Happy New Year guys and welcome to New Year Re-post DAY 8.

For the first ten days of the year, I will be re-posting ten of my most popular blog posts in the year 2015. This is to enable first timers or new readers on the blog discover some of the popular posts that they may not have gotten to see as a result of the blog’s chronological order.

Yesterday was Day 7 and I re-posted the seventh most popular blog post of 2015 which is “THE “I’D RATHER BE SELF MADE” PROJECT BY LINDA IKEJI?” Click the link to read the post if you haven’t. Remember, there is a reason it is the seventh most popular blog post of 2015.

Today’s post which is one of my personal favorites is a letter that tells the story of Toke Makinwa and her beau Maje Ayida from the perspective of the spectators – her fans.

Although Toke and her husband Maje have currently reconciled and are still married despite all of their issues, I thought to re-post the letter for the benefit of those who didn’t get the chance to read it back then.

Here is a link to the post A LETTER TO TOKE MAKINWA-AYIDA. Click, Read and Enjoy!

Visit the blog tomorrow where I would post another blog post of 2015. You certainly do not want to miss it.

Happy New Year to you all!

PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!



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