Hello guys, it’s Feature Friday! Every Friday I would be sharing a real life experience and situation of a reader who needs my opinion. If you have a situation that you need my opinion on, email me on featurefriday@alocovivavoce.com.

Read the situation and my opinion below. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the person being featured. Enjoy!

Hello OUR,

My name is Anulika and I am a banker at one of those big banks here in Nigeria. As you probably know, banking jobs are very demanding but mine is even more demanding because my boss is a FRAUDSTER.

Not only is she a fraudster but she sweet talks her employees into being a witness to the fraud. It is so bad that she puts you in a tight corner where you cannot escape and also gives you a share of her loot so you wouldn’t even think of ratting her out.

The worst part is you dare not refuse her offer or she would make the office a living hell for you. To top it all up, she has a relationship with the top management so there is really nobody to report her to and whenever I remember appraisal, I just don’t even bother.

Please help me OUR. I am fed up of her escapades. How can I get her to stop luring me into her shady ways without it costing me my job? Any advice? Please help!


Hello Anulika,

This is really a tight corner your boss has got you into. I remember one time when I also had a boss who was very demanding and worst of all she tried pimping me out to her rich clients to ensure she got the deal.

As much as the job was very profitable for me, salary and commission wise, I had to make a decision that was in my best interest and was the right thing to do. I decided that if SHE (my boss) wanted to sleep with her clients to get the deal then that was her prerogative.

But as for her trying to boss me into using MY body to make money for HER then she had got to be out of her senses. Yes! I quit my job and that was the best decision I ever made. Afterwards, I then realized that I wasn’t spending as much time with my family as I should have been due to my over demanding boss and ridiculous working hours.

It took me about five months but I eventually landed my dream job with VERY FLEXIBLE working hours that allows me be diligent at my work place and also available for my wifely and motherly duties.

My point is if you are not happy with your situation, you are the only one that has the power to change it. If you do not walk away, you would not discover that incredible opportunity waiting somewhere around the corner.

So take that bold step and do not let your boss lure you into crime because if you do get caught remember she has a relationship with the top management who might just be able to get her out of the mess while you remain the scapegoat who would have to pay for her crime.

I hope I have been of help. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Ever heard of this saying “everyday for the thief, one day for the owner”. It happens that way; your boss might have had her way for a long time but trust me, that ‘one day’ is coming. I’d advise you get off that ship ASAP since you’re no longer getting comfortable with it. Because the ship will be dragging everyone down as it’s sinking. Corruption is never a thing to keep quiet about.

    My 2 cents.


  2. My auntys ex husband looked the other way whilst people were defrauding the bank he worked for. They obviously shared the loot (very little, but enuf to inplicate him). When things went wrong, the active particpants fled with huge amt of fraudulently stolen funds. My aunties husband was arrested and he never got another job after that.

    The truth is, it is easier to fo the time if you were a willing, active participant of a crime than if you got pushed into the corner. I am pretty sure the naija police wont listen your pleas about how you were forced into it


    • How regrettable! But is there really anything like a forced crime? Except they had a gun to your head threatening your livelihood and that of your family. Otherwise, you’re just a part and parcel as the rest of them.

      So the only options are either be a snitch b**** and rat them out which is a very bold step or simply walk away. If your cousin’s ex had walked away he would have definitely found another job and avoided the terrible situation he’s currently in.


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