence from my mum’s birthday.

Once again I ask, should I go pick him from the airport?

Personally, I don’t mind because I think it’s a friendly gesture and not a big deal but some of my friends think it would seem like I am showing him too much attention given that we just met and are not even dating. What do you think? Should I?


Hello Abike,

Thanks for writing in but unfortunately, I totally agree with your friends about it seeming like you are showing him too much attention.

Let’s look at it from his perspective..

You are a guy and you started talking to a girl for less than two months and next thing she is willing to give up her mother’s birthday party so she could drive two hours to come pick and drop you off? Doesn’t that sound a little desperate to you?

Maybe if your mother wasn’t having an event then it might have been different but regardless, I don’t think it is a good idea to commit so much into a relationship that isn’t even a relationship yet.

Also, if you show a guy that you are willing to sacrifice so much for him in the early stages (like you forfeiting your mums birthday), the chances of him taking you for granted sooner than later are higher. So steer clear of actions that make it seem like you are willing to do anything for him until you are at least sure he feels the same way about you.

I hope I’ve been of help. Thanks again for sharing.

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