Hello people, it’s THROWBACK THURSDAY. Every Thursday, I will be reblogging a post from the blog’s archives to give new readers a chance to catch up on posts they missed.

Today’s post is about all the numerous beauty pageants out there.

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A Loco Viva Voce

Screenshot_2015-09-09-10-12-31-1It is alarming indeed the sudden rise of beauty pageants in Nigeria. Once upon a time, pageants were a thing of pride, beauty and definitely something participants would hold in high esteem and non-participants would long to partake.

Now what do we have? We have pageants like Miss Ultimate Nigeria, Miss Dazzle Nigeria, Miss VIP Nigeria, Queen of Trust Nigeria and a host of others. A bunch of irrelevant and inconsequential gatherings of 15 to 20 females where the winner gets a car, cash prize and recognition as the Miss, Face or Queen of whatever the organizers deem fit.

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