mondaymorningHey guys! Welcome to the first Monday of the month aka MOTHERING MONDAY here on

Today’s topic is a continuation of last Mothering Monday where I wrote a list of food that one should NOT consume when “pregnant”. If you missed the first part, read the post HERE!!!

So for today, I will be listing some certain kind of food that in my experience SHOULD & SHOULD NOT BE consumed after a woman has recently had a baby up until she stops breastfeeding.

Before I go on, I would like to take a little detour by saying that the opinion expressed in my posts are those of my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE or those very close to me which is precisely why I sign off all of my posts with the disclaimer “Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!”. In other words, this is MY opinion on the given topic but you are very welcome to share YOUR opinion whether or not you agree with me.

Now I am going to start with some of the food that are a NO-NO while breastfeeding:

  1. EBA/GARRI – Yes! DO NOT eat eba when breastfeeding because it constipates your baby. Trust me, I ignored all the warnings and learned the hard way after I mistakenly ate Eba and Egusi soup a few days after giving birth and my new born who was still pooping meconium (the greenish-blac, tarry, sticky poop that newborns have) about eight times a day didn’t poop for three days straight. That is “learning the hard way!
    Apparently, they are unable to digest eba properly even after it is broken down into breast milk. So if you do not want to cry for three days patiently waiting for my baby to poop like I did, stay away from eba and stick to eating pounded yam if you must eat swallow.
    Some people stay away until their child is six months old and starts eating solid food but I stayed away for the entire duration of breastfeeding which was for an entire year. I wasn’t going to take any chances after what I went through.
  2. DRAW SOUP – I know some certain people may not agree with me on this one BUT as a breastfeeding mother, kindly stay away from any form of draw soup – OGBONO and OKRO SOUP. I may not be able to prove it medically but after I learned my lesson with eba, I also learned to listen to my mother and mother-in-law on whatever they said I should or shouldn’t eat.
    Just like Eba, it turns out there is something in draw soup that affects the baby’s stomach even after it has been broken down into breast milk and makes it difficult for them to digest it.
    I also stayed away from draw soup for a year but the first six months before your baby starts eating solid food is entirely fine as draw soup is actually the best soup to use when teaching your baby to eat swallow.
  3. ALCOHOL – This right here is a no-brainer! I am sure all breastfeeding mothers know not to drink alcohol when breastfeeding. But if you do, ensure you have an alcohol strip so you could test to see if your breast milk still contains alcohol before feeding it to your baby.


    It is very easy to use. Simply extract some of your milk with a breast pump and put the strip inside the milk and wait to see if it changes color. Color means alcohol is present and no color means no alcohol.

  4. SUGAR – As much as it is virtually impossible to completely stay away from sugar, kindly watch the sugar intake otherwise your baby might end up with diarrhea after suckling your breasts and consuming the broken down sugar.

Now, let’s move on to the type of food you MUST consume after childbirth and as a breastfeeding mother:

  1. UDA – This is a pepper soup spice that is a MUST after childbirth. I am going to spare you the explanation my mother gave me of how it helps your placenta shrink back into shape but UDA is indeed a must for breastfeeding mothers. It goes along with HOT fish or yam pepper soup.
  2. HOT WATER – Now this I know for sure helps your placenta shrink back into shape and also helps you melt and flush out all of the clotted blood inside you. It is common sense that cold water clots and hot water unclogs.
    And when I say hot water, please do not put boiling water down your throat. Yes it should be hot but make it bearable and not at boiling point and you only need take it up until you stop your post-natal bleeding or to be on the safe side, until you pass the “no-sex zone” which is the first six weeks post natal.
  3. WATER – First there is hot water and now just simply WATER. As a breastfeeding mother, don’t think you have to consume a lot of food or “eat for two” in order to produce a lot of milk. That is all false as it will just make you put on weight! To read on how to stay in shape after having a baby, click HERE!!!
    Liquids on the other hand is what makes the breast milk flow. So drink as much as eight cups of water EVERYDAY as well as other forms of liquid like Lucozade Boost (without caffeine) and freshly squeezed juices without added sugar.
  4. MILO – I know I said NO MILO for pregnant mothers (and got crucified for it) but as a breastfeeding mother, you are free to drink Milo as it helps with the milk flow. But as always, watch the sugar intake so you don’t cause your baby any harm with excessive sugar.
  5. PAP – This is my least favorite but it works like a charm. Whenever I was low on milk and needed to pump out, all I did was drink a lot of pap (akamu) the night before and my breasts would be heavy with milk by the next morning.

That’s it guys! The WHAT & WHAT NOT to eat when pregnant or breastfeeding. Did I miss out on anything?

Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and opinion.

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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