Hello guys, it’s Feature Friday! Every Friday I would be sharing a real life experience and situation of a reader who needs my opinion. If you have a situation that you need my opinion on, email me on featurefriday@alocovivavoce.com.

Read the situation and my opinion after the cut. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the person being featured. Enjoy!

Hello OUR,

My name is Aaliyah and I do not believe in sex before marriage. As a matter of fact, I made a commitment to myself, God and my parents not to have sex before I get married and so far I have been keeping that promise.

I am currently in a relationship and my boyfriend revered me when he found out about my no-sex promise and he even encouraged me to keep it with the idea that he would be the one to eventually pop my cherry 🙂

That was until I found out that he cheated on me and slept with someone else. This of course led me to break up with him but surprisingly, my friends think I’m crazy. They say that I overreacted and I shouldn’t have broken up with him.

Please advice. Was I wrong to break up with him?


Hello Aaliyah,

Let’s look at this technically. When he found out about your celibacy, did he vow to remain celibate with you until you two get married? Or did he just give you a pat on the back for being celibate and not commit to being in it with you?

If he didn’t commit to celibacy with you then you kind of indeliberately told him that it is okay for him to have sex with someone else since you are not willing to have sex with him.

This does not mean that what he did was right but I am saying that if you guys had a clear cut agreement that he was to remain celibate alongside you and he broke it then you can accuse him of outright cheating but if there was no agreement then I suggest you cut the guy some slack and give it another shot but this time make sure he agrees to remain celibate with you.

If he refuses to remain celibate with you then I believe that pretty much sums it all up.

I hope I’ve been of help. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Hmmmmm…breaking up with him seems very harsh to me though,I think there should have been a clear agreement between the both of you,it would have been much easier,if he broke it,I think you overreacted,you just have to understand him,he’s facing what he isn’t used to,it might take him time too,it up to you if you want him back,


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