SOLILOQUIES: Straight outta Hades


Hello readers! Welcome to GUEST POST WEEKEND and today’s Guest Post is a short story written by IK Chikezie titled Soliloquies: Straight outta Hades.

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Read IK’s short story below and enjoy!

SOLILOQUIES: Straight outta Hades

You can call me Shade. Its not my name but its what I say now when
anybody asks,which isn’t often. I am invisible.

I have been wandering in this void for approximately 48 hours. That is
more or less the time after I had been certified dead on arrival at
the teaching hospital.

From this vantage point, I can be said to be seeing it all: the
bereavement of kith and kin, friends, acquaintances, not to mention
numerous sympathetic patients, the glee and joy of enemies and the
apathetic reaction of the larger community to whom I am just another
suicide statistic. Through it all I can hear the questions in their
hearts for which an answer seems elusive: Why? Why did she do it? What
could have forced a promising young doctor, wife and mother to take
her own life?

And as I stand here dismayed, looking at my crying two years old son
that has been deprived of the love of his mother so early in life, I
realize that even I don’t have the answer to their questions. One
minute I was contemplating how high the balcony seemed from the floor.
The next minute I was lunging over the railing without looking down

Glad to have you here, Shade

It was the voice, the voice that called me Shade even when I was still
Dr(Mrs) Lilian Okoro.

Shade: [sheyd]
One of the spirits of the dead inhabiting Hades

-IK Chikezie

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