Hello beautiful people,

I hereby bring to an ongoing occurrence in my life at the moment; the issue of lesbianism.

As I write to you, I am being stalked and chased by a fellow woman who says that I am the most “beautiful being she has set her eyes on since Beyonce”.

This girl calls, messages, tweets, DM’s and any other form of communication you can think of. The only thing left is for her to show up at my doorstep. She is doing all of this in the bid to make me her lover.

According to her, she will make me the HAPPIEST woman on Earth and everyone would be jealous of the love we would share.

Bear in mind that I am married and this I said to her but she responded saying “a trial would convince you”.

This real life encounter I am currently enduring with this Lesbian is one that has led me to ponder what our world is turning into. Trust me, if I wanted to harm this lady, all I need do is show some of her texts to the authorities and a case would be opened against her. After all, homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria with up to twenty (20) years imprisonment as punishment.

However, that is not currently my line of thought. Rather, I am more curious to know what makes lesbians tick.

Let me not restrict it to just lesbians. I am very curious to know what makes a person denounce a member of the opposite sex (which biologically he or she is meant to be inclined to) and choose to be with a member of the same sex.

In my opinion, I find it to be highly rebellious behavior which is why I would absolutely love to get into their head and explore their world.

Have they always preferred the same sex? Or did they try out both sexes before deciding they preferred one over the other? Or maybe it was societal or peer pressure? What exactly leads a person to be attracted to another person of the same sex? This is where my curiosity lies.

Some of them say they were born that way but I beg to differ. NO ONE WAS BORN HOMOSEXUAL!

It is all a part of the choices that we make as individuals. Your immediate society and environment can definitely be a defining factor but preference in sexual attraction cannot be known or deciphered UNTIL you are not only born but fully grown.

Yet there is an increasing number of BOLD lesbians everyday.

I say bold because it is one thing to be a lesbian and it is another thing to be a lesbian and actually chase a female who happens to NOT be a lesbian (just like in my case at the moment) and it is an even bigger thing to be any of the two in a country as critical as Nigeria.

I’m not writing this post to demean anyone’s sexual preference but I am simply as curious as can get to know if the fact that they prefer their fellow girl means that they wouldn’t go ahead with the rite of passage for every woman as determined by society?

I am talking about marriage and child bearing.

These two are very important phases society has set for every woman and in a country like Nigeria; not getting married is not even an option (sadly). This is exactly why I wonder how they plan on playing out the entire “lesbianism” act.

As much as I hate being stalked by this lesbian, I really wish I could get inside her head and know what her plans are. Or maybe she is just living her life by the day and who knows, one day she might just change her mind and go back to what nature biologically set for her or maybe not. Who knows?

Whatever the case may be, I hope one day I can get an insight into the memoirs of a lesbian.

Do you have the insight into the world of a lesbian or homosexual at large?

Feel free to share your comments, opinion and suggestions.

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