It is probably no longer news that there is fire on the mountain in the Okoye household. Is there even still an Okoye household? When news broke about their split, I must say I was distraught and deeply saddened because I was not just a fan of their music but it was Psquare who opened me up into the world of Nigerian artistes.

Theirs was the very first Nigerian album I ever purchased back in 2005 and whenever I sit and relax in the comfort of my own silence, I can always remember the sound of their track, my most favorite Psquare song of all time, I LOVE YOU, resonating within my walls as I blasted the song loud on the speakers so as to enable me feel every beat, tone, and lyric of the song.

Such rare talent both brothers possessed and yet in the twinkle of an eye, it has all been dismantled in the name of what?

Yesterday, I read a tell all interview Peter granted for NetNG revealing the genesis of the drama (you can catch up on the interview here) and I must say it was an expose indeed which proved that PCube (permit me to call them that. Read the interview to know why) has had problem with one another for a VERY LONG time. It simply gotten to the point where it can no longer be swept under the carpet.

I am now going to outline the issues I have with each of the brothers one after the other.

Firstly, JUDE!

Brother Jude! Yes I call you brother because given the age difference between you and the twins, “brother” is probably the way they should address you. So if you really are that much of an elder brother to them, how can you let them see fire and take a leap at it?

Let me call you out here for a second. These boys were the ones who gave you your daily bread. Without them, face it, YOU WOULD BE NOTHING.

Not only did they give you a job, and believe me when I say they could have easily gotten another manager who believed in them and would work twice as hard to get them to where they are even sooner than you did. NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE!

But they chose to stick with their brother because he supposedly had their best interest at heart. To the point where they split their entire finances EQUALLY with you. That is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard that a manager gets an equal share with his artistes simply because he is their sibling? Yet they did without complain.

Like you said Jude, there are three sides to every story but regardless of what the truth is, you MUST realize that family should come first. And as the oldest, it is your duty to see that your brothers are reunited. Even if not as Psquare but as the twin brother of the Okoye family that they have always been.

Secondly, Paul!

After reading Peter’s interview, for the first time ever, I visited Paul’s instagram account and from the nature of his posts, it is glaring that Paul seems to have secretly gone solo a long time ago. There are lots of pictures with him doing a “collabo” with other artistes without Peter and as it turns out, he started his own record label a long time ago. So in my opinion Paul broke solo a long time ago. He just didn’t make it public like Peter did.

There is one thing I must say to Paul which is that I need you to remember that it was you who started off as a singer back in the day. You were the one who ran away from home after your dad barred any of his children from becoming a singer.

You fled and started singing “unsuccessfully” as Rudeboy for quite sometime before you were joined by your brother Peter and eventually became Psquare. Need I remind you that while you struggled as Rudeboy, you barely got any break? Not because you aren’t a good singer or songwriter but simply because you were not destined to make it alone. Call it destiny, fate or whatever.

So to think that you are willing to throw away that fire that was created out of a combination of the two of you is unheard of. You may make it individually but not as much as you did when you were together.

Finally, Peter!

 I understand your need for a proper structure but in my opinion, you got where you are in your own words “by the grace of God”, why do you suddenly think that grace would abscond from you because you do not have a structure that you didn’t have before and while you were famous?

As much as having a structure is a good thing and I reason with you, is it really worth it at the expense of your family? As much as I want to believe your tell all is the actual truth, there seems to be more to it than meets the eye.

Paul and Jude both have their individual record labels aside from Square records. So if indeed you want to start yours, why should it be done in such a way that it is accompanied by a hate story which paints your brothers the demon? We didn’t see them speak ill of you when they opened their own record label?

Also, Peter. Yes, YOU ARE THE DANCER OF THE TWO OF YOU. And believe me when I say that is NOT a bad thing. As a matter of fact, I would rather have Peter than Paul perform at my event because Peter is the entertainer. He is the one that knows how to give the crowd what they want with his dancing skills, good looks and rock solid abs.

As far as I am concerned, Paul has got nothing on you except for his voice (which isn’t really all that) and his dreads. But you have got personality and everyone knows that is what sells today. You gotta be likable in the entertainment industry.

So go on and dance, lip sing if you must, pay people to write your songs and don’t let anyone hold you back now that you have made the decision to go solo. In my opinion Peter, your competition is Iyanya, KC and the like of those while Paul’s competition is Darey and Banky W. I am sure you know that despite Darey’s angelic voice and admirable song writing skills, Iyanya and KC make a lot more money on appearances and performances because they have what you have Peter, PERSONALITY!

There actually comes a time when groups split. That is inevitable! But because you all are brothers, the decent thing to do was to split amicably. Everything doesn’t have to end in a fight. You all could have announced your split publicly and even had a world tour for Psquare’s final performance. That is business strategy. You cash out and go your separate ways.

Anyway, the deed is done. And I really wish you all the best but bear in mind that we all have our own plans while God has the ultimate plan. I hope it works out for you all, I really do but for the sake of your children, make peace with one another not as Psquare but as different bodies that have the same blood running through their vein.

What do you think of this whole Psquare saga?

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  1. I don’t know what to say. Either way, they’ve all contributed to the mess that’s out there now.
    Evidently business and family doesn’t mix. I’m interested to see how this plays out in their career this year.


    • Business and family certainly do not mix unless you treat the family member like a stranger and sign due contracts. Its really sad and the end of an era. They might just fizzle out in no time. Too bad!


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