mondaymorningHello beautiful people and welcome to Mothering Monday!

Every first Monday of the month, I share some of my unconventional tips for mothers, expectant mothers, aspiring mothers and fathers alike.

Today’s post is the second part of the last Mothering Monday “HOW I POTTY TRAINED MY DAUGHTER IN 10 DAYS”. Click the link to read the post. In the first part, I wrote about Daytime Potty Training and this second part will focus on Nighttime Potty Training.

If you read the first part of this post, you would notice that I mentioned that ever since my daughter started mastering the act of Daytime potty training, she began having dry nappies at night. Although not every night was completely dry but overtime, her nappies were never as full as they used to be.

So I took the bold step and stopped wearing her nappies at night.


I stopped wearing her nappies at night and she completely made a fool out of me by wetting the bed three consecutive nights in a row. She taught me the hard way so I had to change tactics.

My first change in tactic was to reduce the amount of water I gave her before bedtime. After 5pm, she is not allowed to drink water any longer until after dinner when she drinks as little as a gulp of water.

Then I came up with another plan and resulted to waking her up at 2am in the morning to take her to the toilet to pee – which she did and the most beautiful part is because it is in the wee hours of the morning, getting her to go back to sleep was a piece of cake.

And the best part of it all, by morning time, there was NO MORE bedwetting. Mission accomplished!

Subsequently, I set my alarm clock for 2am EVERY NIGHT for which I took her to the bathroom to pee and as things progressed, I found myself neglecting to set the alarm clock then an interesting thing happened.

After two whole weeks of waking her up at 2am to pee, the first time I forgot to set the alarm clock, at about 2am, I felt someone tugging on my hair and pushing me while making a “humming” noise (that humming noise is my daughter’s “I need to pee sign”).

So I woke up and saw her standing right next to me clutching her “wee wee” area. Then I rushed up to take her to the toilet. Low and behold, she actually peed. That was the moment I completely abandoned my alarm clock for all those 2am pee breaks.

My daughter not only wakes up in the middle of the night when she needs to use the toilet, she doesn’t even wake up at all if she doesn’t need to and most interestingly, if I notice she hasn’t woken up to pee as late as 4am and I wake her up to get her to pee, she wouldn’t even sit on the toilet let alone pee.

She has now gotten so much control over her bladder that she doesn’t need to be awoken to pee any longer. Whenever she needs to pee, she wakes up to pee and that’s that! VERY EXCITING!

As much as this sounds like the end of the potty training saga, I still had to deal with potty training when we travel. By travel, I don’t necessarily mean when we leave our current state. Rather, I mean as little as when we leave the house or drive in a car.

Bear in mind that I still had had wear her pull-ups when we go out because I noticed that she sometimes peed en route our destination.

As a result, I ensure to take her to pee before we leave the house and also before we leave wherever it is were going.

Basically, she MUST pee before getting into the car.

The rest of the onward pee breaks when we are at our destination she pretty much handles herself just like she does at home. In layman terms, even when we are out of the house and she needs to pee, she alerts me and I take her to the bathroom.

So far we have had dry pull ups since I started taking her to pee before getting into the car and very soon I will completely say goodbye to pull-ups FOREVER (for her at least).

Right now as I write to you, I am really glad to say that my daughter has FULLY mastered potty training for Daytime, Nighttime and Travel as well. And all of these three happened in a span of THREE (3) months. You too can learn the trick. It’s simple and easy. All it takes is dedication, commitment and consistency and of course, you have my unconventional tips to guide you.

Thanks for reading!

Are you currently potty training your kid? Share you experience!

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  1. It wasn’t this easy for us. We tried not to provide water, but he will still wet the bed. Also, he skates in some days, at evening so he needs to stay hydrated and we provide water for him.
    Waking him up during the night did the trick but we had to do it twice a night, and he was not getting enought sleep. He’s also a boy so it’s more difficult.


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